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Free Fall – White Collar Episode Summary 1.7

Neal Caffrey inspects exotic pink diamondSynopsis: Neal Caffrey finds that he is being framed for the theft of the world’s most exotic pink diamond. This comes right after an agent from OPR arrives at the FBI office. With all evidence pointing at him, Neal Caffrey is sent back to jail. With the help of Moz, Neal escapes to find the real person behind the heist, and his set up.

Episode Summary: Le Joyau Precieux, the most expensive clothing boutique in the city, calls in the FBI for a suspected jewelry heist. As part of its promotion, the boutique is currently displaying the world’s most exotic pink diamond at its store. However, a review of their security tapes showed a masked man entering the vault that stores the forty-two carat Steinmetz pink set in platinum. The manager of the boutique worries that the jewelry in their possession is now a forgery, but in order to avoid canceling the promotional event of the year, Le Joyau Precieux requests the FBI to discreetly conduct their investigation. Unlucky for them, the FBI shuts down the store. With the boutique’s appraiser who will confirm or disprove whether the jewelry is counterfeit is still on the plane, the FBI calls in Neal Caffrey to assess the diamond. Caffrey inspects the diamond, and declares it to be a fake.   Continue reading...

Agent Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey return to the FBI headquarters, and finds FBI Director Hughes in serious conversation with an agent from the Office of Professional Responsibility. Agent Garrett Fowler was sent to look into the case that Agent Burke is currently investigating. The OPR suspects that the heist is an inside job given that details of the diamond’s storage were only disclosed to a few NYPD police officers, and FBI agents. Agent Fowler suspects Neal Caffrey as the thief, claiming that six hours of data from his tracking anklet were wiped out from the FBI database.

Neal Caffrey unaware of OPR’s current investigation identifies Adrian Tulane as the prime suspect. Tulane, a legend according to Caffrey, is the only one from the FBI’s list of suspects that can pull off the heist. Agent Burke and Caffrey pay him a visit, and finds that the man is fully prepared with a foolproof alibi. This worries Peter for the FBI’s eyes are now on Neal. Agent Burke orders Agent Jones to look for Caffrey’s signature in the bonds he forged a long time ago.

While the FBI investigates Neal Caffrey, Neal and Moz look into the FBI, knowing that one of them is Kate’s captor. Only one stood out from all the agents they researched on, and that is Agent Garrett Fowler. Agent Fowler was an agent for the FBI’s Violent Crimes division before joining OPR. The agent took a leave following the murder of his wife in a robbery. The agent’s file was mysteriously sealed after joining OPR.

Despite their suspicion, the FBI keeps Neal Caffrey in the investigation until Agent Fowler arrives to arrest him. Evidence pointing to Caffrey comes from the initials they found micro printed on the fake diamond that matched the signature he left in his forged bonds. Neal Caffrey is in disbelief especially after learning that it was Agent Peter Burke who ordered the FBI to look into his signature.

With all evidence pointing to Neal Caffrey, Agent Burke is powerless, and unsure of Neal’s innocence despite his claims of having been framed to take the fall. Their conversation is cut short at the arrival of Neal’s lawyer who is none other than Moz. Returning to the FBI headquarters, Agent Burke learns that Neal’s lawyer managed to get a judge to order the bureau to hand over every file they have on him. Moz informed Neal that he followed Agent Fowler right after the judge ordered for open discovery, and found the agent shredding a file that Moz then retrieved. Neal also learns that the judge has an office not connected to the Federal Building, and asks Moz to liquidate some of his assets to buy a bakery. Agent Burke and his team learn of the purchase, but due to attorney-client privileges the FBI is in the dark of what Neal’s plans are. In his cell, Neal Caffrey painstakingly puts together the file that Agent Fowler shredded.

The day of Neal’s arraignment has arrived, and he surprises everyone with a declaration that he will confess to the crime, and will name some important people who are involved in the crime. Given the sensitivity of the information that he is about to divulge, he requested that his arraignment be moved to the judge’s chambers. Neal Caffrey is already speaking to Judge Hickman in his office, which coincidentally is sweltering due to a broken air conditioner. Unable to take the heat, the judge himself asks the bailiff to crack open a window. Given the sudden change in location, Agent Peter Burke hurries to the judge’s office, and notices a bakery right underneath it. With the chambers cleared as per his request, Neal confesses to the judge that he did not steal the pink diamond necklace from Le Joyau Precieux. This angers the judge who was under the impression that Caffrey will be divulging sensitive information regarding the heist. Neal surprises the man when he runs to the window, and jumps over. The bakery’s awning breaks his fall as Agent Burke watches his escape unfold. Neal Caffrey sees a grinning Agent Peter Burke, shrugs, and runs to a van. Agent Burke cannot be fooled, and he orders the FBI to look into the city’s tunnel layout, believing that the van is only a decoy, and that Neal really made his escape through a manhole underneath the van. Later, the FBI learns that a removable floor panel in the van made Caffrey’s escape possible.

Elizabeth Burke gets a call from Neal Caffrey asking for help. With the FBI watching over Agent Burke’s house, Elizabeth sneaks in Neal Caffrey into their house. Neal informs Peter that Agent Fowler is the one who framed him. He hands him the file the agent shredded, which turns out to be a transcript of Peter’s phone conversation with Neal, the one he made through his home phone. Peter learns that his home phone has been illegally bugged. Neal Caffrey suspects Agent Fowler to be the man behind all of this. Neal also learned that Agent Fowler also looked into his bond forgeries after Agent Burke ordered Agent Jones to look for his signature that he hid in the bonds. Soon after, Neal’s initials were found on the fake Steinmetz.

Having regained his trust, Agent Peter Burke keeps Neal Caffrey in his house. The young man confesses that he has been searching for Kate Moreau, and shares with him the other half of the last photo they have on her. The other half shows a hand of a man with the ring on Kate’s shoulder. Neal believes the man to be Agent Fowler given the statement from Interpol claiming that Kate’s captor is with the FBI. Agent Peter Burke advises Neal Caffrey to give the man what he wants, but Neal is unyielding knowing that the man might not fulfill his side of the bargain. He fears that he will never see Kate again. Neal Caffrey asks Agent Peter Burke to investigate OPR, a task that may cost him his career. Given that the agency is already conducting their investigation on Burke behind his back, Peter agrees to his request.

Agent Peter Burke puts Agent Clinton Jones on the lookout for Agent Garrett Fowler and his team, allowing him to re-investigate the jewelry heist with Neal Caffrey. Agent Burke and Caffrey return to Le Joyau Precieux to examine the vault where the pink diamond was stolen. Neal notices a flickering wall light panel that was not flickering on the security tape. He and Agent Burke take out all the light panels, and find one with a tampered wall behind it, one the OPR conveniently missed when they took over the investigation. The wall leads to an old prohibition tunnel that ends on a basement trapdoor on a sidewalk with a surveillance camera hanging right above it.

Agent Burke and Caffrey review the security tapes from the surveillance camera that monitored the sidewalk where the thief escaped. Luckily, Adrian Tulane could not resist ogling over a beautiful woman that he turns around to look at one, inadvertently exposing his unmasked face to the surveillance camera. Agent Peter Burke brings in Adrian Tulane in his office. Knowing that Tulane is working for someone else, he offers the man immunity in exchange for the identity of the mastermind. Despite learning that the FBI has found in one of his townhouses the world’s most exotic pink diamond, Adrian Tulane though hinting that a privileged man enlisted his services refuses to identify the man behind the heist, and he takes the fall.

The gloves are off; Agent Burke makes it known to Agent Fowler that he is aware of the bug he placed on his phone. Agent Burke and his team celebrate Neal Caffrey’s exoneration, and OPR’s departure although they know very well that the battle has just begun. Neal Caffrey receives a surprise call from Kate Moreau begging him to give her captor what he wants. He informs Moz of the call who then identifies a possible location of where Kate is being held hostage. Looking through the files they got from the FBI, Moz finds that Agent Fowler booked a hotel room that is not related to any case. Neal wastes no time, and bangs on the door of Room 525 where Agent Fowler, and a number of FBI agents have been staking out. Apparently, Agent Fowler is working on a case called Mentor, one that does not involve Kate. Neal Caffrey informs Agent Fowler that he knows that he has been investigating him even before the jewelry heist. Agent Fowler denies his accusation, and hints that it must be someone else in the FBI. In another hotel, Kate Moreau enters her room only to find the man with the ring sitting in the dark waiting for her. The man is Agent Peter Burke.

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