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Wings Trivia

Answers to questions about the TV Show Wings that starred Tim Daly as Joe Hackett, Steven Weber as his brother Brian, and Crystal Bernard as Helen Chapel. Do you have trivia questions about the show Wings? Learn more about the show, actors and characters. Feel free to post a comment below by clicking on "Pennies for your thoughts" or send an email, and I will try my very best to find the answer.

1. In the TV show Wings, what was written on Helen Chapel’s license plate?

Helen Chapel’s black jeep Laredo has a license plate that reads “cello”. This was mentioned in the Wings Season 2 episode “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Policewoman Scorned”.

2. Who was Brian Hackett’s ex-wife?

Brian Hackett’s ex-wife was Carol who happened to be Joe’s girlfriend at the time.

3. In what Wings episode did Brian Hackett hire a guy to play a pilot for Helen?

It was in the Wings’ Season 2 episode “The Puppetmaster” where Brian Hackett hires actor Matt Sargent to play a pilot and seduce Helen Chapel.

4. Who was the actor who played the cab driver on the TV show Wings?

Tony Shalhoub played the Sicilian cab driver Antonio Scarpacci on Wings.

5. Who was the actress who played Helen Chapel in the TV show Wings?

Crystal Bernard played the role of Helen Chapel in the TV series Wings.

6. What plane was used on the TV show Wings?

The airplane used on the TV show Wings is a twin-engine Cessna 402.

7. On the television show “Wings”, who was Helen Chapel engaged to before Joe Hackett?

Helen was engaged to businessman Davis Lynch.

8. In the TV show Wings, what instrument did Helen Chapel play?

Helen played the cello.

9. Why did Lowell Mather leave the TV show Wings?

The character Lowell Mather witnessed a murder committed by the mafia. As a result, Lowell had to enter the Witness Protection program and had to leave Nantucket. In reality Thomas Haden Church, the actor who played Lowell Mather left the show to star in his own sitcom “Ned and Stacey” where he played the role of Ned Dorsey.

10. What is the Wings episode where Joe Hackett cannot remember his friend?

It was in the Season 2 Wings episode “A Stand Up Kind of Guy” where Joe Hackett could not remember his friend Jerry Stark.

11. What was Lowell Mather’s one and only answer in Trivial Pursuit?

Ann-Margret. In the Season 2 Wings episode “Sports and Leisure” where they played Trivial Pursuit Lowell Mather’s answer to every question was Ann-Margret, because according to him he has played the game before and remembers that Ann-Margret is the answer to one of the questions.

12. In Wings, when did Joe Hackett take care of Helen Chapel when she was sick?

Joe takes care of Helen in the Wings episode “Love Is Like Pulling Teeth”. Joe had to pick-up and take care of Helen after she gets her wisdom teeth removed.

13. In the TV show Wings, who was the actress who played the policewoman in the episode “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Policewoman Scorned”?

Actress Sharon Barr played the role of Officer Colleen Thomas. She was the policewoman who handcuffed Joe Hackett in that episode.

14. Who played Helen Chapel’s mother in the TV show Wings?

Debbie Reynolds played Helen Chapel’s mother DeeDee Chapel in the Wings’ episode “If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother”.

15. Who wrote the Wings episode “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places”?

Bill Diamond & Michael Saltzman wrote this Wings episode.

16. Who played Becky Wilder in the “Wings” TV series?

Olivia Burnette played the role of Becky Wilder in the Wings episode “Duet for Cello and Plane”.

17. What Wings episode did Helen and Joe first kiss?

Helen Chapel and Joe Hackett first kiss in The Puppetmaster.

18. In the TV series Wings, who played Joe Hackett?

Actor Tim Daly played the role of Joe Hackett in Wings.

19. Who played Joe and Brian Hackett’s mother in the TV show Wings?

Barbara Babcock played Mae Hackett, Brian and Joe Hackett’s mother. She made her one and only one appearance in the episode Mother Wore Stripes.

20. Which episode of Wings did Helen Chapel stab Joe Hackett’s plane tire?

Helen stabbed the tire of Joe’s plane in the Season 2 finale called Duet for Cello and Plane.

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Anonymous said...

What brand leather jackets were worn on the show

comprehensive episode guides said...

Tough question, anyone here know what brand of flight jackets the guys on Wings wore?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why on God's green Earth Helen wasn't pregnant on the show Wings?

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

^She must have been on the pill. Haha!


Anonymous said...

The sexiest woman alive was Thomas Haden Church's wife on the show. Who is she?

Ken leatherbarrow

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Hi Ken,

Thank you for your inquiry. Laura Innes played the role of Bunny Mather in Wings.