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Hell Week – Wild Card Episode Summary 1.4

Overview: A zoo sues a comatose sorority pledge who broke in and fell into the lion's den. It is up to Zoe Busiek and Sophia Mason to investigate the case. Meanwhile, Dan Lennox is having a hell of a week, which is partly caused by his newly hired assistant Penny.

Synopsis: It was late at night when a loud cry for help stirs Oak Park Zoo. One of the security guards rushes to the scene and shoots at the ferocious lion. Lying beside the dead animal was the unconscious body of a girl.  Continue reading...

Sophia Mason (Rae Dawn Chong) and Zoe Busiek (Joely Fisher) visit the victim at the hospital. Having found out that the girl who broke into the lion’s cage has a blood alcohol level of 0.12 at the time of the accident; the no nonsense Sophia has not an ounce of sympathy for the victim. Zoe confesses that she herself was an irresponsible teenager and even worked for Sigfried and Roy.

Sophia explains to the father the purpose of their visit. She informs him that the zoo is filing a lawsuit against her daughter for the loss of their lion. Moreover, the insurance company had sent them to investigate the extent of his daughter Katy’s negligence. In their interrogation they find out that the act was uncharacteristic of the girl, her being a straight A student, with a full scholarship and has not been seen to drink more than a glass of wine during dinner.

Cliff overhears Zoe on the phone, telling her friend Candy that taking care of the kids had dampened her social life. Upset at his discovery, he leaves without hearing that her aunt’s accidental parenthood has made her realize what she was missing and that all her sacrifices amount to nothing compared to the overwhelming joy she feels for looking after her nieces and nephew.

The lawyer of Oak Park Zoo meets with Sophia to notify her that the zoo will pursue with the legal action against the Dyson family, since Katy had blatantly sneaked in, trespassed and had displayed irresponsible behavior that cost them the life of a high-revenue generating attraction.

Dan has been having a hell of a week. First was an incident with his new annoying, incompetent assistant Penny and now with Zoe asking him a favor to help her close a case. He accepts in exchange for Zoe handling the sewage claim.

Trying to get to the bottom of the Dyson case, Zoe interviews Katy’s roommate and learns that the victim has indeed started drinking alcohol heavily. This is a habit she acquired ever since she started dating Eddie. The boyfriend does not deny Katy’s alcohol drinking, but attests that her drunken stupor and irresponsible behavior was unlike her. It is his belief that her sorority might have brought about the latter. Zoe talks to the girl’s fellow pledges and they all deny that the stunt is part of their hell week. One insists that her drunkenness was the cause.

Sophia and Zoe were about to close the case having learned that Katy is known to be negligent, but information on her fall made them think twice. At the zoo, they recreate the incident and realize that someone must have been with the girl. According to the security guard the young lady was screaming for quite a while. This was inconsistent with the fall, since the drop that left her unconscious took less than three seconds. It would be impossible for her to cry for help.

Zoe was getting ready for her undercover assignment as a former sorority member when Dan drops by to ask for advice regarding firing Penny. The Intimidator had asked him earlier to terminate the assistant having learned that her error had caused the company a couple thousands of dollars. Zoe having been fired before tells her partner that he has to be firm and should not leave any room for negotiations. This advice was born out of her experience when he had been terminated from her job as a human mannequin. Dan helps her put on a pearl necklace to complete her outfit as a sorority chick when she abruptly turns. The two ended up facing very close to each other creating an awkward moment especially for Zoe who had learned from Sophia that Dan might have feelings for her.

In character, Zoe managed to extract bits of information from previous sorority members. Her research showed that the sorority had a long history of outrageous tasks for the initiation. All of which include an undertaking that involves a lion, which is their official mascot. The faces of the three current sorority girls have turned sour with this information and upon learning that Katy had woken up form her coma. Fortunately, the girl suffers from retrograde amnesia and may never remember the events that occurred on the night of her accident.

Marcos, who is Cliff’s history teacher, calls Zoe for a parent-teacher conference. The reason stems from him catching Cliff skip class to use the school’s computer. As it turns out, the young man had been looking for her father through the Internet. Putting two and two together, Zoe realizes that she caused her nephew’s odd behavior having been babbling to her friend Candy, and the kid overhearing and misinterpreting their conversation. They were interrupted with a surprise visit.

Consumed with guilt, one of the pledges comes forward to divulge the events that happened on the night of Katy’s accident. According to her, the three had planned to take their picture with Boris the Lion. The two who stayed below heard Katy who went up to the walkway arguing with a man. It was she whom the security guard heard crying for help and not Katy. Afraid of getting caught, the two escaped and left the unconscious young girl alone.

Equipped with this new development, Zoe and Sophia rush to the zoo to interview the security guards. Both guards on duty that night did not hear people arguing. Passing by the souvenir photo shop, the two were struck with an idea. From the photos they discover that Eddie was with Katy the day of the accident, which is the same day that they broke up contradicting the young man’s statement when he told Zoe of their engagement. The two ladies visit the boyfriend only to find out that the guy had been taking advantage of the girl’s memory loss and kidnapped her. Good thing Zoe knew exactly where to find them. She informs the poor girl that she had already broken up with the guy and that it was him who pushed her.

At a bar, Dan meets with Penny to terminate her. Much to his surprise, Penny misinterprets it as her getting a raise. To add to his shock, the assistant had told him that she had found a better job. Relieved, Dan gave out a big hearty laugh only the joke was on him. As a celebration, he was going to treat Penny and was charging the expense on the company. Much to his dismay, the card was cancelled as the company had switched banks and Penny had failed to give him the new credit card.

Hell week is almost over, Dan is roughly rid of Penny while Zoe and Sophia close the Dyson case. The lawsuit was passed on to the real culprit Eddie; clearing Katy of all previous charges. Moreover, the sorority was shut down due to illegal hazing and intimidation practices. Dan arrives at the office and Zoe asks about his meeting with Penny. He lies saying that he was firm and followed Zoe’s advice not knowing that she had already talked to the assistant who informed her of her resignation.

Later that night, Marcos joins the Woodall family for lasagna night. What a mistake that was, since Zoe who knew little about cooking was unaware that the lasagna should be cooked first before baking. This was not the only surprise she got that evening for her brother-in-law had dropped by unannounced.

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