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Dearly Beloved – Wild Card Episode Summary 1.6

Zoe Busiek catches the bouquetOverview: Sprinklers that were set off during the ceremony of a $300,000 garden wedding caused the ruin of what should have been a happy occasion. Knowing that the sprinklers were tampered with, the insurance company sends three of its top fraud investigators to determine who sabotaged the wedding. Meanwhile, Zoe Busiek faces a dilemma of her own when her no good brother-in-law shows up at her doorstep. As legal guardian of her sister’s children, she must decide whether it is for the best interest of the kids to meet the father who walked out on them seven years ago.

Synopsis: A knock on the door surprises Zoe (Joely Fisher). David Woodwall, her brother-in-law and absentee father of the three children, makes a surprise visit. The sight of him had infuriated Zoe and as legal guardian she refuses to let him see his children. Her fury is of good reason for it took David seven years to return after walking out on his family. Moreover, he did not even attend the funeral of his wife and was content to just sending flowers. However, David has come back to set things right. He has come to a realization that his children needed a father. Zoe’s distrust of his brother-in-law has grown over the years and so is her determination to keep him away from the children. Cliff sees her talking to the man, but Zoe casually lies and pretends that she was merely giving him directions.   Continue reading...

A wealthy young couple’s three hundred thousand dollar wedding was ruined after sprinklers were set off just before the bride and groom completed their vows. Because the mother of the bride insured the expensive wedding, it is the insurance company’s responsibility to pay for the damages. That is, if the policyholder is not found responsible for the incident or if it is proven that the cold feet clause was not violated.

Dan (Chris Potter) and Zoe set off to interview Caroline Moss, the policyholder and mother of the bride. From their brief encounter, Zoe quickly puts her as one of the prime suspects. She bases her conclusion from Caroline’s presumption that the insurance company had already approved her claim and her cold behavior with Depok, her soon-to-be son-in-law. Later, the wedding planner verifies this suspicion. According to Mr. Harvey, Caroline loathed her daughter’s fiancé. Although he might not be a reliable source, he did mistake Zoe and Dan for a couple.

Knowing that the sprinklers have been tampered with, Sophia visits the country club to find suspects. Her investigation leads her to the only other person aside from the manager who has access to the sprinkler system. Apparently, he was fired a few hours before the wedding, which gives him motive.

Meanwhile, Zoe brings Cliff’s jersey, which he left in the house. The hassle of her leaving work for this was nothing compared to hearing Cliff’s distressed tone when he phoned her for this favor. Zoe thought that her nephew had learned about his father’s visit and was relieved to hear that his call was only about the forgotten jersey. Feeling guilty for missing her nephew’s game, she consults Marcos about this and the dilemma of the kids’ father wanting to spend some time with them. Marcos who understands where she is coming from agrees with Zoe’s decision to keep the father away from the children.

Cliff returns from the game, which they won. Seeing one of her nephew’s teammates walk home with his father, Zoe could not help but feel guilty. She finally decides to speak with the children’s father. David makes it clear that he does not want to take the children away from Zoe. He only wants to make-up for his absence. However, David’s sudden appearance in her office almost made Zoe regret her decision. David wanted Zoe’s opinion on the gifts he bought for his kids. Clearly, he knows very little about children despite him acting like one. Realizing that the guy is trying his best to win back his family, Zoe agrees to help him pick more appropriate gifts.

Dan and Zoe’s meeting with the mother confirms her disapproval of her daughter’s beloved fiancé, but it seems that the groom’s father feels the same way about the bride. In fact, he had asked his son to have his soon-to-be-wife to sign a prenuptial agreement. Depok refused to this despite his father’s threat of disinheriting him. Dan’s chat with the groom confirms that he is less likely to have ruined the wedding and suspects the bride, Bonnie. However, Zoe argues that Bonnie having been the center of the ceremony couldn’t have tampered with the sprinklers without anyone noticing her absence. Zoe is more convinced now of the guilt of her prime suspect – the mother’s bride. According to the maid-of-honor, Jackie, the wedding was a comedy of errors. This includes the bride’s mother missing her hair appointment for some household problem.

True to her word, Zoe meets David and re-acquaints him with his children through an album full of the kid’s pictures. This is an exercise that proves to be worth their while as David knows very little about his children, especially Hannah who has no memory of her father. Determined to bring the family together, Zoe sets up an appointment with a family counselor to help them deal with this awkward reunion.

Sophia cracks a new lead to their case. Apparently, the groundskeeper was terminated after being caught smoking marijuana. A girl in her twenties with rollers on her hair offered him the illegal drug. Meanwhile, Zoe learns the reason behind Bonnie’s recent decision of calling off the wedding. Bonnie, accidentally read a text message from Jackie warning her fiancé against hitting on her again. However, Depok who was heavily intoxicated at that time has no memory of this incident. These new facts eliminate two suspects – the mother-of-the-bride and the groom. Clearly, Zoe is wrong about her prime suspect who as it turns out missed her hair appointment, because she had to have her dress let out after shamefully gaining a couple of pounds. Zoe redeems herself after watching the wedding footage again and solves the case.

She tells Dan and Sophia how she figured it out, but not without her trademark long embarrassing story. Relating the case to one party when she got herself drunk enough to have the courage to hit on Mike Sanchez and later to find herself throwing up in a toilet bowl with her best friend Melissa Winters holding her hair up. A year later, she learns that her best friend whom she introduced to her crush ended up marrying Mike. From this she singles out Jackie, who fits the groundskeeper’s description, the only person without a date and has the time, opportunity and not to mention motive to ruin the wedding. Moreover, the footage shows her protecting her expensive Jimmy Choo’s just before the sprinklers went off.

However, all these are circumstantial evidence. In order to prove her theory, Zoe tricks Jackie with the supposed curler that was found in the utility shed. The curler is actually Zoe’s. She takes a strand of her hair to match those off the rollers. Cornered, Jackie was left with nothing to do, but to admit to everything. She was in love with the groom whom she introduced to Bonnie. Little did she know that the two would hit it off, leaving her without a partner. Because the policyholder Caroline Moss is found innocent, the insurance company is going to pay the $300,000 claim. However, they are suing Jackie for the damages and so is the country club whose reputation was damaged due to the embarrassing incident. The much-troubled wedding finally pulls through with a simple ceremony and Zoe catching the bouquet.

Shortly after the wedding, Zoe rushes to the family counselor’s office for the session with David. The deadbeat dad strikes again. He gives away another chance with the kids; fooling Zoe that he had changed. Distressed, she confides to Marcos about her bad decision of going against her better judgment. Marcos consoles the weeping aunt and like a good friend shows up with dinner. They all sit down to a lovely meal like a real family.

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