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The Tudors - Episode Summaries

The Tudors - The Complete First SeasonWho knew British history can be so intriguing and entertaining? Follow the story of King Henry VIII and his court with the hit Showtime original series The Tudors. The current episode summaries focuses on Season 1 that revolves around King Henry VIII’s desire to dissolve his marriage with Queen Catherine of Aragon in order to marry Anne Boleyn. There are many side stories that prove to be quite intriguing such as Princess Margaret murdering the King of Portugal and marrying Charles Brandon, and Thomas Tallis’ homosexual affair with Sir William Compton. I hope you enjoy reading the episode summaries as much as I enjoyed writing them. If summaries are not enough with you, I have also provided links to where you can watch The Tudors online.

Update: As promised to one of our readers, the summary for the season finale of Season 2 of The Tudors was just added.

The Tudors Episode Summaries

Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3

1.1 Episode 1
In Cold Blood The Tudors episode summaryKing Henry VIII’s uncle, England’s Ambassador in Urbino was assassinated by the French. This enrages the King that he decides to wage war against France more as an opportunity to bring him immortality if he ends victorious. His trusted adviser, Cardinal Wolsey, an ally of the French, dissuades the King from going to war with France, and proposes that they create a Treaty of Universal Peace instead, one that will too gain him popularity. >>Read The Tudors Episode 1 of Season 1 episode summary

1.2 Episode 2
Simply Henry2King Henry VIII hesitantly signs the Treaty of Universal and Perpetual Peace with King Francis, but he soon after changes his mind, and decides to create an allegiance with the newly instated Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Cardinal Wolsey informs him of Lord Buckingham’s plan to overthrow him from his throne, and so Henry calls for his arrest for the suspicion of treason. Gloom presides over the King’s court but news of King Henry VIII having a son through Lady Blount turns the dour court alive with festivities. >>Read The Tudors Episode 2 of Season 1 episode summary

1.3 Episode 3
King Henry VIII meets Anne BoleynThe Spanish envoys arrive in England to discuss the details of a treaty that King Henry VIII and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V are to sign to seal their allegiance with each other. Soon after, the Holy Roman Emperor arrives in England, and signs the treaty with Henry VIII. The two vow to help each other in invading the French territories, a plan that is of great disadvantage to Cardinal Wolsey. Moreover, the plan to rid the court of Wolsey has been set in motion. Henry VIII finally meets Anne Boleyn, and is immediately enamored with her. >>Read The Tudors Episode 3 of Season 1 episode summary

1.4 Episode 4
His Majesty The King episode summaryPrincess Margaret reluctantly sails to Portugal with Charles Brandon escorting her to marry the old, decrepit King. King Henry VIII is consumed with lust for Anne Boleyn, and finds himself distracted after learning that she has left the court. However, the news of the Holy Roman Emperor’s victory in Italy, and the capture of King Francis brings him back from his daze. >>Read The Tudors Episode 4 of Season 1 episode summary

1.5 Episode 5
Arise My Lord2King Henry VIII makes his bastard son an heir to his throne. He also makes Sir Thomas Boleyn a Lord, and proposes to Anne Boleyn that she become his official mistress while Cardinal Wolsey works hard to have Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon annulled. Meanwhile, Princess Margaret and Charles Brandon fearfully return to England only to be banished from the court after divulging that they have secretly married each other. >>Read The Tudors Episode 5 of Season 1 episode summary

1.6 Epidose 6
King Henry VIII arm wrestles with Charles BrandonWith the Holy Roman Emperor holding the Pope captive, Cardinal Wolsey goes to Paris to summon a conclave that he hopes will grant him the authority to annul King Henry VIII’s marriage with Queen Catherine of Aragon, which consequently will also make him the de facto Pope. In his absence, Wolsey’s enemies namely the Duke of Norfolk and Sir Thomas Boleyn work towards severing the King’s loyalty towards the Cardinal. Meanwhile, certain that his divorce will soon be granted, King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn no longer hide their affair in a blatant display of disrespect towards Queen Catherine of Aragon. >>Read The Tudors Episode 6 of Season 1 episode summary

1.7 Episode 7
The Tudors Episode 6 Season 1
Sir William Compton dies of the sweating sickness, and soon the disease spread throughout London. Meanwhile, Cardinal Wolsey sends two lawyers to Orvieto to convince the Pope to annul King Henry VIII’s marriage with Queen Katherine of Aragon. As the plague continues to spread, Lady Anne Boleyn and Cardinal Wolsey contract the life threatening disease. >>Read The Tudors Episode 7 of Season 1 episode summary

1.8 Episode 8
Queen Catherine walks out of the legatine court
Cardinal Campeggio arrives in London and tries to persuade Queen Catherine of Aragon to abdicate her marriage. Anne Boleyn instills doubt in King Henry VIII’s mind about Cardinal Wolsey causing the King to be suspicious of his trusted adviser. Queen Catherine refuses Cardinal Campeggio’s proposal and so her marriage goes on trial in the legatine court. >>Read The Tudors Episode 8 of Season 1 episode summary

1.9 Epsiode 9
The Tudors Episode 9 Season 1
Cardinal Campeggio announces to the shock of everyone that the matter of King Henry VIII’s divorce should be decided in Rome. Because of the failure of the legatine court to decide the king’s divorce, Cardinal Wolsey has fallen from the good graces of the king. Meanwhile, Princess Margaret is suffering from consumption, but hides her illness from her husband. She soon dies from it. >>Read The Tudors Episode 9 of Season 1 episode summary

1.10 Episode 10
Cardinal Wolsey's arrest
King Henry VIII appoints the very men who worked to bring down Wolsey to head the management of his kingdom, and soon finds that his realm was in much better shape when Wolsey was in charge. Meanwhile, in his desperation to be reinstated in court, Wolsey makes an unlikely ally out of Queen Catherine, with an ingenious plan that would benefit them both. Regrettably, his plan quickly does him a disservice. Times are changing, and the Church and its devout followers including Sir Thomas More despite his concentrated effort of dispelling heretics are finding that they are edging closer to the abyss. >>Read The Tudors Episode 10 of Season 1 episode summary

Season 2 | Season 1 | Season 3

2.1 Episode 1 of Season 2
Bishop Fisher poisoned
King Henry VIII is made the Supreme Head of the Church and Clergy of England as far as the law of Christ allows. The bishops have agreed to the title, because the caveat invalidates the whole bill. Lord Rochford identifies Bishop Fisher as the person preventing the King from receiving full authority over the Church of England. He orders the murder of Bishop Fisher. Meanwhile, Queen Catherine of Aragon refuses to relinquish her role as King Henry’s lawful wife. >>Continue reading The Tudors Episode 1 of Season 2 episode summary

2.2 Episode 2 of Season 2
Anne Boleyn dances with King Francis
King Henry VIII persuaded by his desire to marry Anne Boleyn and unknowingly supported by Mr. Cromwell’s ulterior motive forces the clergy to submit completely to his authority. Sir Thomas More witnesses the start of the destruction of the Catholic Church in England and prepares for the call of martyrdom. With the Great Matter soon to be resolved, King Henry VIII begins the process of inculcating Anne Boleyn as his new wife and future Queen of England. >>Continue reading The Tudors Episode 2 of Season 2 episode summary

2.3 Episode 3 of Season 2
Anne Boleyn gives birth to Elizabeth
King Henry VIII appoints Thomas Cranmer as the new Archbishop of Canterbury and Sir Thomas Cromwell as Lord Chancellor. These appointments resolve his Great Matter and the dissolution of his marriage to Queen Catherine of Aragon becomes official in England despite the condemnation of the Pope. King Henry VIII soon marries the pregnant Anne Boleyn and crowns her Queen of England. >>Continue reading The Tudors Episode 3 of Season 2 episode summary

2.4 Episode 4 of Season 2
Lady Mary refuses to call Anne Boleyn Queen
King Henry VIII commands Sir Thomas Cromwell to present a bill to the House of Parliament that bestows the succession to his children with Anne Boleyn and to no one else. Moreover, he mandates all subjects to take the oath that accepts the succession and that recognizes him as the supreme head of the Church of England. High treason, imprisonment, and forfeiture of goods are the punishment to any man who refuses to take the oath. Meanwhile, Anne Boleyn learns that King Henry VIII has taken up Lady Eleanor as his mistress. She sets in motion a plan that will eliminate Lady Eleanor or anyone who poses a danger to her. >>Continue reading The Tudors Episode 4 of Season 2 episode summary

2.5 Episode 5
Anne Boleyn miscarries
Sir Thomas More continues to reject the oath despite his family’s pleas for he firmly believes that swearing it will subject his soul to eternal damnation. Bishop Fisher too refuses to take the oath. He is found guilty and is sentenced to death. Anne Boleyn flaunts his pregnancy only to miscarry disappointing the King and her father who fears for their status with the King. She begins to become paranoid, fearing that the King will change his mind about the Act of Succession and make Lady Mary the Queen of England. >>Continue reading The Tudors Episode 5 of Season 2 episode summary

2.6 Episode 6
The Tudors Episode 6 of Season 2
King Henry VIII agrees to Anne Boleyn’s proposal to quell questions about their daughter’s legitimacy with her betrothal to King Francis’ youngest son. King Francis sends the Admiral of France to convey his message about the proposition. Meanwhile, Thomas Cromwell has devised new ways to promote the new monarchy and the reformation. >>Continue reading The Tudors Episode 6 of Season 2 episode summary

2.10 Episode 10
The Tudors Episode 10 of Season 2
Anne Boleyn prepares for her death and learns that the execution has been postponed. She loses her resolve at the thought of waiting another day for her death, but finds it again at the hour of death. Meanwhile, King Henry VIII announces his intention to marry Lady Jane Seymour. >>Continue reading The Tudors Episode 10 of Season 2 episode summary

Season 3 | Season 1 | Season 2

3.1 Episode 1
The Pilgrimage of Grace
King Henry VIII weds Jane Seymour with fanfare and without blatant opposition. Known to be amiable and diplomatic, the new Queen soon receives a request from Ambassador Chapuys to help Lady Mary’s quest to be reconciled with his father. Meanwhile, Sir Thomas Cromwell persists with the church’s reformation, but his statutes that led to the destruction of monasteries and suppression of Roman Catholics have resulted in an uprising. >>Read The Tudors Episode 1 of Season 3 episode summary

3.2 Episode 2
Episode 2 of Season 3 The Tudors episode summary
The pilgrims reach the Pontefract Castle where much to King Henry VIII’s chagrin the rebels were warmly welcomed. In fact, the ruler of that territory, Lord Darcy, has joined the Pilgrimage of Grace for he believes in its cause, and finds that its quarrel is not against the King but only with his wicked counsel. Lord Suffolk knowing very well that his army is outnumbered hesitates to attack the rebels, and instead decides to negotiate with them. The King reviews the petition of the rebels and agrees to have an audience with the two leaders of the rebellion. >>Read The Tudors Episode 2 of Season 3 episode summary

3.3 Episode 3
Episode 3 of Season 3 of The Tudors
King Henry VIII’s court celebrates Christmastide, and receives various guests to the court including Mr. Robert Aske who is overwhelmed with good fortune as he confirms the pledges made to them and receives favor from the King. He returns to York with the news of having personally received the King’s word, but John Constable refuses to believe any of it for he has lost faith in the sovereign’s word and Mr. Aske has not brought any proof to substantiate the promises. Soon after, the Duke of Suffolk with Shrewsbury attacks the camp of Mr. Constable. A few of the rebels are executed and the leaders of the Pilgrimage of Grace are brought to London to explain the budding uprising. >>Read The Tudors Episode 3 of Season 3 episode summary

3.4 Episode 4
Baptism of Prince Edward The Tudors Episode 4 of Season 3
Mr. Robert Aske is sentenced to a gruesome death, while Lord Suffolk carries out the King’s orders to make an example of the people who took part in the insurrection. King Henry VIII, however, learns that his cousin Cardinal Reginald Pole has been campaigning to other kings seeking their help to rekindle the rebellion against the King of England. Jane Seymour comes into full term, and delivers a prince despite a trying childbirth. >>Read The Tudors Episode 4 of Season 3 episode summary

3.5 Episode 5
Episode 5 of Season 3 The TudorsKing Henry VIII mourns the death of his wife, Jane Seymour, and puts himself in seclusion speaking to no one but the court fool, Will Somers. With the King incommunicado, violence abounds with the murder of Richard Pakington and Sir Gawain. To make matters worse, their assassins were not brought to justice. After a long period of grieving, King Henry finally emerges from seclusion, and deals with the matter of the articles of faith that will form the basis of the Church of England. Thomas Cromwell sees the end of reformation in England upon hearing the articles of faith that the King had formulated, approved, and ordered everyone to abide for refusing so leads to death. >>Read The Tudors Episode 5 of Season 3 episode summary

3.6 Episode 6
Barger surgeons treat King Henry VIII's leg
King Henry VIII begins the search for his new wife, and sets his sights on the Duchess of Milan. Thomas Cromwell, however, has an agenda of his own that he recommends a German bride for the King. He adds the Cleves sisters in the reckoning. With Cardinal Pole safe in Italy, King Henry VIII imparts his fury to his family in England as he orders their arrest and charges them with treason. >>Read The Tudors Episode 6 of Season 3 episode summary

3.7 Episode 7
Presentation of Anne of Cleves in King Henry VIII's court
Thomas Cromwell determined to have King Henry VIII marry Anne of Cleves does everything in his power to make it happen. He leaves King Henry no other option, and speaks of an impending war against France and the Empire who have become allies. King Henry VIII finally meets Anne of Cleves, and finds the young princess repugnant. Regrettably, no legal remedies were found to dissolve the betrothal, and so King Henry VIII marries Princess Anne. >>Read The Tudors Episode 7 of Season 3 episode summary

3.8 Episode 8
Duke Philip kisses Lady Mary
King Henry VIII orders his council to find a way to annul his marriage with Anne of Cleves. Knowing of Thomas Cromwell’s hand in the union the King detests, the council uses it as a stimulus to turn the King against him. The council orders the arrest of Cromwell for charges of treason, and he was imprisoned and sentenced to death. Meanwhile, Charles Brandon instructs Sir Francis Bryan to find a mistress for the King, and Sir Francis presents to them Katherine Howard. >>Read The Tudors Episode 8 of Season 3 episode summary

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