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Mad Men Trivia

Answers to questions about the TV Show Mad Men. Do you have Mad Men trivia questions you want answered? Do you want to learn more about the Mad Men, its actors and characters? Feel free to post a comment below or send an email, and I will try my very best to find the answer.

1. What did Betty Draper use to shoot birds?

In the Mad Men episode Shoot, Betty Draper used a BB gun to shoot Mr. Brestwood’s pigeons.

2. In what episode did Don Draper cook for Betty?

Don cooked for Betty, because it was Mother’s Day in the episode Babylon.

3. What did Pete Campbell ask his wife to do in the Mad Men episode 5G?

When Ken Cosgrove’s short story got published, Pete Campbell asked his wife Trudy to ask her former boyfriend to publish the short story that Pete made.

4. Does Sterling Cooper win American Airlines?

No, in the Mad Men episode Three Sundays, Sterling Cooper did not get the American Airlines account.

5. When did Duck Phillips arrive on Mad Men?

Herman “Duck” Phillips was first introduced in the Mad Men episode Nixon vs. Kennedy.

6. Which Mad Men episode did Betty Draper want Don to spank their son?

Betty Draper wanted Don Draper to spank their son in Three Sundays.

7. Who played the salesman in “Indian Summer”?

If I’m not mistaken, Adam Kaufman played the role of the air-conditioner salesman named Bob Shaw.

8. Why did Don Draper bribe the elevator operator?

In the episode “Red in the Face”, Don Draper bribed Hollis to pretend that the elevators are all “Out of Order” so that he and Roger Sterling would have to use the stairs. This resulted in the drunk, and tired Roger Sterling to throw-up and embarrass himself in front of clients. It was Don’s way of getting back at Roger for making a pass at Betty.

9. What episode of Mad Men did Don Draper sleep on the floor?

Don Draper sleeps on the floor in the episode The Inheritance.

10. What is Bertram Cooper’s art piece?

The painting in Bertram Cooper’s office featured in The Gold Violin was a Rothko. I don’t exactly know which Rothko painting it was or if it even was a replica of one of his paintings.

11. What was the machine that Peggy Olson had under her bed?

The machine was a weigh loss device called the Passive Exercise Regime which Peggy later renamed The Rejuvenator. The device was later called Relax-a-Cizor in the episode The Wheel.

12. In what Mad Men episodes did Don Draper’s brother appear on?

Adam Whitman, Don Draper or should I say Dick Whitman’s brother appeared in the episodes 5G and Indian Summer.

13. Why did Don Draper did not want to know his brother in 5G?

This is because Don Draper wants to forget about his past. Having Adam Whitman back in his life would only open a can of worms including the fact that he assumed another man’s identity.

14. What is the Hobo Code?

In the Mad Men episode The Hobo Code it was explained that the hobo code is a system of symbols hobos used to tell other hobos what to expect, and learn a little about the kind of people who live in the homes they visited. The hobo in that episode used chalk to put markings on the gates of the home’s he visited as a warning to other hobos.

15. What happened to Duck Phillip’s dog in the Maidenform episode?

It breaks my heart to assume this, but Chauncey most likely ended up in a dog pound, and gone to dog heaven unless he got himself a new owner.

16. Who is the female vocalist in the in the Trust In Me song that played as the credits rolled in the Blowing Smoke episode?

Etta James sang the Trust In Me song used in the second to the last Season 4 Mad Men episode.

17. In what episode of Mad Men did Roger Sterling puke in the office?
Roger Sterling threw up in the Season 1 episode “Red in the Face”.

18. What was the device in “Indian Summer”?

The device was originally called the Passive Exercise Regime. Peggy later renamed it as The Rejuvenator, and in The Wheel episode we learn that the name was changed to Relax-a-Cizor.

19. Why didn’t Don Draper come home with the cake?

My theory is that Don wanted to embarrass Betty as a way to get back at her for ordering him to pick up the birthday cake from the store.

20. Why did Don Draper turn down the job with McCann Erickson?

Don turned down the job at McCann Erickson, because he disliked the way Jim Hobart wooed him. He did not appreciate Jim using Betty to get him to join his company.

21. Why did Betty Draper crash her car in the episode “Ladies Room”?

Betty Draper lost faculty of her hands, and as a result crashes her car. She supposes that her anxiety was manifested in her hands going numb.

22.  Why did Don Draper leave her daughter’s birthday party?

Don left to get Sally’s birthday cake.

23.  Why did Pete Campbell punch Ken Cosgrove?

Pete punched Ken, because he made a joke about Peggy’s weight gain.

24.  What happened to Mr. Hobart’s baby?

Nothing really, his wife lost a lot of blood, but is not in mortal danger.  Mr. Hobart is a proud father of a baby boy.  By the way, this happened on The Fog episode of Mad Men.

25. Why did Conrad Hilton fire Don Draper?

In Shut the Door Have a Seat, Hilton learned that McCann Erickson is buying Putnam, Powell & Lowe, which makes Sterling Cooper a property of McCann Erickson.  This was the reason he used when Hilton pulled his account from Sterling Cooper although it wasn’t really explained why he didn’t want to do business with McCann.

26. Why did Pete Campbell tell Don Draper about the merger?

In Meditations in an Emergency, Pete Campbell had already become one of Don Draper’s most loyal supporters.  He chose to be on Don’s side instead of Duck’s.

27. In what episode of Mad Men did Peggy Olsen give birth?

Peggy Olson gave birth in the episode The Wheel.

28. What episode did Roger Sterling leave his wife Mona for a secretary?

It was in the season 2 episode Six Month Leave.

29. What was the episode where Sally Draper kissed a boy in the tub?

Don Draper’s daughter kissed Ernie while playing in the tub in the season 3 episode Souvenir.

30. What episode of Mad Men did Roger Sterling have a heart attack?

Roger Sterling had a heart attack in the season 1 episode Long Weekend.

31.  Who played Don Draper’s secretary in the New Girl?

Peyton List played Don’s secretary Jane Siegel in the season 2 episode The New Girl.

31. Who was Don Draper with in Palm Springs?

Don was with the girl named Joy in the season 2 episode The Jet Set.

32. Why did Betty Draper slap Helen Bishop?

Betty Draper slapped Helen Bishop in the season 1 episode Red in the Face, because Helen expressed her disgust at Betty after she confirms that she did give her son Glen a lock of her hair.

33. Why did the young couple drug Don Draper?

In the season 3 episode, Seven Twenty Three, the young couple intended on robbing Don Draper.  They needed him to be unconscious while they steal his money.

34. What was the episode where Betty Draper sees her dad at the hospital?

Betty Draper saw her dad at the hospital in the season 3 episode The Fog.

35. In what episode did Don and Lane watch Godzilla?

It was in the season 4 episode called The Good News.

36. Who was the girl who broke her leg in Mad Men?

Anna Draper had a broken leg in the season 4 episode The Good News.

37. Why did Roger Sterling puke?

Roger puked in the season 1 episode Red in the Face, because he feasted on platters of oysters, had one too many glasses of martinis, and he had to walk up to the 26th floor.

38.  What episode of Mad Men did they work on a Playtex ad?

It was in the season 2 episode Maidenform.

39.  When did Lane Pryce get the snake in a basket?

It was in the season 3 episode Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency.

40. Why did Putnam, Powell & Lowe buy Sterling Cooper?

Because Sterling Cooper although a small ad agency has a good list of clients that Duck Phillips promised to give to Saint John Powell.  For more details, please refer to the episode 2 summary The Jet Set.

41. In what episode did Peggy have the lipstick idea?

Peggy Olson had the lipstick idea for Belle Jolie on the season one episode Babylon.

42. What episode did Don Draper get knocked out and a broken nose?

In the season 3 episode Seven Twenty Three, Don gets knocked out and wakes up with a broken nose.

43. How did Don Draper meet Anna?

Anna sought out Don after finding out that he used her husband’s serial number to apply for a driver’s license.  For more details, please read the episode summary of The Mountain King.

44. What does Mad in Mad Men mean?

Mad stands for Madison as in Madison Avenue, because this area was once the center of the advertising industry with many agencies setting up shop on this avenue.

45. When did Don stop working for Conrad Hilton?

Don Draper stopped working for Conrad Hilton in the season 3 episode Shut the Door.  Have a Seat.  Connie Hilton pulled his account from Sterling Cooper after learning that McCann Erickson is buying the agencies mother company Putnam, Powell & Lowe.

46. What episode did Betty get a chaise lounge?

Betty Draper bought a chaise lounge in the season 3 episode Seven Twenty Three.

47. What Mad Men episode did women try on lipstick?

The women of Sterling Cooper try on lipstick on the season 1 episode Babylon.

48. When did Henry Francis meet Betty Draper at a coffee shop?

Henry Francis and Betty Draper actually met at a bakery, Svenson’s bakery to be exact.  This happened on the Mad Men episode Seven Twenty Three.

49. In the episode Marriage of Figaro, why did Don Draper leave?

Don left the party to pick up the birthday cake from the store.

50. What did Betty Draper serve in Marriage of Figaro?

In episode 3 of season 1, Betty Draper served a frozen Sara Lee cake.

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James Hurst said...

Episode 12/13 The fade-out song ''Trust Me or Trust in Me ? Can you tell me please anyone Who is the female vocalist and where can I find it?
James Hurst

comprehensive episode guides said...

Hi James, I completely forgot about your question. My sincerest apologies. You probably already know the answer by now, but for those who want to know, Etta James is the female vocalist heard in the song Trust In Me that was used in the Blowing Smoke episode.


comprehensive episode guides said...

By the way, James, I posted a link to where you could get the song. It's in the answer to question #16.


Justin said...

I think Don turned down Mccann Erickson not only because he didn't like the way Jim used Betty to lure him, but because he didn't want Betty modeling anymore. He knew Jim would fire Betty if Don turned him down.

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Thank you for your comment, Justin. Although it leads me to ask, how come Don did not want Betty modelling again when he did allow Megan to have an acting career?