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McLeod’s Daughters Trivia

Answers to questions about McLeod’s Daughters. Do you have any other trivia questions about the show, actors or characters? Feel free to post a comment below by clicking on "Pennies for your thoughts" or send an email, and I will try my very best to find the answer. Just note, however, that I honestly haven’t watched the complete show. I just finished watching Season 4 of McLeod’s Daughters.

1. In the TV show McLeod’s Daughters, why was Claire McLeod killed?

Claire McLeod’s character was killed, because the actress Lisa Chappell decided to leave the show. Claire McLeod would not have left Drover’s Run, such that her dying is only fitting though fans such as myself would have wished for a miracle.

2. In what McLeod’s Daughters episode did Claire McLeod die?

Claire McLeod dies in the Season 3 episode “My Noon, My Midnight”.

3. In what episode do Alex Ryan and Claire McLeod first kiss?

Claire McLeod and Alex Ryan first kiss in the episode called the “House of Cards”. This was when Alex goes into a deep depression after learning that Harry is not his father. Claire finds Alex at the pub where he tells her that nothing is real. He wonders who he really is given that the person he knew as his father is actually not, and Claire’s baby he claims to be his also isn’t. He kisses Claire, and she kisses back without any qualms, but even that he reckons is not real.

4. Is Claire McLeod dead in real life?

No, Lisa Chappell the actress who played Claire McLeod is alive and well. Last I heard, she will star in the Australian movie Coffin Rock.

5. In McLeod’s Daughters, what happened to Becky Howard and Brick Buchanon?

Brick Buchanon was supposed to ask Becky Howard to marry him, but he falls off a bridge and dies. Becky finds his dead body in the episode “The Road Home”.

6. What McLeod’s Daughters episode does Tess get stuck in a silo?

It was in the Seeing the Light episode where Tess McLeod gets stuck in a silo.

7. Who got Claire McLeod pregnant?

Peter Johnson was the one who got Claire McLeod pregnant, and therefore the father of her baby.

8. When did Stevie Hall arrive in Drovers Run?

Stevie Hall first appeared in McLeod’s daughters in the episode To Catch A Thief.

9. Why does Nick Ryan limp?

In the episode Pandora’s Box, it was explained that when Nick Ryan played by Myles Pollard was fourteen, he and Alex joined the rodeo and ended up being trampled on by a bull. Because of this accident Nick now walks with a limp.

10. Why did Lisa Chappell leave McLeod’s Daughters?

From what I’ve read, Lisa Chappell wanted to focus on her singing career, which was why she left the show.

11. In what episode did Becky Howard get sick?

Becky got sick with the flu in the episode Pandora’s Box.

12. In what episode of McLeod’s Daughters did Claire get bruised ribs?

Claire McLeod gets a bruises her rib in the episode Love of My Life. She broke her rib after losing her footing, and slipping off the tractor

13. What episode do Claire and Tess McLeod sing karaoke?

Tess and Claire McLeod sang karaoke in the episode Girls Night Out.

14. In what episode did Nick Ryan kiss Claire McLeod?

Nick Ryan kissed Claire McLeod in the episode Playing to Win.

15. What McLeod’s Daughters episode did Tess fall off the windmill?

Tess McLeod did not fall off the windmill, instead she panicked and froze while trying to fix it in the episode Who’s the Boss.

16. What happened to BOM, Claire McLeod’s daughter?

BOM whose real name is Charlotte was returned to her father Peter Johnson.

17. In what episode of did Tess McLeod sleep with Alex Ryan?

Tess and Alex slept together in the episode Girls Night Out.

18. When did Tess McLeod take a bath in Killarney?

In Reality Bites, Tess uses the Ryans’ spa bath.

19. Where was McLeod’s Daughters filmed?

McLeod’s Daughters was filmed in the Light Regional District between the townships of Gawler and Freeling. The area is an hour north of Adelaide, Australia.

20. Why did they kill the character Brick Buchanon?

If I’m not mistaken, Brick was written off the show, because Fletcher Humphrys got a bigger role in the TV show All Saints.

21. Who played Brick Buchanon in McLeod’s Daughters?

Fletcher Humphrys played Brick on McLeod’s Daughters.

22. In what episode of McLeod’s Daughters did Becky leave?

Becky Howard left Drover’s Run in the episode Body Language.

23. What breed is Roy from McLeod’s Daughters?

Roy is an Australian Kelpie.

24. What happened to Charlotte on McLeod’s Daughters?

Tess McLeod gave Claire McLeod’s daughter Charlotte to her father Peter Johnson.

25. In what episode did Claire McLeod put her clothes in the bin?

Claire McLeod throws her blood-soaked clothes in the trash in the episode Haunted.

26. Did Alex ever tell Claire he loved her after they got together? Did he truly tell her he loved her?

No, Alex did not exactly tell Claire "I love you" after they got together. It was Claire who said "I love you" before they made love. However, Alex did say "I love you" right before they lowered her coffin to the ground. He said it when he put the engagement ring he never got to give her on the cowboy hat that was on top of her coffin. Anyway, before I start crying, this is the conversation they had right before they got together:

Alex: Claire, you, you're the one person I can always be honest around, and you got the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.
Claire: Alex.
Alex: When I'm holding you, in my arms like this. You mean everything to me.
Claire: Can I get a word in?
Alex: Make it quick.
Claire: I love you.

The two smile, and passionately kiss.

27. Did Alex ever say the words "My true love in this life and the next?"

Yes, Alex said this in the Season 3 episode called "Show of Love". Special thanks to Melissa for finding the answer.

28. When did Claire McLeod have a baby?

Claire McLeod gave birth to Charlotte in the Season 3 episode Seeing the Light.

29. What does Claire call Charlotte?

Claire McLeod calls her daughter BOM. BOM stands for Baby of McLeod.

30. What episode did Sirocco die?

Claire puts Sirocco to sleep in Taking the Reins.

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42 Pennies for your thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Did Alex ever tell Claire he loved her? Not the line when he said he loved her more than his chopper when he was drunk.????

Did Alex every say about Claire "My true love in this life and the next"???
Thank you Melissa

comprehensive episode guides said...

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for your questions. The answers to your questions have just been posted on #26 and #27.


Anonymous said...

I would love to know what BOM stands for. Does anyone know?

comprehensive episode guides said...

^Hi Anonymous,

BOM stands for "Baby of McLeod". Thanks for your inquiry.


Anonymous said...

If Peter got custody of Charlotte then why did Stevie have her on the finale?

Anonymous said...

Was Claire really the love of Alex's life "in this life and the next" since he moved onto Stevie?

Anonymous said...

Where was Alex buried?

Anonymous said...

Who took over Wilgul after Nick and Tess left?

comprehensive episode guides said...

^So many good questions. Sorry, I haven't found time to answer them. I will do some research, and post the answers as soon as I find them.

Anyone here who already know the answers of pending questions please feel free to chime in.

Pending questions to date:

1. If Peter got custody of Charlotte then why did Stevie have her on the finale?
2. Was Claire really the love of Alex's life "in this life and the next" since he moved onto Stevie?
3. Where was Alex buried?
4. Who took over Wilgul after Nick and Tess left?

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the real "Killarney" Farm and where is it located?

comprehensive episode guides said...

Although I don't know the exact address, Killarney is somewhere in Kingsford, an outskirt of Gawler an hour and north of Adelaide. According to Wikipedia that is where the episodes of McLeod's Daughters were shot.

Maryssa said...

What episode did tess find out that nick "died" in Mcleod's Daughters?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Nick kiss Claire in 1x12?

Anonymous said...

Why did Jessica Napier leave Mcleods Daughters?

comprehensive episode guides said...

No, it wasn't on 1x12. Nick and Claire kissed on episode 1x13 Love of My Life.

As for Jessica Napier leaving McLeod's Daughters. I'm not sure what her reasons were, but I somehow remember reading that she just got tired of the show, and wanted to move on and do other things.

Anonymous said...

Do you know in what episode Tess runs off from Wilgul, because Liz's remarks prevent her from staying and sleeping with Nick?

comprehensive episode guides said...

^I believe Tess walked out on Nick because of Liz' remarks on episode 20 of Season 2 entitled Wind Change.

Anonymous said...

Which actress' did 6 to 10 episodes of Mcleods Daughters?

Unknown said...

I have a question about season 3 episode 11:
After the intro i see Tess with bandage on her arm. But nothing happend in the previous episode (10), or in this one.
Can anyone tell what she did with her arm?

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Hi Sjarinda,

I've wondered about that myself, but since no explanation about it was made on the show, I assume that the Bridie Carter simply injured herself and that her injury does not have anything to do with her character.


tso said...

When Tess was asked about her arm, she said she had a run in with the cattle, or a cattle crush. Something like that. I watched it recently, but can't remember the exact wording. That is all that is said.

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

^I missed that bit about the cattle crush. Thank you so much for pointing that out tso. Truly appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

What happened with Nick in the 5th season?? I know he didn't died but was he on the plan or did he miss it? Why?


Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

^To be completely honest with you Kitti, I stopped religiously watching McLeod's Daughters soon after Claire died. *gasp* However, I am pretty sure there are McLeod's Daughters fans reading this page who can answer your question. Fans of the show, if you know the answer to Kitti's question, please feel free to post your answer. You might not see your post right away. I had to turn on comment moderation due to the overwhelming volume of spam.


Unknown said...

Nick was "Mugged", his luggage,id,money and plane ticket stolen. the thief took nick's place on the plane to south america ( ? fuzzy memory here). the plane crashed and the authorities found nicks id on the dead thief and erroniously pronounced nick dead. He actually was in a mild coma due to getting knocked on the hear and comes back on the scene after a few episodes. My wife has the whole series on DvD and cycles through the set yearly. She loves it!

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Thanks a lot for sharing that info, B.j. Surfdog. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

In which episode did that kind of tension started between Alex and Claire?

Anonymous said...

Which season/episode does Jodi find out she is Jack McLeod's daughter?

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Jodi Fountain learns that she is Jack McLeod's daughter in episode 27 of Season 5. The title of the episode is Intentions.


Anonymous said...

Where is Killarney located?

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...


Thank you for your question. Although I do not know where the exact location of Killarney is, I believe it is within the Light Regional District, between the townships of Gawler and Freeling, one hour north of Adelaide. I got this information from About Production - McLeod's Daughters.


Susan Mc. said...

Is the painting on Tess' bedroom wall of Sophia Loren?

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Thank you for your question, Susan Mc. I have to look into it. Do remember the episode where you've noticed the painting? It would help in my research.

Thanks again,

Charmed1amd said...

I have been watching MD on Netflix. They have all the episodes. I too was disappointed when it was cancelled in the US after season 3. I've re-watched the first 3 seasons snd niw into season 4. I am thoroughly enjoying picking up where I left off.

Charmed1amd said...

I too was disappointed when MD was cancelled after season 3 in the US. I now found it on Netflix all 224 episodes. I rewatched the first 3 seasons and now am in season 4. I'm so glad I found them again. I do miss Claire though.

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Thank you for your comments, Charmed1amd. I am glad that you were able to find all the episodes of McLeod's Daughters. I too miss Claire. I have to admit that her absence made me lose interest on the show even though the episodes after her death were as good as the previous seasons.


DMac said...

Any idea if the creator of McLeod's Daughters will ever write a sequel to the show base on the offspring of the main characters?

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Thank you for your question, DMac. I haven't heard of plans for a spin-off, but you can keep abreast of the creator's projects on her official website, Posie Graeme-Evans


Anonymous said...

In which episode does Nick draw a circle in the dirt around Tess? She was talking about a man invading her private space or something, but I can't remember who the man is. I think it's in one of the earlier seasons but can't find it. Thanks!

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

^Glad to hear from a fellow fan after so many years. I vaguely remember that scene, but could not find it either. At first I thought it was in the episode "Love of My Life" when Nick and Tess were in the burnt shed, but I watched that scene again and that's not it.

I suppose the "man" Nick was referring to is actually Tess, since she seems to have a penchant for meddling.

Let's see if other viewers of the show remember that scene. Please feel free to shed light on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Nick drew the circle in the dirt around Tess in "Blame it on the moonlight" episode 2x17. This was following a male visitor to the farm who had come for a "working vacation" getting a bit close and Tess asking Nicks opinion.

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Wow! Thank you for that information. Moreover, it made me realize that I have not finished writing the Season 2 episode summaries.