Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wild Card Trivia

Answers to questions about the TV Show Wild Card that starred Joely Fisher as Zoe Busiek, and Chris Potter as Dan Lennox. Do you have trivia questions about the Lifetime TV series Wild Card? Learn more about the show, actors and characters. Feel free to post a comment below by clicking on "Pennies for your thoughts" or send an email, and I will try my very best to find the answer. Here are some questions fans like you asked.

1. Is Chris Potter gay?

No, Canadian actor Chris Potter is not gay. He is married with children. His wife's name is Karen. They have three daughters Jessie, Quinn, Claire, and a son named Gray. Read Chris Potter's biography.

2. Who played Queen Bea on the TV show Wild Card?

Joely Fisher’s real life mom Connie Stevens played the role of Queen Bea on the television show Zoe Busiek: Wild Card.

3. Who played Dan Lenox’s assistant in the TV show “Wild Card”?

Carolyn Taylor played the role of Dan Lenox’ assistant Penny in the TV series Wild Card.

4. In the Wild Card episode Auntie Venom, what was the name of the song that Zoe Busiek sang?

Zoe Busiek sang “When I Look In Your Eyes”. That song was written by Leslie Bricusse, and sung by Diana Krall.

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