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White Collar - Episode Summaries

White Collar: Season OneHere is a list of White Collar episode summaries.  I just added the summary for the season 2 episode Company Man. White Collar stars the gorgeous Matt Bomer who plays the con man Neal Caffrey who strikes a deal with his captor Agent Peter Burke.  Together they solve White Collar crimes, and catch criminals just like him.  Moreover, he searches for the ones responsible for the capture, and murder of his lover Kate Moreau.  Don't forget that White Collar runs on USA every Tuesday at 10pm ET.  Woohoo!

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White Collar Episode Summaries

Season 1 | Season 2
1.1 White Collar Pilot Episode
White Collar episode summariesNeal Caffrey, a convicted felon imprisoned for bond forgery, escapes from prison three months before his release. Peter Burke, the FBI Agent who caught him before is called upon to catch him again. Agent Burke captures Caffrey who then pleads the agent to accept his offer to help with the case the FBI is trying to solve. In exchange, Neal asks that he be released to the custody of Agent Burke. >>Read the White Collar Pilot episode summary

1.2 Threads
Threads White Collar episode summaryA fashion model identifies a nefarious Israeli counterfeiter known as The Ghost as a murderer. His identity she only learned after overhearing his name from the victim. Attesting that she could identify the killer through his voice, the model helps the White Collar Crime Division of the FBI catch Ghovat whom they later learn has been smuggling information through an electronic security strip the size of a thread. >>Read the Threads episode summary

1.3 Book of Hours
Neal Caffrey finds map on wine bottleAn Italian medieval book of hours with healing powers was stolen from a church in Brooklyn. The mobster Barelli who goes to this church, and holds the book dear, asks the FBI for help in recovering it. Meanwhile, Neal Caffrey continues to find the message that Kate hid in the empty bottle of wine she left him. >>Read Book of Hours episode summary

1.4 Flip of the Coin
Neal Caffrey holds an antique gold coinUpon the urging of his wife, Agent Peter Burke investigates the theft of Iraqi artifacts that put a soldier in prison. John Mitchell, the husband of Elizabeth Burke’s friend, is accused of stealing and smuggling gold from Saddam’s museum in Mosul. Discovering inconsistencies on the evidence, Agent Burke is convinced that the soldier has been framed. Meanwhile, Neal Caffrey finally decrypted Kate’s message. >>Read Flip of the Coin episode summary

1.5 The Portrait
The Portrait White Collar episode summaryA Haustenberg painting was stolen from the residence of a well-off young woman. The FBI learns who stole it, but fails to catch the thief. During the course of the investigation, the FBI also learns that the painting was actually stolen first from the Channing Museum. Meanwhile, Neal Caffrey follows the map that Kate hid in the bottle of wine, and receives a note from her saying the he should stop looking, and should move on. >>Read The Portrait episode summary

1.6 All In
All In White Collar episode summaryThe FBI suspects a Chinese money launderer to be behind the disappearance of an undercover FBI agent. They enlist the help of Neal Caffrey to pose as the multimillionaire gambler and money launderer Nicholas Halden. However, Neal is faced with having to choose between helping the FBI and letting Lao Shen walk away when one of the notorious money launderer’s trusted associates promises him information about Kate and her captor. >>Read the All In episode summary

1.7 Free Fall
Free Fall2Neal Caffrey finds that he is being framed for the theft of the world’s most exotic pink diamond. This comes right after an agent from OPR arrives at the FBI office. With all evidence pointing at him, Neal Caffrey is sent back to jail. With the help of Moz, Neal escapes to find the real person behind the heist, and his set up. >>Read the Free Fall episode summary

1.8 Hard Sell
Neal Caffrey runs out of airThe FBI orders Neal Caffrey to pose as Nick Halden in order to infiltrate the company running a boiler room scam. Neal does a wonderful job at becoming one of the hustlers, and quickly learns of the identity of the man running the scam. However, he becomes distracted after finding evidence that Agent Peter Burke is the man with the ring. >>Read the Hard Sell episode summary

1.9 Bad Judgment
Bad Judgment White Collar Episode SummaryAgent Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey investigate a mortgage fraud scam involving a federal judge. The difficulty of working on a high-profile case heightens when they learn that the federal judge is connected to Agent Fowler who then uses his authority to thwart Agent Burke’s investigation. Agent Fowler manages to turn the tables on Agent Burke whom he now accuses of taking a bribe. >>Read the Bad Judgment episode summary

1.10 Vital Signs
Vital Signs2Neal Caffrey smells a scam when June informs him that her granddaughter was unceremoniously bumped off the kidney transplant list, and soon after receives a call from an organization claiming to be able to help for a hefty fee. He and Agent Burke look into the charity, and uncover a scam. With no proof, the FBI puts in motion Caffrey’s elaborate plan to catch the swindler. >>Read the Vital Signs episode summary

1.11 Home Invasion
Home Invasion episode summaryAgent Burke and his team stumble into a murder while investigating a stock trader. The FBI soon realizes that the murder is in fact a robbery gone bad. Meanwhile, Neal Caffrey contacts an old flame whom he believes could help him find the music box. >>Read the Home Invasion episode summary

1.12 Bottlenecked
Bottlenecked episode summaryNeal Caffrey’s rival, Matthew Keller, challenges him into creating a counterfeit bottle of wine that is impossible to forge. After linking Keller to a murder, Agent Burke agrees to help Caffrey with his plan convinced that it could put Keller in jail. >>Read the Bottlenecked episode summary

1.13 Front Man
Front Man White Collar episode summaryAgent Rice, a hotshot federal agent, requests the help of Neal Caffrey on a kidnapping case. Agent Burke is apprehensive about the deal knowing that the kidnapper is Caffrey’s nemesis who once tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Alex agrees to provide information to Neal if he proves that he can get rid of his tracking anklet. >>Read the Front Man episode summary

1.14 Out of the Box
Out of the Box White Collar Episode SummaryNeal Caffrey and Alex plan to steal the music box from the Italian Consulate. Caffrey makes a deal with Agent Fowler in order for him to pull off the heist. Unfortunately, Agent Fowler uses Elizabeth Burke to keep Agent Burke on the sidelines to prevent him from thwarting Neal’s theft of the music box. >>Read the Out of the Box episode summary

Season 2 | Season 1

2.1 Withdrawal
Agent Barrigan with the music boxThe suspension on Agent Burke has been lifted, and Neal Caffrey is out of prison and back in his team. Their first case back after the explosion that claimed the life of Kate Moreau is a bank heist carried on by a thief who calls himself The Architect. The FBI believes the robber to be responsible for the heists that transpired in three other cities, and having forewarned a couple of banks in Manhattan with his signature business card, Agent Burke is sure that The Architect will strike soon. Meanwhile, Peter and Mozz conspire to keep watch of Neal who understandably has become obsessed about learning the identity of the man who killed Kate Moreau. >>Read the Withdrawal episode summary

2.2 Need to Know
Agent Barrigan flirts with Neal CaffreyAgent Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey investigate a corrupt politician believed to be involved in a straw donor scam. Caffrey goes undercover as the fixer, Benjamin Cooper, to help Senator Jennings weather a five-year old loan scandal that the FBI supposedly reopened. Meanwhile, Agent Burke and Agent Barrigan secretly work on solving Kate’s murder. >>Read the Need to Know episode summary

2.3 Copycat Caffrey
Copycat Caffrey White Collar episode
The FBI identifies the theft and forgery of a Lewis Thayer painting as a copycat of one of Neal Caffrey’s scams, and traces the crime to a professor of criminology class who uses his students to do the legwork for him. Without proof of the crime, Agent Burke has Neal Caffrey infiltrate the group of thieves. Meanwhile, someone connected to the music box is out to get Alex, and she reaches out to Mozzie for help. >>Read the Copycat Caffrey episode summary

2.4 By the Book
By the Book White Collar
Mozzie suspects that the waitress he has become infatuated with has been kidnapped, and soon learns that her kidnapper is none other than the mobster, Cristofer Navarro. Learning of the danger, the two has gotten themselves into, the FBI steps in to help. However, the simple exchange becomes complicated when the woman’s boyfriend, the fellow who caused her kidnapping, backs out of the job leaving Mozzie to handle the situation. >> Read the By the Book episode summary

2.5 Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business episode summaryNeal Caffrey is annoyed to learn that he is to work with Sara Ellis, the insurance investigator who testified against him on his trial. Sara enlisted the help of the FBI when a hundred million dollars worth of Japanese bearer bonds her employer insured had gone missing. Learning that the thief had enlisted a courier for the samurai bonds, the FBI recruits Neal Caffrey to take his place, but soon learns that the courier is actually an assassin. >>Read the Unfinished Business episode summary

2.6 In the Red
In the Red White Collar episode summary
The FBI arrests an unlikely jewel thief, and stumbles upon an extortion scam. Luke Donovan, an adoption lawyer, addicted to gambling has been shaking down his clients in order to pay his gambling debts with the Chechen mob. Meanwhile, Sara Ellis is out to prove that Neal Caffrey stole the unopened FAA package from her house, and learns the reason for Neal’s desire to get a hold of the package. >>Read the In the Red episode summary

2.7 Prisoner's Dilemma
FBI Agent Peter Burke steals Lamborghini
An FBI agent who used to work for the White Collar division has become a fugitive after being found selling witness information to a defense attorney. Agent Burke soon learns that the FBI agent is innocent of the crime he is accused of, and that the U.S. Marshal leading the hunt is actually the culprit. Agent Burke helps the fugitive escape, and he himself becomes a fugitive. Meanwhile, Mozzie unravels the identity of the person Kate spoke with on the plane before it exploded. >>Read the Prisoner's Dilemma episode summary

2.8 Company Man
Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke open the music box
Agent Burke goes undercover as a CPA in order to unravel the murder of a tech firm employee that is linked to a corporate espionage. He brings in Neal Caffrey in the company to be his eyes and ears, and together they learn that there is more to their case than meets the eyes. Meanwhile, Diana and Mozzie are paired to work together in investigating the jet explosion with the main goal of finding Fowler, but Mozzie stumbles upon a secret that Peter is keeping from Neal. >>Read the Company Man episode summary

2.9 Point Blank
Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey enlist Mozzie’s help in deciphering the code encrypted within the music box. Realizing that Alex who had the key with her all along, Neal and Mozzie believes that the young woman must have already heard the code, and must be keeping information from them. Neal strikes a deal with Alex, and asks her to steal the music box from Diana’s apartment. Meanwhile, Agent Burke tries to lure Fowler out from hiding after getting wind that he is in the neighborhood, but Neal has other plans in mind. >>Read the Point Blank episode summary

2.10 Burke's Seven
Burke's Seven White Collar episode summaryHaving been shot, Mozzie is rushed to the hospital. Neal and Peter work to catch his shooter, but their plan works against them as the assassin implicates Peter in evidence tampering causing the FBI to suspend him. Without a badge and a gun, but with trusted friends willing to help clear his name, Peter forms Burke’s Seven with the main goal of luring Mozzie’s shooter out of hiding, and catching him in the act of criminal activity. Mozzie makes a miraculous recovery, and vows to decrypt the code that almost cost him his life. Doing so, he inadvertently reveals the identity of the man behind it all. >>Read the Burke's Seven episode summary

2.11 Forging Bonds
Forging Bonds episode summary
Peter Burke uncovers that Neal Caffrey knew Vincent Adler, the infamous financial investor who notoriously swindled his clients of their life savings. It was around the same time he met Mozzie who had enlisted him into stealing from Adler, and Kate Moreau who was Adler’s assistant. As Neal worked closely with Adler, he soon became loyal to the man, and he had become comfortable with his life that he shared with Kate. Regrettably, it was already too late when he learned the truth about Adler. >> Read the Forging Bonds episode summary

2.12 What Happens in Burma

2.13 Countermeasures

2.14 Payback
Payback Episode Summary
Matthew Keller is sentenced to twenty years in prison at Barksdale where Russian mobs whom he swindled are incarcerated. Soon after his sentencing, Keller contacts the FBI with information about an expert passport forger whom he claims terrorists and smugglers use. Because it is the FBI’s duty to arrest a forger, Agent Burke and Neal Caffrey look into it with Agent Burke walking right into a trap. Agent Burke is abducted, and it is up to Neal Caffrey to ensure his safety. >>Read the Payback episode summary

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