Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Canceled TV Show - Wild Card

Wild Card TV ShowWild Card is the short-lived Lifetime original television series. It was canceled on 2005 after only two seasons. It starred Joely Fisher as Zoe Busiek a former Las Vegas blackjack dealer whose life suddenly changes after her sister dies of a car accident. She moves to Chicago to look after her nieces and nephew. Naturally clever and astute she manages to land a job as an insurance fraud investigator when she single-handedly solved her sister’s accident. She is partnered with Dan Lennox (Chris Potter) and together they investigate various possible insurance frauds. Her new life opens up new challenges in both her work and personal life, which includes trouble with the kids and colleagues. One of her biggest problems is with the teenage niece Taylor (Vikki Krinsky) who time and again gets into all sorts of problems. A love triangle also ensues when an old flame Marcos Morales (Bronson Picket) comes into the scene and stirs more tension between Dan and Zoe. Before the TV show was canceled it underwent several cast changes including the addition of Loretta Devine as the company’s new owner M. Pearl McGuire. Click the links below for Wild Card episode summaries.

Wild Card Season 1 Episodes

Wild Card Season 2 Episodes
  • A Felony for Melanie
  • Dr. Sidney Loses a Kidney
  • Sniper Shot, Intern Hot
  • Roses are Red, Violets are Busiek
  • Bound and Gagged, Your Husband was Snagged
  • Wham Bam, Thank You Dan
  • Slam Dunk Funk
  • Die, Die, Who Am I?
  • Premonition Mission
  • Bada Bing, Bada Busiek
  • Tick Tock, Writer's Block
  • Blind in a Bind
  • Russian Missus Gets No Kisses
  • See Ya Later, Investigator!
  • A Whisper from Zoe's Sister
  • Multiple Personality Fatality
  • My Boyfriend is an Axe Murderer
  • Zoe's Phony Matrimony