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Who’s the Boss – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 1.4

Claire rescues acrophobic TessSynopsis: Claire McLeod’s cattle top the market, and she uses part of their earnings to buy undernourished sheep with the plan to fatten them up and sell them for more than what they are worth. Unfortunately, her plan turns for the worst when their truck breaks down and the sheep drop like flies due to exhaustion. Tess questions her sister’s business decision, worries that her domineering personality might scare off their farmhands and starts giving management advice. So, begins the fight over who’s the boss of Drover’s Run. Meanwhile, Jodi has concerns of her own after learning that her final exam results are already out.

Episode Summary: Early in the morning, the women of Drover’s Run gather the cattle into the truck for the auction. To Meg’s surprise Jodi (Rachael Carpani) decides to go with them feigning a wanting to spend quality time with her mother before she goes back to school. The truth is she only wants to hang around with Becky, but her alibi backfires when she is forced to ride with Claire (Lisa Chappell) and Meg (Sonia Todd) in the Ute. Tess’ anxiety about Becky (Jessica Napier) going back to town after the recent event and the need to get the young woman to open up leads her to ride on the truck. The long drive to the auction pays off when their cattle top the market. Tess (Bridie Carter) wastes no time to brag to the Ryan brothers about their success, but Claire drags her away as though she had divulged some State secret. There is one secret that remains hidden, well at least to Jodi, and that is Meg’s affair with Terry. Brick accompanies the still shaken Becky who spent the whole stock sales inside the Ute and together they watch as the two lovebirds rendezvous in a truck. Even if her mother and Terry made out in front of her, Jodi probably won’t even notice, because she is too preoccupied about the impending results of her final exam after hearing about the top marks that one of her classmates received. Continue reading...

The Ryan brothers resume their contest over Tess, but their attention moves to Claire after she wins the auction over a pen of undernourished sheep. Thinking that her sister had made a bad business decision, Tess confronts Claire about the matter and learns that her sister actually had a brilliant scheme. Claire plans to fatten the sheep and later sell them for more than what they are worth. Unfortunately, the truck breaks down miles away from the farm and they are forced to walk the malnourished sheep back to Drover’s. Claire’s brilliant plan loses its luster when the sheep that are not fit for a long walk start to drop like flies. Tired and annoyed with the unlucky situation, Claire becomes irritable and starts taking it on the other women. First, she loses her temper at Meg who spooked the sheep after her display of excitement upon hearing that the results of Jodi’s exam are already out and can be checked over the Internet. Her next victims were Tess and Jodi. In fact, even her dog Roy did not escape her rage. Becky who was earlier asked to drive the Ute to bring the weakest sheep back to Drover’s was the only one who managed to avoid her ill-temper. Alex and Nick driving by did not help their situation. Too embarrassed and always having the need to prove herself, Claire rejects the guys’ offer to use Killarney’s truck to transport the sheep back to Drover’s Run.

After hours of walking, they finally reach home, but the work is not yet finished and Claire overrules Tess’ suggestion of taking a break. Night came and Claire still hasn’t cooled off. Anger is written all over her face when she catches Tess all fresh and clean with Meg and Jodi in the study as they go online to check Jodi’s final exam score. Tess tries to explain the fuss about the computer and learns that Claire left school at fifteen to go back to the farm to work. Moreover, she gains better understanding of the value of Drover’s Run after Claire declares that looking after the property is not her job, but her life.

The new day and last night’s conversation brought new perspective for Tess, but Claire’s temper has not subsided, and so is Jodi’s anxiety over her exam score. There is good reason for her concern, which is why last night she pretended to have forgotten her password just so they could not check the result. Now that all are busy with farm work, she sneaks in to the study to check her score only to learn that she failed her finals. Tess’ plan to urge her sister to improve her people skills was also a failure, but she found a new victim for her unsolicited advice in Jodi as she helps her uncover the truth to Meg.

Tess’ bright idea is to gather the women for lunch and eat al fresco in the hope of getting the women to discuss their concerns, but all she got from Claire was a talk about worms, maggots and sheep droppings. Not wanting to fail again, Tess breaks the ice with her confession of losing her virginity at 16 to one of her mother’s old boyfriends. Meg follows suit and confesses of voting one nation. Jodi finds the perfect opportunity to let the truth out about her exams, but Meg’s reaction was not what they hoped to see. Seeing her mistake, Meg tries to understand why her daughter did badly on her exam and all she got was a cock and bull story where the gist was that her child did not study at all. To make light of her situation, Jodi plans to move to the city, take a TAFE course in personal styling and travel the world. Meg suggests that her daughter better start looking for a new place to live. Ignorant and immature Jodi learns that life is not as easy as she thought it to be. Meg volunteers her to work at Drover’s, which is only fitting since it is a way to pay back Jack McLeod’s generosity for having paid for her schooling, which she took for granted. Tess’ acceptance of Meg’s offer turns into a battle between her and Claire over who is the boss.

As if there aren’t any more problems to deal with, they learn that the windmill is stuck. They all do their part to resolve the problem. Lucky for Jodi she was partnered with Becky who managed to put some sense into her. Unlike her, Becky is more than grateful for the chance at a new life at Drover’s Run. She has enough respect for Claire to look past her bossiness. The truth is underneath her stubborn and domineering personality, Claire does care for the people around her and she shows just that when Tess who is set to prove herself goes up the windmill to give it a thrust. Her resolve at showing her worth made her forget about her fear of heights, but a glance down the windmill proved to be a quick reminder. Paralyzed with fear and unable to make her way down, Claire climbs up to rescue her sister. Claire slowly guides Tess’ foot one step at a time. Just when you thought they are making progress, Tess loses her grip and she falls pulling Claire, who has a tight hold on her hand, with her. The others watch in horror as the two lands face down, but is both confused and relieved to see that no damage was done and that the two sisters had began laughing.

Tess’ incessant urging for Claire to improve her people skills seemed to work when she agrees to have a small get-together with the girls that night. Just when she was about to make her speech, Alex drops by to ask whether they had seen one of Killarney’s ram and at the same time joins in the party. Jodi takes the opportunity to somewhat ask Claire if she could work for her. She accepts in her own sarcastic way, but a quick signal from Tess prevents her from saying any more unwanted remarks. Finally, the time has come for Claire to make her little thank you speech and is relieved and delighted with how well the women received her rare act of appreciation.

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