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Mr. Selfridge - Episode Summaries

Season 1

1.8 Episode 8 of Season 1
Miss Towler sleeps with Mr. Leclair
Mr. Selfridge learns of Frank Woolworth’s plan of opening a store across from Selfridges, one that offers extremely low prices. He sets out to the challenge of competing against a discount store and launches Selfridges first ever mid-season sale event. All departments offer their ideas for the mid-season sale including Victor Colleano whose penny confections idea Mr. Selfridge loved. Meanwhile, Roderick Temple resurfaces and woos Rosalie in order to taunt Rose Selfridge. >>Episode 8 of Season 1 Mr. Selfridge episode summary

1.7 Episode 7 of Season 1
Mr. Leclair kisses Miss Towler for the first time
Mr. Selfridge returns to work after a long absence and expresses his desire to make Selfridges an even greater success. The accident that nearly cut his life short made greater his want to accomplish things in a short time. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who has agreed to hold a book signing at Selfridges and has been a supporter of the Spiritualist movement, successfully persuades Mr. Selfridge to agree to host a séance at Selfridges. The séance brought about the ghosts of people’s past including that of Mr. Selfridge. >>Episode 7 of Season 1 Mr. Selfridge episode guide

1.6 Episode 6 of Season 1
Mr. Selfridge comes out of his coma
Newspapers feed on the news of the car accident of Mr. Selfridge that left him in a coma. His absence becomes the concern of investors and employees who find themselves under the management of Selfridges’ Chief of Staff, Mr. Grove. Mr. Crabb begins to question the decisions of Mr. Grove especially his decision to ban the Suffragettes from Selfridges. He and the department heads devise a plan that goes against Mr. Grove’s orders, but will save Selfridges from the wrath of the Suffragettes. >>Episode 6 of Season 1 Mr. Selfridge episode summary

1.5 Episode 5 of Season 1
Victor Colleano kisses Agnes Towler
Mr. Selfridge learns that Miss Towler has left Selfridges following the humiliating incident at the store that involved her father. He also learns of theft at the loading bay causing him to call for a staff meeting in order to discuss honesty. Unbeknownst to Mr. Selfridge, Roddy Temple pays Rose Selfridge an unexpected visit at his house leading her youngest daughter to witness a scandalous moment between her mother and Roddy. >>Episode 5 of Season 1 Mr. Selfridge episode guide

1.4 Episode 4 of Season 1
Rose Selfridge with Roddy Temple at Chelsea Art Club
Miss Bunting is found guilty of theft and is replaced with a progressive Head of Fashions, Miss Ravillious. Mr. Selfridge invites the famous ballerina, Anna Pavlova, to Selfridges allowing everyone the opportunity to meet her. Rose Selfridge spends time with the young painter, Roddy Temple, and his friends losing track of time causing her to miss the afternoon tea her husband arranged for her and Pavlova. >>Episode 4 of Season 1 Mr. Selfridge episode summary

1.3 Episode 3 of Season 1
Roddy Temple and Rosa Selfridge
Mr. Selfridge plans to create a beauty department that will sell perfume and makeup over the counter. The absence of sales from the expensive perfumes prompts him to develop a more affordable house scent for Selfridges. Mr. Leclair, who is tasked to define the Selfridges perfume, enlists the help of Miss Towler. Meanwhile, Rose Selfridge learns of her husband’s procurement of a flat for his mistress causing her to seek the company of Roderick Temple. >>Episode 3 of Season 1 Mr. Selfridge episode guide

1.2 Episode 2 of Season 1
Mr. Selfridge and Louis Bleriot
Harry Selfridge hears of Louis Bleriot’s attempt to fly across the English Channel and decides to persuade the aviator to exhibit his plane at Selfridges. He enlists Miss Love to play the aviatrix at the exhibition and begins an affair with her, while Rose Selfridge becomes acquainted with the painter, Roderick Temple. Meanwhile, the man Agnes and George Towler are trying to hide from arrives at Selfridges. >>Episode 2 of Season 1 Mr. Selfridge episode summary

1.1 Episode 1 of Season 1
Agnes Towler meets Victor Colleano
Harry Gordon Selfridge comes to London with an ambitious plan of opening a grandiose department store. He encounters many obstacles in his way beginning with the withdrawal of support from his partner after finding Mr. Selfridge a reckless businessman. Mr. Selfridge must now establish new relationships that will help him fulfill his dream. Meanwhile, Miss Towler, a shop girl at a glove counter loses her job due to Mr. Selfridge and learns that the man is the proprietor of the much talked about department store. >>Episode 1 of Season 1 Mr. Selfridge episode guide

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