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Lost Love Part 1 - MacGyver Episode Summary 3.1

MacGyver and lost love Lisa Kohler corneredSynopsis: The Phoenix Foundation is tasked to provide security for the Ming Dragon. A simple mission becomes complicated when MacGyver’s lost love reappears. After years of having thought of her dead, Lisa Kohler re-emerges in MacGyver’s life and asks for his help. Now married to an ex-KGB agent, she pleads Mac to help her and her husband defect. Their planned escape somehow becomes awry when the Russian delegation catches them, takes Lisa hostage and blackmails MacGyver into stealing the Ming dragon in exchange for his lost love.

Episode Summary: MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) and Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar) meet with Chu at the harbor to receive the Ming Dragon, China’s national treasure to be exhibited at an international cultural exposition. As they remove the artifact from the crate, a lady observes from the top of a building. A security guard confronts her, but ends up being thrown down into an elevator shaft. The lady removes from her bag a pigeon with a message tied around its foot and sends it away. The bird returns to a house where two Russian men read the message that the Ming Dragon has arrived.  Continue reading...

Inside the exhibition, the head of security assures Chu that the Ming Dragon is safe from theft. He explains that although the security guards will be at the control room, the laser beams and the locked case safely guards the item. MacGyver asks to test the security system. He goes over a janitor’s cart and sprinkles powdered cleanser to reveal the laser beams. He avoids the laser beams and opens the lock with a Swiss knife. His demonstration prompts security to change their system by having guards checking at the artifact at 10 minute intervals, changing the lock into a password activated keypad and placing alarms on the pressure plate. Chu reminds MacGyver and Pete Thornton that the Ming Dragon is China’s national treasure and it is US’ national responsibility to ensure its safety while it’s in the country. If anything happens to it, the result is quite serious. At the escalator, MacGyver notices a familiar woman. When Pete asks what the matter is, he dismisses the thought and leads him to a hall where The Great Sheldrake magic show will be held. The Great Sheldrake turns out to be Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill). At the show, the same woman who killed the security guard joins a man at the table. They both watch as MacGyver goes to the backstage to speak with Jack. Walking back to the main room, MacGyver catches a glimpse of the woman he saw at the escalator. He runs for her, but she rides the elevator without noticing him. MacGyver explains to Jack that the woman looks like Lisa Kohler (Elyssa Davalos), his lost love; only she’s already dead. In fact, Mac killed her.

MacGyver finds out that she’s not registered at the hotel. MacGyver explains to Jack why he’s responsible for her death. Two years ago, they both worked on a mission to blow a secret mission facility in Baltic coast. Lisa Kohler was his contact to the underground resistance group. She joins him to the facility despite Mac’s efforts to dissuade her from coming along. They were to install explosives at different locations, but Lisa got caught running away from the facility and gets shot as MacGyver watches.Mac returns to his hotel room and stares at himself at the mirror dresser where he recalls his time with his lost love, Lisa. Both confess their love for each other and Mac gives Lisa his ring. After a quick stroll down memory lane, MacGyver notices a note on the dresser. It’s from Lisa. She asks him to meet with her in the morning at the ferry. They meet and Lisa explains that she was shot and sent to a prison camp where she met Nikolaj. He was the only reason why she survived. She married him. Lisa asks Mac for a very selfish favor and that is to help her and Nikolaj defect. The only problem is Major Nikolaj Kosov is an ex-KGB agent. In fact, MacGyver escaped from him in a mission in Hungary.

MagGyver asks Pete for assitance. They meet with the Russian delegation, which comprises of General Racoubian, Major Kosov, Mrs. Lisa Kosov and the woman who murdered the guard, Tanya Lyaschenka. Jack joins them and invites them to his magic show. Pete then shows them to the rest of the exhibit as Nikolaj and Mac talk outside. Nikolaj begs for MacGyver’s help. He explains that the reason Lisa was not executed was because he destroyed her records. He is afraid that both their lives are in danger when they return to Russia, because of the new government system, which could dig up Lisa’s true identity and his involvement on having changed it. MacGyver devises a plan for them to escape, which involves seeing The Great Sheldrake magic show.

At the show, Jack enlists the participation of Lisa and Tanya. His feat is to make Lisa disappear. Tanya’s role is to check the box from which Lisa is to hide. Lisa enters the box and goes out a back door to meet MacGyver. The two run outside to meet Nikolaj as Tanya tries to look for her. However, the general had already informed the Russian guards of the incident. Nikolaj stops the guards as Mac and Lisa escapes with a stolen motorcycle. The Russians follow them around town, but managed to lose them at the docks. Mac and Lisa catch the ferry, but Tanya informs the general of their destination. The Russian follows them by van and helicopter. The two head toward the waterfront to try and escape by boat, but they are cornered. The general holds Lisa hostage and places an explosive around her neck. He then blackmails MacGyver into stealing the Ming dragon.

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