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Roper’s Niece – Three’s Company Episode Summary 1.3

Jack Tripper with Mr. Roper's nieceSynopsis: It’s Janet’s birthday. Jack and Chrissy decide to throw her a party. On the same night as the party, Mr. Roper pays Jack to go out with his niece making him miss the celebration. Moreover, Mr. Roper kicks Jack out of the apartment after catching him and his niece kissing.

Episode Summary: Mr. Roper’s niece, Karen, flew in from New York to visit. Mrs. Roper accuses Mr. Roper of showing his niece a boring time. Mrs. Roper confirms this when Mr. Roper starts enumerating their itinerary and she ends up falling asleep listening to him. She suggests that he introduce Karen to Jack (John Ritter). Mr. Roper agrees after realizing that his niece will be safe to date someone like Jack. Mrs. Roper, who knows the truth about Jack couldn’t help but smile.  Continue reading...

Jack arrives with Janet’s (Joyce DeWitt) birthday cake. After finding out from Chrissy (Suzanne Somers) that she’s at the kitchen looking after the dinner for her party, he sneaks up on Janet to give her a big surprise birthday kiss only they end up startling each other. After explaining to her his actions Janet agrees and even insists that he go and do what he came to do. After giving Janet a kiss that almost blew her mind, his jacket gets stuck with her chain. She explains that it was a gift from her grandmother and that it used to have a beautiful cameo hanging from it, which she had to hock to pay the rent.

Chrissy calls Jack to the living room to tell him that the cake he bought says “Happy Birthday Jimmy”. He explains that that’s the reason why he got it at half the price. He assures Chrissy that it won’t be a problem, since all he has to do is scrape “immy” so it would read “Happy Birthday J”. When he was about to go to the kitchen to fix the cake, Chrissy stops him, afraid that he will spoil the surprise. Jack argues that there’s no surprise to ruin, since Janet knows about the party; she was even the one who told Jack where to buy the cake. Jack yields to appease his dimwitted blonde roommate Chrissy, who couldn’t get it into her head that the party is not a surprise. Later, Jack feels a little unhappy for not having the money to buy Janet a gift.

The doorbell rings, Jack opens the door to find Mr. Roper. He asks Chrissy if he could have a word with Jack alone and so Chrissy goes to the kitchen. After an awkward small talk, Mr. Roper finally cuts to the chase and asks Jack to go out with his niece that night. Jack politely refuses explaining that they are celebrating Janet’s birthday. As soon as Mr. Roper left, the two girls who have been eavesdropping on their conversation go and talk to Jack. Janet thanks him for refusing Roper’s offer on her account, but Jack tells her that his reasons are not as noble as the girls would have believed. He confesses that the vision of what Roper’s niece might look like was what really threw him off. Despite this, Janet remains grateful.

Mr. Roper drops by a second time and he brings with him her niece, Karen, who turns out to be a beautiful woman. At the sight of the pretty lady, Jack becomes speechless. Mr. Roper pulls Jack to the kitchen to talk. To his astonishment, Mr. Roper gives him fifty bucks for him to date his niece and even lends him his car. Apparently, Mrs. Roper has been nagging him about this. They return to the living room and to the surprise of both Janet and Chrissy, Jack asks Karen out. Chrissy reminds Jack about the party and he promises to be back in time. Before the girls could even argue with him, Jack leaves with Roper’s niece.

Janet and Chrissy with party hats on start the gloomy celebration without Jack. Janet let’s out her anger by smashing Jack’s party hat. Chrissy wonders what might have taken him long. Janet tells her what she already knows, Jack is in the company of a very beautiful girl. Later, Chrissy realizes that the two of them are jealous of Jack. Janet defensively disagrees, arguing that she is not jealous, only angry at being stood up. Finally, Janet asks Chrissy if she would ever go out with Jack if circumstances were different. Surprised at the question, Chrissy gives a half-hearted answer and later adds that she will if he asks her with the excuse of her not wanting to be rude. Janet concedes that they do not own Jack, but quips on breaking his leg for missing the party.

It’s late, but Mr. Roper cannot sleep, since his niece and Jack has not yet returned. Mrs. Roper reminds him that his niece is safe, since she is with Jack. Convinced that nothing would happen between the two, he goes with Mrs. Roper to bed. Jack and Karen finally arrive, but the Ropers’ are already asleep. Karen successfully invites Jack in the apartment for a beer. She returns with the beer and sets it on the coffee table. The uneasy Jack quickly grabs it and sits on the chair on the other side of the room. Pissed, Karen confronts him with his behavior. She tells him that his perfect gentleman act has been annoying her all evening. Karen has enough of it and so she gets off the couch, stands in front of Jack and slips off her dress. Jack who could no longer restrain himself takes her by the waist and they start kissing. Alas! The Ropers’ awake and catches the two. Surprised, Jack jumps away from Karen and onto a chair holding her dress. Realizing what he has on his hands, he pretends as though he was only fitting Karen with the dress like that of a fashion designer. He runs for the door, but Mr. Roper stops him letting him know that he is not easily fooled. Mrs. Roper comes to Jack’s rescue, but to no avail. Jack attempts to explain, but the furious Mr. Roper sends him packing.

Jack returns to their apartment and find that the girls have locked themselves in the bedroom. To add to his misery, he learns that Janet is still angry with him for missing her birthday. Realizing that the girls are giving him the silent treatment, he tells them that he is packing his things and leaving. The girls rush out of the bedroom mistaking that their little act had caused Jack to move out. He explains that Mr. Roper’s car overheated in the highway. Moreover, his niece overheated on the sofa and that the Ropers’ caught them. He tells them that Mr. Roper kicked him out of the building, which is why he has to move out.

The doorbell rings and it is Mr. Roper. Furious at the sight of him, Janet tells him that she and Chrissy would also move out if he throws out Jack. To their surprise, he agrees. Mr. Roper explains that he came up to apologize for his niece after learning from her that she was the one who attacked Jack. Karen even said that Jack showed no interest at her, which was devastating to the girl. The good thing is Mr. Roper managed to appease the poor girl after telling her about Jack. The three celebrate when Mr. Roper tells them that Jack can stay. Chrissy who won’t let Jack off the hook asks him where he has been all night. He tells them that he drove around town for a special errand. Jack takes out from his pocket Janet’s cameo. As it turns out, Jack used the money that Roper gave him and went looking for the pawnshop that has Janet’s cameo. This causes Janet to melt and she gives him a big hug.

Downstairs, Stanley tells Helen that the kids are getting wilder and wilder. He asks her how long it took him to try anything on her. Helen thinks back and with dismay tells him that they were already married for about two years before anything happened between them.

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