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Three’s Company Trivia

Answers to questions about the TV Show Three’s Company. Do you have a question about the Three’s Company? Maybe you’d like to learn more about the show, actors and characters? Feel free to post a comment below by clicking on "Pennies for your thoughts" or send an email, and I will try my very best to find the answer. Better yet, scroll down, I might already answered your question or use this site's search function found on the right hand side of the page.

1. Who did Jack Tripper marry?

In the TV Show Three’s Company, Jack Tripper did not get married. He did propose to Vicky Bradford, but she turned him down, and instead suggested that they just live together. Jack, though reluctant, agrees, and he moves in with Vicky.

2. In the TV show Three’s Company, what is the name of the guy who lives upstairs?

The guy who lives upstairs, and is also Jack Tripper’s friend is Larry Dallas. He was played by Richard Kline. The episode called “In Like Larry” might give you an idea of what his character is like.

3. On the TV show “Three’s Company”, who replaces Chrissy Snow as the third roommate?

Chrissy’s klutz cousin Cindy Snow temporarily replaced her. However, it was Terri Alden who eventually became Chrissy’s replacement, and Jack and Janet’s third roommate.

4. How did Jack Tripper come to live with Chrissy and Janet after sleeping in their bathroom?

Chrissy Snow and Janet Wood were already looking for another roommate to replace their pregnant roommate Eleanor who recently got married. Jack Tripper crashed Eleanor’s wedding reception that was held at the apartment. At the party, he drank the green, terrible punch that Chrissy made, and passed out in the tub where later they found him soaking wet after she prepared her bath without noticing him. The least they could do was let Jack stay as they dry his clothes. During that time, a prospective roommate arrives, but Mr. Roper mistakes her as Jack and tried to prove to Mrs. Roper that he is a man by poking her bosoms. Appalled, the woman changes her mind about the apartment and leaves. Janet and Chrissy after learning that Jack is also looking for an apartment to share with decides to offer him the vacant room. The episode that explains all this is called “A Man About a House”.

5. In the television show Three’s Company, what did Jack Tripper make for breakfast in the very first episode?

In the Three’s Company pilot episode “A Man About the House”, Jack Tripper makes Eggs Madera Fun Chow for breakfast.

6. In what Three’s Company episode did Jack Tripper kiss Janet Wood?

In the episode “Roper’s Niece”, Jack Tripper kisses Janet. According to him, it is his big surprise birthday kiss for her.

7. What was Chrissy Snow’s cousin’s name?

Chrissy Snow’s cousin is Cindy Snow.

8. In the TV Show “Three’s Company” who did Janet Wood marry?

Janet Wood married art dealer Phillip Dawson.

9. Which episode of Three’s Company did Jack Tripper bark like a dog?

Jack barks like a dog in the episode Furley vs. Furley.

10. Who played Felipe on the Three’s Company episode The Not-So-Great Imposter?

Felipe Gomez was played by Gino Conforti.

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