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MacGyver - Episode Summaries

A list of MacGyver episodes and their synopsis. Click on the episode titles to read the full summary. I will be adding more synopsis and episode summaries, so do not forget to check back for new additions.

MacGyver Episode Summaries

Season 3

3.1 Lost Love - Part 1
MacGyver with lost love Lisa KohlerThe Phoenix Foundation is tasked to provide security for the Ming Dragon. A simple mission becomes complicated when MacGyver’s lost love reappears. After years of having thought of her dead, Lisa Kohler re-emerges in MacGyver’s life and asks for his help. Now married to an ex-KGB agent, she pleads Mac to help her and her husband defect. Their planned escape somehow becomes awry when the Russian delegation catches them, takes Lisa hostage and blackmails MacGyver into stealing the Ming dragon in exchange for his lost love.

3.2 Lost Love - Part 2
MacGyver's lost love dying in his armsDetermined not to lose his love again, MacGyver with the help of his friend Jack, steal the Ming Dragon to pay as ransom for the kidnapped Lisa Kohler. Later, MacGyver learns of the real motive behind the theft of the Chinese artifact. Moreover, Lisa divulges the reason behind her supposed death.

3.3 Back from the Dead
MacGyver woundedThe mobster learns that Jimmy Kendall is back from the dead after seeing his picture on the paper. Jimmy, a key witness to the government trial against the mob must change his identity a second time and go back into hiding. It is MacGyver’s job to convince him of the new plan. Tired of hiding and running away, Jimmy puts matters into his own hands especially after finding out that the mob kidnapped his daughter and grandson.

3.4 Ghost Ship
Bigfoot attacks MacGyver on a ghost shipMacGyver goes on a wilderness mapping expedition for the Department of Interior. His mission is help determine whether the area is a national preserve by installing electronic boundary markers that will map out the wilderness. However, his task was put on hold when he comes across a ghost ship and encounters what appears to be Big Foot.

3.5 Fire and Ice
Pete shows MacGyver and company the fire and iceMacGyver teams up with Nikki Carpenter to catch the diamond thief who murdered his friend Danny, who turns out to be Nikki’s brother. The thief having diplomatic rights makes their pursuit more difficult. The only way they could nail the guy is to catch him red-handed. To do so, MacGyver and Nikki with the help of Pete Thornton, lure him into a trap.

3.6 GX-1
3.7 Jack in the Box
3.8 The Widowmaker
3.9 Hell Week
3.10 Blow Out
3.11 Kill Zone
3.12 Early Retirement
3.13 Thin Ice
3.14 The Odd Triple
3.15 The Negotiator
3.16 The Spoilers
3.17 Mask of the Wolf
3.18 Rock the Cradle
3.19 The Endangered
3.20 Murderer's Sky

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