Monday, July 28, 2008

TV Show Trivia

I noticed that some of you were led here hoping to find an answer to a question regarding a television show, actor, TV character, etc. So far, I’ve answered 75 questions about various TV shows, actors, and characters. To make it easier for you, I created separate pages for each show. You may also find information about the actors on those shows in these pages:

Downton Abbey Trivia
Frasier Trivia
Mad Men Trivia
MacGyver Trivia
McLeod’s Daughters Trivia
Monk Trivia
Psych Trivia
Remington Steele Trivia
Three’s Company Trivia
Wild Card Trivia
Wings Trivia

Did not find what you were looking for? Please use this site's search function found on the right hand side of the page. If you have any other ones you'd like to ask please feel free to post a comment below by clicking on "Pennies for your thoughts", or send an email, and I will try my very best to find the answer.

Here some unfiled questions, and questions I don't know the answers to.  Please feel free to post the answers if you know them.  Thanks!

1.  Who writes the Nikki Heat books?

The fictional character Richard Castle in the TV show Castle writes the Nikki Heat books.  ABC keeps the identity of the ghostwriter a mystery.

2. What happened to Tess' arm on episode 11 of season 3 of McLeod's Daughters?

3.  What is the name of the real "Killarney" farm that was used on McLeod's Daughters and where is it located?

4. If Peter got custody of Charlotte then why did Stevie have her on the finale?

5. Was Claire really the love of Alex's life "in this life and the next" since he moved onto Stevie?

6. Where was Alex buried?

7. Who took over Wilgul after Nick and Tess left?

8. What brand leather jackets were worn on the show Wings?

2 Pennies for your thoughts:

Stephanie, AL said...

What color is the truck that Henry Spencer drives in the TV show Psych?

comprehensive episode guides said...

Hi Stephanie,

The color of Henry Spencer's truck seems to be off-white. Just to add, it is a Ford F250. Here's a link to Henry Spencer's truck. Hope this answers your question.