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Castle - Watch Full Episodes

Watch full episodes of Castle online. Every Tuesday, I will post the most recent episode of Castle. If I forget please do remind me. Detective Raglan, the lead detective investigating the murder of Johanna Beckett calls Kate Beckett to divulge the identity of her mother’s killer. Regrettably, he is shot dead before he exposes the murderer’s identity. Because this hits close to home, Captain Montgomery takes Detective Beckett and Castle off the case. The two, however, investigate on their own, and learns the identity of Raglan’s assassin, but the killer is one step ahead of them. The assassin kidnaps detectives Ryan and Esposito. Watch Knockdown. Right here. Right Now. For Free. By the way, if you want to skip ahead to the kiss, it starts at 38:02. ;)

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Inspired by the Anatomy of a Murder episode, I bring to you Castle and Beckett priceless moments.  Why didn't I think of this before?

1.  Castle holds Beckett's hand

The Anatomy of a Murder episode has a priceless moment to top “You smell like cherries”. It all starts when Castle and Beckett start reading the love letters between Nurse Greg and his girlfriend. The scene goes like this…

Castle: Listen to this. “The days without you grow longer. But my love for you grows” …
Beckett: Stronger?
Castle: Harder. A poet he’s not.
Beckett: Yeah, well, not everyone is a best-selling crime novelist. And it doesn’t mean that their love was any less. Listen to what she wrote to him. “I can’t bear to see you suffer. Make a new life with someone else. Just be happy. If anyone deserves it, it’s you.”
Castle: I think I have his response to that. “I don’t believe in much, but I believe in us.” I like this guy.
Beckett: Mm-hmm.
Castle: “And no matter the obstacles, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never get rid of me. I love you.”

There’s a silent pause. Richard Castle and Kate Beckett look into each others eyes then turn away.

2. Castle and Beckett call each other "Honey"

In the Almost Famous episode of Castle.  Beckett and Castle are at the strip club.  Kate Beckett gets herself and Castle a drink.  On her way back to their table she finds Castle in the company of a handful of women.

Beckett: Castle?
Castle: Hey, Honey. Oh, you found me. I was just telling Denise here about you.

The women learning that he has a girlfriend start to leave.

Castle: This is my, uh, girlfriend whose idea it was to come here tonight. She’s very adventurous. You have no idea. There’s…

After all the women have left. Kate Beckett sits beside Castle.

Castle: Thank God you found me. Oh, my God. These women are like piranha.

Kate Beckett rolls her eyes.

Beckett: So listen, I just talked to one of the bartenders, that confirms the booking agents story that Derek was having troubles with one of the other dancers. Apparently some guy named Hans was upset that Derek was getting the headliner shift. That gives us evidence, and motive.
Castle: Let’s go backstage. Grab us some Hans.
Beckett: No need to, Honey. He’s in the next act.

3.  Beckett waking up with her head resting on Castle's shoulder in the episode Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind.

4. Castle pops the question to Beckett.

Richard Castle really did ask Beckett the question, “Will you marry me?” in the Nikki Heat episode of Castle.  This season just have one teaser after another, starting with holding hands, calling each other honey, then Castle saying “I love you” to Beckett, now “Will you marry me?” This is, by far, the ultimate teaser. However, let us not take it out of context. Here is how the question came about…

Detective Kevin Ryan shows Richard Castle the engagement ring that she is going to give her girlfriend.

Castle: So, how are you gonna pop the question? Hot air balloon, skywriter, jumbotron?
Ryan: Uh, I thought I’d just ask.
Castle: No, no. You can’t “just ask”. You gotta make a statement. It’s gotta be big. A helicopter ride…
Beckett: Actually, most girls prefer something a little more intimate.
Castle: What, so he’s just supposed to be boring and ask…

Castle turns to Beckett, opens the box that holds the engagement ring…

Castle: Will you marry me?

5. Richard Castle and Detective Kate Beckett passionately kiss. Finally!

Because a video speaks louder than words, I highly recommend that you watch Knockdown, the Castle episode where Castle and Beckett kiss. If you’re curious as to how the kiss came about, here it is. Detective Kate Beckett and Richard Castle learn that detectives Ryan and Esposito were kidnapped. Knowing that the police surrounding the warehouse where their kidnapper holds them captive could only endanger the lives of the two detectives, Richard Castle poses as the boyfriend of the drunken Kate Beckett with the real intention of distracting the guard into approaching them close enough for Beckett to take him down. Sensing that the guard finds their presence a bit suspicious, Beckett prepares to pull her gun out, but Castle believing that they could still pull off their charade, gives her a passionate kiss. The kiss comes as a surprise to Beckett that she pulls away, but seeing the approaching guard she resumes making out with Castle. The guard giggles, and turns his back. Soon after, Beckett knocks him down. As Castle said, amazing! And I should add, totally hot!

If you are new to the show, Castle is about the mystery novelist Richard Castle who finds inspiration in the police detective who called him in as a suspect following the likeness of murders to the ones described in his novels. Because he proved beneficial in solving the case not to mention his connection with the mayor of New York, Castle is given permission to officially shadow Detective Kate Beckett whom he is basing his lead character Nikki Heat in the new series of novels he is writing. Together they solve murders, and develop feelings for each other along the way. Castle airs Monday nights 10pm ET/9pm CT on ABC.

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