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Lost Love Part 2 - MacGyver Episode Summary 3.2

Lost love, Lisa Kohler, dies in MacGyver's armsSynopsis: Determined not to lose his love again, MacGyver with the help of his friend Jack, steal the Ming Dragon to pay as ransom for the kidnapped Lisa Kohler. Later, MacGyver learns of the real motive behind the theft of the Chinese artifact. Moreover, Lisa divulges the reason behind her supposed death.

Episode Summary:
MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) returns to his hotel room and finds Jack. He confides to him his predicament. In exchange for Lisa (Elyssa Davalos), he has to steal the Ming dragon for General Racoubian. The two sneak into the exhibition at dawn, after Pete (Dana Elcar) and Chu finish installing the new security system. They enter through a vent that is wired. MacGyver holds in place the alarm with his Swiss knife and holds it still with a duct tape.  Continue reading...

Inside the duct, MacGyver and Jack (Bruce McGill) wait until the guard finishes his rounds. Mac lowers himself and the equipment as Jack follows. Using baby powder, MacGyver reveals the laser beams to remind them of the guarded perimeter. He tries to guess the password that Pete had set. After a couple of attempts he figures out the combination as Arnold Bomber’s birthday. They use a clamp to hold in place the pressure plate. MacGyver enters the soundproof case to retrieve the Ming dragon, but is trapped. With only two minutes left before the guard comes back, he struggles to relay to Jack the combination. He moistens the glass and writes the code 9, 10 and 29. They trip the laser beam in purpose, hide inside one of the displays and trap one of the guards with the harness. With the others distracted with the hanging guard, Mac and Jack managed to escape without being seen.Tanya and company follow the two in Chinatown and attempt to steal the dragon. MacGyver instructs Jack to meet him at a certain place. He joins he parade to elude Tanya, but he is spotted. He then hides in a Chinese store, but is followed. He rejoins the parade pretending to be one of the Chinese dragon dancers. Tanya loses him and he makes his way to the agreed meeting place. 

At the exhibition, Chu shows Pete the tape of the robbery. Apparently, Chu installed security cameras. Learning MacGyver’s actions, Pete convinces Chu that the theft of the Ming dragon was not political and pleads Chu to give him enough time to try and get to the bottom of this before stirring controversy.MacGyver contacts General Racoubian and informs him of Tanya’s hijacking attempt. He demands to see Lisa and Nikolaj before the exchange. The general notifies him that Nikolaj tried to escape and was therefore killed. They agree to meet at night at the bayside generator plant. General Racoubian scolds Tanya for her foolish endeavor and instructs her to retrieve the dragon and kill MacGyver.

Outside the plant, Jack hides and waits for the Russians. He alerts MacGyver of their arrival. Inside, MacGyver stations himself at the crate controller. The dragon dangles from a line attached to the crane. He demands Tanya to deactivate and remove the explosive around Lisa’s neck. He then orders them to let Lisa free and tells Joseph to reclaim the dragon. As Joseph struggles to reach the artifact, MacGyver loosens the line and the dragon falls. Tanya runs and catches it. Jack attacks the man who guards the van and disassembles the engine. The three escape.On their way to the foundation, they learn from Lisa that Nikolaj could not be dead. They drive to the Russians’ abode in an attempt to rescue Kosov. Regrettably, Lisa had led them to a trap. Tanya directs Jack to the basement, while Lisa explains to MacGyver everything that has happened. As it turns out, Nikolaj and her are not really married and that her death was part of the plan to make the Americans believe that the information she gave them was true. She also divulges of the mission to make the world believe that an American agent stole China’s national treasure and it was the Soviet agents who recovered it. Lisa then confesses that although it was part of her job to seduce MacGyver not everything was a lie.

In the basement, Mac removes his handcuffs using the hairpin Lisa gave him. He then uses the handcuffs to pick the door lock. Jack and MacGyver make their way out as the General inspects the dragon and to his astonishment learns that it is an imitation. He orders his men to fetch MacGyver, but they are already on their way to the chopper. Tanya catches them and confiscates the necklace Mac stole. In a tussle, Jack manages to run for the helicopter as MacGyver locks her in a tool shed. Hearing the helicopter, General Racoubian and Major Kosov goes after them and aims to take a shot but Lisa attacks both Russians. Jack lowers the chopper for Lisa, but Nikolaj fires at her. Thinking that MacGyver still has the necklace, Racoubian detonates the bomb not knowing that Tanya took the necklace. They get away, but Lisa’s badly wounded. This time she dies in MacGyver’s arms.Back in Chinatown, Pete and Chu arrive at the Chinese shop. Meanwhile, MacGyver locates the real Ming dragon from a number of imitation figurines. Jack is shocked to discover that MacGyver hid the national treasure among plaster ornaments on display. Fortunately, no one bought the genuine Ming dragon and safely returns it to Chu.

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makulit said...

I still find it silly that MacGyver has to resort to writing the combination on the glass. He could have easily relayed the message using his fingers.

General Racoubian pushing the button not knowing that the necklace is with Tanya is just hilarious.

Brandon Bearden said...

I cried so much during this episode.

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Thank you, Brandon, for your comment. To be reunited with ones lost love only for her to die in your arms is a cruel fate. How does one recover from that?