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McLeod's Daughters - Episode Summaries

Here is a list of episode summaries available on this site for the Australian TV show McLeod's Daughters.

I give you the Season 2 episode summary for Home Is Where the Heart Is. By the way, if you like McLeod's Daughters then you might want to watch Castle.

McLeod's Daughters Episode Summaries

Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3

1.1 Welcome Home
The women of Drover's Run on horsebackAfter her father’s death, Claire McLeod is left to manage Drover’s Run all by herself not knowing that her father had left half of it to her estranged half-sister, Tess Silverman. Only a day had gone by and already Tess unwittingly causes trouble when her simple mistake puts Drover’s Run in a whole lot of mess. >> Read the Welcome Home episode summary

1.2 Ducks on the Pond
Tess, Claire and the others watch the shearers leaveIn this episode summary, four male shearers headed by Marty arrive at Drover’s Run to do the shearing for Claire’s contracted wool delivery. One of the shearer’s reputation as a murderer becomes a concern when the men had to spend the night to resume the job the next day. However, Claire is more alarmed by Tess’ plan to sell bits of Drover’s Run in order to fulfill her dream, but none of this matters when the men leave without finishing their job and the shearing is left to the ducks on the pond. >> Read the Ducks on the Pond episode summary

1.3 Don't Mess with the Girls
Gungellan Rodeo
The rodeo is in town and everybody is out to compete, including Claire McLeod who had entered the campdraft in order to prove herself that she has the skills and the determination to run Drover’s Run. The Ryan brothers too have a little competition of their own, and that is who wins the other McLeod sister, Tess. The rodeo brought out the best and the worst of people. Too bad for Becky Howard, she learned the bad side of her boss in the worst way a woman would have discovered, and her reputation was no help at all, which made it even harder for her to accuse his attacker of rape. >> Read the Don't Mess with the Girls episode summary

1.4 Who's the Boss?
Claire climbs up the windmill to rescue acrophobic TessThis is the episode where Claire McLeod’s cattle top the market, and she uses part of their earnings to buy undernourished sheep with the plan to fatten them up and sell them for more than what they are worth. Unfortunately, her plan turns for the worst when their truck breaks down and the sheep drop like flies due to exhaustion. Tess questions her sister’s business decision, worries that her domineering personality might scare off their farmhands and starts giving management advice. So, begins the fight over who’s the boss of Drover’s Run. Meanwhile, Jodi has concerns of her own after learning that her final exam results are already out. >> Read the Who's the Boss episode summary

1.5 Taking the Reins
Claire bids farewell to SiroccoMuch to her embarrassment Tess Silverman falls off her horse in front of everybody. This incident and her feeling of not being needed made her wonder if Drover’s Run is the right place for her. The answer to her doubt comes when Claire becomes troubled with the health of their father’s beloved horse Sirocco. At the same time, the rift between Meg and Becky widens when Jodi joins the young woman on one of her nights out. >> Read the Taking the Reins episode summary

1.6 Reality Bites
Claire cries as Tess reads their father's cardThis is the summary of the McLeod's Daughters episode where Becky receives a surprise visit from her mother and decides to return home with her. Meanwhile, Tess’ espresso machine leaves the house without electricity and sparks a feud between sisters. Tess storms out of Drover’s Run and finds refuge at Killarney. To add fire to an already burning head, Tess learns from the Ryan’s about Drover’s outstanding debt. Determined to save the farm from financial ruin she rummages through Jack’s old books only to find a piece of completely unrelated information, but vital to her life. Having found evidence that Jack loved Tess, reality sets in and Claire feels threatened. >> Read the Reality Bites episode summary

1.7 Pride and Joy
Sisters Claire and Tess lie under Jack's deskIn this episode summary, a rogue bull damages part of the boundary fence that separates Drover's Run from Killarney. Harry Ryan replaces the whole fence despite Claire’s opposition. Convinced that he is up to no good, she insists on paying her share of the expenses despite Drover’s Run not having any money to cough up. Meanwhile, Tess is having problems of her own. She traded her cappuccino maker for a pale, bloated, dairy cow whose gas problems prevents it from giving off milk. >>Read the Pride and Joy episode summary

1.8 Stir Crazy
Claire McLeod crazily faces a wild stallionStir Crazy is the McLeod's Daughters episode where an erotic French film almost led some of the women of Drovers Run to insanity. Meg Fountain took the hardest blow when she failed to control her yearning, and inadvertently revealed her long-time affair with Terry Dodge. Upset with her discovery, Jodi runs away unnoticed since all are busy with the rescue of Claire McLeod’s prized mare, Blaze. A herd of wild horses lead by a black, gorgeous, wild stallion stole the golden horse. Not wanting to hurt the stunning stallion, Claire crazily faces the brumby to reclaim her mare without having to kill its captor. >>Read the Stir Crazy episode summary

1.9 Into the Woods
AlexSummary of the episode where a feral pig that ravaged a couple of lambs attacks Claire McLeod’s beloved dog, Roy. Claire decides to hunt the wild boar that badly wounded her cattle dog. Upon learning that Roy had run away to look for the hog that attacked him, Tess an unskilled shooter brings with her a shotgun and makes her way into the woods where she comes face-to-face with the legendary killer pig, Hannibal. >>Read the Into the Woods episode summary

1.10 Haunted
Claire McLeod breaks down and grievesClaire McLeod and Tess Silverman come to the aid of victims of a fatal car accident. Claire stays with the victims as Tess runs to call for help. Unfortunately, one of the victims dies on Claire’s care. Unable to grieve, the tragic accident continues to haunt her. Meanwhile, Becky’s traumatic violation has returned to haunt her given the suspicion that she might be pregnant with her attacker’s child. >>Read the Haunted episode summary

1.11 Who's A Big Girl Now
People wish Jodi Fountain a happy birthdayMeg Fountain is throwing her only daughter, Jodi, a surprise eighteenth birthday party. The party is a smash with almost everybody in town in attendance. Moreover, it seems that Jodi who is worried at never having been with a man sees her coming of age a chance to fulfill her wish. Meg, on the other hand, finds it difficult to let go, and see her daughter’s heart get broken. Meanwhile, jealousy arises when Tess and Alex spend some time alone together. >>Read the Who's A Big Girl Now episode summary

1.12 Pandora's Box
Dinner at KillarneyTess McLeod unwittingly opens the Ryans’ Pandora’s box when she brings up Nick Ryan’s accident that once devastated the whole family. Opening the can of worms had stirred the Ryans that it created a rift between Nick and Alex Ryan. Meanwhile, Claire McLeod yet again tries to prove herself when she is dared to break-in Harry Ryan’s new, wild thoroughbred stallion Wildfire. >>Read the Pandora's Box episode summary

1.13 Love of My Life
Alex Ryan and Claire McLeod blast a tree stumpEpisode summary where both Claire and Tess McLeod are affected by the attempted suicide of their neighbor Bill Tilson who had just started selling his possessions including his farm. Claire’s anxiety about the future of Drovers Run grows, while Tess is reminded of an event that happened to her when she was just a child. Meanwhile, Meg Fountain is preoccupied with her tomato chutney. It appears that it just would not taste right despite her best efforts. >>Read the Love of My Life episode summary

1.14 Dirty Pool
Women of Drovers Run catch sheep duffersIn this McLeod's Daughters episode, a string of robberies plague the neighborhood, and Claire McLeod is angered. However, her anger turns to embarrassment after learning that her sheep only wandered off to the National Park, and were really not stolen. Then again, it was only a matter of time before they too become real victims of the thievery, and the women decide to catch the culprit on their own. Meanwhile, Jodi Fountain is anxious about the constable knowing that Becky Howard shot Brian Cronin. Her anxiety heightens after learning that her friend had stolen the Gungellan Pub’s pool table to get back at him. >> Read the Dirty Pool episode summary

1.15 If the Boot Fits
Claire McLeod meets Peter JohnsonClaire McLeod goes to an AI seminar about horse insemination in Fisher, leaving her sister Tess McLeod in charge. Unfortunately, the women including the dog Roy have difficulty taking orders from her especially when she begins to push them hard in attempt to prove that she is boss. Meanwhile, Claire too is having a rough day that started with her bad encounter with Peter Johnson whose car she ran into. However, their worries are nothing compared to Becky Howard’s family trouble. She just learned that one of her troublemaker brothers is out and about, and this time he has influenced their younger brother to be a part of his transgression. >>Read the If the Boot Fits episode summary

1.16 Playing to Win
Harry Ryan stuck under the tractorClaire McLeod joins the late Max Martin’s annual hay bale race, and wins over undefeated champion Alex Ryan. Meanwhile, Harry Ryan who worries of his own demise after the sudden death of their healthy neighbor Max makes it his mission to seize the day, and do as much work as he could in Killarney. Unfortunately, in his zeal, Harry meets an accident, and becomes stuck under a heavy tractor. This ordeal opened a can of worms as his wife Liz Ryan divulged to Tess McLeod the truth about Nick’s rodeo accident. Meanwhile, Meg Fountain breaks off her relationship with Terry Dodge after finding the prized rooster she inherited from Max dead. >>Read the Playing to Win episode summary

1.17 Girls Night Out
Claire McLeod wears a dressEpisode summary where the girls go for a night out on the town to celebrate the profit they received from the sale of undernourished sheep that Claire McLeod bought months ago. However, the night of celebration turns to a night of entrapment as the girls decide to trap Brian Cronin into catching him in the act. This, after learning that Becky Howard’s replacement had suffered the same fate as hers. Meg Fountain steps up to the plate to become the man’s next victim who would finally put him behind bars. >>Read the Girls Night Out episode summary

1.18 More Than One Way
Tess McLeod with Alex Ryan on bedClaire McLeod prepares for the campdrafting competition that would decide who Australian Bloodlines would grant the quarter horse-breeding contract to. However, she becomes distracted with jealousy over her sister’s newfound relationship with her best mate Alex Ryan who by the way is also her competitor. Meanwhile, Jodi Fountain decides to apply for a nomination to the Ms. Gungellan quest. >>Read More Than One Way episode summary

1.19 The Italian Stallion
Jodi Fountain and Alberto's first kissAlberto, a gorgeous Italian young man arrives at Drovers Run. Jodi Fountain attesting that the young Italian saved her life falls deeply in love with him. Unfortunately, her mother, Meg Fountain learns that Alberto is an illegal immigrant, and she advises him to leave. However, the young man suffers from snakebite, and is forced to extend his stay at Drovers Run. The young couple’s feelings for each other grow, and lead to an unexpected plan of marriage. >>Read The Italian Stallion episode summary

1.20 Lover Come Back
Jodi Fountain apologizes to Becky HowardClaire and Tess McLeod sell the savage bull Loverboy to Nick Ryan. All is well until the bull keeps on returning to Drover’s Run. Also, Tess and Alex are having a lover’s quarrel, and Tess uses her theory on the three levels of why to understand her boyfriend’s behavior. Meanwhile, Jodi Fountain is wrapped in a fantasy with her lover in Italy, and neglects her duties as a farm hand. This annoys Becky Howard so much as to create a rift between her and the Fountain’s. Matters worsen when Meg Fountain puts Claire McLeod in a tight spot after asking her to choose between them and Becky. >>Read the Lover Come Back episode summary

1.21 Friends Like These
Friends Like TheseSimon and Briony, two of Tess McLeod’s closest friends drop by Drover’s Run in a surprise visit. The purpose of their visit is to take her away, and bring her back to the city in order for her to fulfill her dream of owning a café. Tess who has grown fond of Drover’s Run becomes confused at having to choose between following her dream, and wanting to stay at her newfound home with her sister. >>Read Friends Like These episode summary

1.22 Deep Water
McLeod's Daughters Season 1 FinaleBecky Howard goes ballistic when Brian Cronin drops by Drovers Run to gloat at the charges against him being dropped. The very next day, Meg Fountain and Claire McLeod find his dead body in the dam, and immediately suspect Becky of murdering his rapist. To protect Becky, the women take the body out of Drovers Run, and dump it in the national park to make it look like an accident. Meanwhile, everyone has to put the matter of finding Brian’s dead body behind to attend the charity polo match that Jodi Fountain organized as part of her campaign for the Miss Gungellan crown. >>Read Deep Water episode summary

Season 2 | Season 3 | Season 1 McLeod's Daughters Episode Summaries

2.1 The Drover's Connection
Claire McLeod and Peter Johnson kiss at the stablesTess’ hemp crop has finally grown, and already it is causing trouble. Claire McLeod is infatuated with Peter Johnson, but is left confused when the man runs hot and cold on her. Jodi Fountain smells trouble when Becky Howard receives a surprise visit from her brother. >>Read Drover's Connection episode summary

2.2 Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass 2Tess McLeod and Alex Ryan prepare to spend the night alone together when a baby is left at Alex’s doorstep. His world spirals out of control at the prospect of being the father of a child whose mother’s identity he has yet to find out. Meanwhile, Claire McLeod reluctantly agrees to Peter’s strictly business rule. >>Read Through the Looking Glass episode summary

2.3 Desperate Measures
Alex Ryan carries Becky HowardTess McLeod and Alex Ryan prepare to spend the night alone together when a baby is left at Alex’s doorstep. His world spirals out of control at the prospect of being the father of a child whose mother’s identity he has yet to find out. Meanwhile, Claire McLeod reluctantly agrees to Peter’s strictly business rule. >>Read Desperate Measures episode summary

2.4 The Bore War
The Bore War McLeod's Daughters Episode SummaryWith not enough water for both Wilgul and Drovers Run, Claire McLeod and Nick Ryan start a bore war. Claire McLeod needs water for her cattle, while Nick Ryan for his crops. Without any resolution in sight, the two stand to lose their farms. Meanwhile, the heat and water shortage had made Meg Fountain irritable, starting a quarrel of her own with Terry Dodge. >>Read The Bore War episode summary

2.5 Hello Stranger
Jodi Fountain dances with her estranged fatherMeg Fountain’s husband returns to Drovers Run after eighteen years of absence. A rift between mother and daughter emerges when Jodi Fountain learns that her father did not walk out on them. Meanwhile, Harry Ryan uses his power to prevent Nick Ryan from making a sale. >>Read the Hello Stranger episode summary

2.6 A Dry Spell
A Dry Spell Episode SummaryMeg Fountain makes a life-changing decision, and agrees to leave Drovers Run with her husband and daughter. Jodi Fountain plans to leave her mark by winning the Miss Gungellan pageant. All get dressed for the ball when Kevin’s mistake sends the women out having to clean his mess. >>Read A Dry Spell episode summary

2.7 Three's A Crowd
Claire McLeod and Peter Johnson in bedClaire McLeod and Peter Johnson’s relationship is deepening, and Tess is not loving being the third wheel. She spends more time at Wilgul in an attempt to avoid the lovebirds, and learns that Nick Ryan is willing to put his life in danger to save his ailing farm. Concerned for his safety, Tess reaches out to Alex, and divulges the secret his parents have been hiding for years. Meanwhile, Harry Ryan does a background check on Peter Johnson, and finds information that would devastate Claire McLeod. >>Read Three's A Crowd episode summary

2.8 Bridle Waltz
Bridle Waltz2Peter Johnson’s declaration of wanting to spend the rest of his life with Claire McLeod made their marriage inevitable. Having confirmed that Peter is indeed married, Becky Howard’s dilemma of breaking the news to Claire grows. Meanwhile, Tess McLeod accepts the offer of being one of the partners at her friends’ café in the city. >>Read Bridle Waltz episode summary

2.9 To Have and To Hold
To Have and To Hold McLeods Daughters Episode SummaryPeter Johnson returns to Drovers Run, and Claire McLeod falls for him once again. Claire’s friends disapprove of her decision to continue the affair, but Claire is unwilling to break it off. Tess is intentionally kept out of the loop about Claire and Peter’s relationship, and also about their café’s financial situation. Meanwhile, Brick pours out his feelings to Becky in a letter. >>Read To Have and To Hold episode summary

2.10 Home Is Where The Heart Is
Home Is Where The Heart Is episode summaryClaire McLeod has sunk into a depression so deep that she severs her contract with Australian Bloodlines, and sells Drovers Run to Harry Ryan. Jodi Fountain reaches out to Tess for help, but her calls have gone unheard thanks to Simon who is determined to keep Tess from going back home. >>Read Home Is Where the Heart Is episode summary

Season 3 | Season 2 | Season 1 McLeod's Daughters Episode Summaries

3.15 The Awful Truth
Nick Ryan learns Alex slept with SandraHarry Ryan is back in town, and immediately has a proposal that would stir his neighbors. Harry proposes that they vote on the upgrade and reuse of an old stock route that passes through all their farms. Nick Ryan’s surprise vote in favor of Harry’s proposal surprises everybody especially his brother Alex who is still furious with the man he once called his father. However, the blow from Nick’s unexpected vote is nothing compared to learning the awful truth about Harry Ryan’s new girlfriend. >>Read The Awful Truth episode summary

3.26 Body Language
The women of Drovers Run watch as Becky Howard waves goodbyeThis is the McLeod's Daughters episode where Becky Howard competes in the Regional Young Farmer of the Year award in the hopes of winning a scholarship and gaining the respect of other farmers. However, Jake Harrison comes back to her life, and offers her to come away with him. Becky is faced with the dilemma of leaving Drovers Run. Meanwhile, Harry Ryan and Sandra Kinsela had a falling off that led the woman to commit a desperate act of revenge. >>Read the Body Language episode summary

3.27 To Catch A Thief
Claire McLeod is reunited with her good friend Stevie HallTess and Claire McLeod catch a stranger illegally grazing cattle on Drovers Run, but soon learn that it is Claire’s good friend from the rodeo, Stevie Hall. With her arrival coinciding with the robbery that has been going around the neighboring farms, and Tess’ growing dislike for her, Tess suspects that Stevie is the thief. Annoyed with Tess’ suspicious mind, Stevie sets out to catch the real thief. >>Read the To Catch A Thief episode summary

3.28 My Noon, My Midnight
Alex Ryan embraces the lifeless body of Claire McLeodTess McLeod had made herself believe that the sudden appearance of a white stallion at Drovers Run is an omen – a sign of death. Her grim and dreary disposition is brought about by the impending results of her lumpectomy. All do their best to appease her only to painfully learn that the white horse is meant for someone else, her beloved sister – Claire McLeod. >>Read the My Noon, My Midnight episode summary

3.29 The Long Goodbye
Claire McLeod's funeralClaire McLeod returns to Drovers Run as a ghost to help her sister deal with her untimely death. Meanwhile, Alex Ryan who is unable to grieve for the death of his beloved mate takes on a futile quest of taking the life of the white stallion that he believes caused Claire’s life. Alex fails in his pursuit, but comes to a realization, and he painfully bids her partner farewell. Though it took a while, Tess McLeod finally understands that she has to let go, and she bids her sister a long goodbye. >>Read the The Long Goodbye episode summary

3.30 Turbulence
Stevie Hall and Tess McLeod steal an airplaneSummary of the episode where the sudden appearance of a private investigator sends Stevie Hall packing, and ready to leave Drovers Run. At the same time, Charlotte becomes terribly ill due to a spider bite. Stevie puts her troubles aside to help save the baby’s life. With the hospital hours away, she decides to steal a plane in order to get the sick child at the hospital before it is too late. With trouble already following her, this latest stunt might send her directly to jail. >>Read the Turbulence episode summary

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