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Wild Card - Episode Summaries

Here is a list of Wild Card episodes and their synopsis. Click on the links for full episode summaries. I will be adding the synopsis of the other episodes soon. So be sure to subscribe to feed in order to get alerts on new additions. If you like Wild Card then you might also want to watch Castle.

Wild Card Episode Summaries

Season 1

1.1 Pilot Episode
Zoe Busiek Las Vegas blackjack dealerAfter her sister's tragic accident, blackjack dealer Zoe Busiek leaves Las Vegas to care for her dead sister's three children. Her personal investigation of her sister's car accident lead her to the truth and landed her a job at an insurance company as a fraud investigator.

1.2 The Learning Curve
The Learning CurveZoe Busiek's first case as an insurance fraud investigator hits close to home. She and Dan get to the bottom of an arson case that left a woman badly burned and a sister dead.

1.3 Con Artistry
Con Artistry Wild Card episode summaryDan Lennox and Zoe Busiek investigate the theft of a two million dollar painting. Things become awkward between Dan and Zoe when Dan's ex-fiancee appears to be involved. In addition, Zoe learns about Dan's past as a con artist.

1.4 Hell Week
A zoo sues a comatose sorority pledge who broke in and fell into the lion's den. It is up to Zoe Busiek and Sophia Mason to investigate the case. Meanwhile, Dan Lennox is having a hell of a week, which is partly caused by his newly hired assistant Penny.

1.5 Dearly Beloved
Dan pretends that he and Zoe are a coupleSprinklers that were set off during the ceremony of a $300,000 garden wedding caused the ruin of what should have been a happy occasion. Knowing that the sprinklers were tampered with, the insurance company sends three of its top fraud investigators to determine who sabotaged the wedding. Meanwhile, Zoe Busiek faces a dilemma of her own when her no good brother-in-law shows up at her doorstep. As legal guardian of her sister’s children, she must decide whether it is for the best interest of the kids to meet the father who walked out on them seven years ago.

1.6 Dead Again
Zoe, Dan and The Intimidator solve the caseA man who was declared dead three years ago turns up dead again. The insurance company sends its investigators to determine whether the two beneficiaries knew about this fraudulent claim. Zoe is partnered with her boss, The Intimidator whose main purpose is to evaluate Zoe’s performance. Adding to her anxiety for the upcoming performance review is her niece’s frustrated plea to getting a driver’s license.

1.7 The Cheese Stands Alone
Zoe and Marcos making out on the porchBusiness owners demand compensation to damages incurred from an electrical surge. A cheese monger declares that his expensive cheeses were spoiled due to the power outage. Loss of income due to the deletion of client information stored in a computer was the reason for the dating service’s claim. The last of the three is from the record storeowner who is also the proprietor of the building affected by the loss of power. Meanwhile, Zoe Busiek is torn between a romantic weekend with Marcos and her attempt at setting a good example for her teenage niece.

1.8 No Bull
Zoe and Dan travel to a Chicago farm to make light of a case involving a dead prized bull. The tension between the two investigators increase when they were forced to share a room in a motel. Meanwhile, Zoe’s oldest niece Taylor falls head over heals for their new handsome neighbor.

1.9 Mimi's Assets
Mimi’s strip club and the family of a deceased stripper file claims against a manufacturer whose fog machine is believed to have caused the fire in the club. The lack of cooperation from the bar owner forces Zoe to go undercover as a bartender in order to gather more information about the incident. Taylor, on the other hand, deals with her failed pursuit for her neighbor and the sad discovery of losing him to her best friend.

1.10 Spooked
SpookedA haunted house in Zoe's neighborhood appear to be vandalized by an unseen entity. She and Dan decide whether the insurance company should pay for the damages. Meanwhile, Taylor befriends Ryder, the unusual son of the new owner of the house.

1.11 Sand Trap
1.12 Black Sheep
1.13 Bullet Proof
1.14 Backstabbed
1.15 Auntie Venom
1.16 Block Party
1.17 Candy Land
1.18 Queen Bea

Season 2

2.1 A Felony for Melanie
2.2 Dr. Sidney Loses a Kidney
2.3 Sniper Shot, Intern Hot
2.4 Roses are Red, Violets are Busiek
2.5 Bound and Gagged, Your Husband was Snagged
2.6 Wham Bam, Thank You Dan
2.7 Slam Dunk Funk
2.8 Die, Die, Who Am I?
2.9 Premonition Mission
2.10 Bada Bing, Bada Busiek
2.11 Tick Tock, Writer's Block
2.12 Blind in a Bind
2.13 Russian Missus Gets No Kisses
2.14 See Ya Later, Investigator!
2.15 A Whisper from Zoe's Sister
2.16 Multiple Personality Fatality
2.17 My Boyfriend is an Axe Murderer
2.18 Zoe's Phony Matrimony

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