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Remington Steele - Episode Summaries

Remington Steele episode list with links to full comprehensive episode summaries of the popular 80's TV show Remington Steele. Great news! You could also watch the full episodes on this blog. Thanks to Hulu! Just click on the title name, photo or links to full episode summaries, and at the middle of those pages you'll find the video. Hope you enjoy watching Remington Steele! By the way, if you like Remington Steele, you might also want to watch Castle.

Remington Steele Episode Summaries

Season 1

1.1. License to Steele
Laura Holt is delightfully surprised to find Remington Steele's impostor in his officeEpisode summary of the very first Remington Steele episode License to Steele.  Laura Holt has landed the Remington Steele detective agency its most important assignment to date. They are to protect the rare gems – Royal Lavulite. A seemingly simple task becomes complicated upon the arrival of a dashing stranger who claims to be a special agent from South Africa who has come to help them protect the gems when in fact his real intention is stealing the precious stones. Moreover, the charlatan in his attempt to escape his own demise inadvertently assumes the identity of Remington Steele. >>License to Steele episode summary

1.2 Tempered Steele
Remington Steele hosts a dinner partyHaving officially assumed the identity of Remington Steele, the charlatan involves himself on a case consequently infuriating Laura Holt. To add to her vexation, her detective agency is faced with a multi-million dollar lawsuit when the security system Mr. Steele had installed failed. Meanwhile, the case just became personal for Mr. Steele when the friend who helped him install the security system is murdered. >>Tempered Steele episode summary

1.3 Steele Waters Run Deep
Remington Steele and Laura Holt take coverEpisode summary where Laura Holt is yet again on the verge of losing a high-paying client when Mr. Steele fails to do his job of making an appearance to close the deal. Moreover, he takes on a case to search for a missing videogame company executive who ran away taking with him millions of dollars of company’s assets, and their newest multi-million dollar videogame – Deep Water. >>Steele Waters Run Deep episode summary

1.4 Signed, Steeled and Delivered
CIA's The Answer ManRemington Steele episode summary where Laura Holt’s uneventful weekend turns into an adventure when Mr. Steele brings to her doorstep a CIA employee on the run. Sheldon Quarry known as the Answer Man seeks the help of the great detective and supposed ex-CIA agent Remington Steele to learn why he suddenly received threats on his life just a few days before his wedding. Meanwhile. Mr. Steele learns that Laura once lived with a man. >>Signed, Steeled and Delivered episode summary

1.5 Thou Shall Not Steele
Felicia and Laura Holt find Remington Steele bound and hanging on a ropeThis is the summary of the episode where the Remington Steele detective agency was hired to protect an accursed painting – The Five Nudes of Cairo. Having once stolen the painting, Mr. Steele argues on not taking the case, but Laura Holt’s wishes prevail. Things become complicated when Felicia, Mr. Steele's old flame, re-enters his life, but only to have him steal the painting for her. >>Thou Shall Not Steele episode summary

1.6 Steele Belted
Laura Holt goes a date with Creighton PhillipsIn this episode, Remington Steele’s apartment has been ransacked by an intruder looking for information related to the case Laura Holt and Murphy Michaels are working on. The man is looking for a bill of sale that would prove their client’s innocence. Upon learning that Ms. Holt has become involved with their client’s lawyer, Mr. Steele makes him his prime suspect, and sets out to prove him so. >>Steele Belted episode summary

1.7 Etched in Steele
Remington Steele trips killerMitchell Knight, the drunken husband of the famous romance novelist Charlotte Knight reveals to Remington Steele and Laura Holt that his wife had written on her new book how she plans to kill him. It was a claim that quickly came true as his body came falling down the thirty-fifth floor balcony of his house. Everybody had dismissed the fatal fall as an accident, all except Laura Holt. She believes that the best-selling author Charlotte Knight had murdered her husband. >>Etched in Steele episode summary

1.8 You're Steele The One For Me
Laura Holt, Remington Steele sushiSummary of the episode where a Japanese young man enlists the help of the Remington Steele detective agency to search for his missing brother. Unfortunately, Laura Holt learns that he had already died due to a fatal car accident. To appease the bereaved young man who is unconvinced of his brother’s unexpected death, Remington Steele agrees to dig deeper into the case. Their investigation leads them in a web of deception that involves the Yakuza. >> You're Steele The One For Me

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