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House of Cards - Episode Summaries

Season 2 | Season 1

2.13 Chapter 26
House of Cards Episode 26
Vice President Frank Underwood agrees to an interview where he asserts his support for President Garrett Walker despite rumors of a falling out between them. President Walker offers Raymond Tusk...>>Continue reading Chapter 26 episode guide

2.12 Chapter 25

2.11 Chapter 24
House of Cards Episode 24
Vice President Frank Underwood faces questions from Special Prosecutor Heather Dunbar about his knowledge of the money-laundering scheme involving Xander Feng, Daniel Lanagin, Raymond Tusk, and possibly the White House. Dunbar presents irrefutable evidence that could...>>Continue reading Chapter 24 episode guide

2.10 Chapter 23
House of Cards Episode 23
Frank Underwood retaliates against the recent attacks from Raymond Tusk with the explosive news of laundering money in Congress and the White House to buy political favors. House Representative Jackie Sharp refuses to >>Continue reading Chapter 23 episode summary

2.9 Chapter 22
House of Cards Episode 22
Claire Underwood’s affair with Adam Galloway fills the news causing the Underwoods to make an unexpected statement that surprised everyone including Adam. Remy Danton threatens the life of >>Continue reading Chapter 22 episode guide

2.8 Chapter 21
House of Cards Episode 21
Vice President Frank Underwood uses the Ugaya tribe to get to Dan Lanagin, while simultaneously working on fulfilling Xander Feng’s request to finance the Port Jefferson Bridge project. Regrettably, Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez proves to be an obstacle in his attempt to convince President Garrett Walker to approve the bridge project. Meanwhile, Claire Underwood’s campaign for the bill that will protect against sexual assault in the armed forces precariously hangs on the shoulders of Megan Hennessey. >>Chapter 21 House of Cards episode summary

2.7 Chapter 20
House of Cards Episode 20
Vice President Frank Underwood identifies Raymond Tusk as the financier of extensive attack ads against President Garret Walker and his administration. He works on finding undeniable evidence of Tusk’s betrayal and a solution to stop the funneling of money to the Republicans. Meanwhile, Claire Underwood begins manipulating First Lady Tricia Walker in order to gain her confidence. >>Chapter 20 House of Cards episode guide

2.6 Chapter 19
House of Cards episode 19
Raymond Tusk takes advantage of the energy crisis to pressure the President into acceding to China’s demands, but Vice President Francis Underwood remains an obstacle in his plan. Meanwhile, Lucas Goodwin rejects accepting a plea from the U.S. government and convinces Tom Hammerschmidt to write an article about his conspiracy theory. >>Chapter 19 House of Cards episode summary

2.5 Chapter 18
House of Cards Episode 18
The White House enlists Vice President Francis Underwood as its envoy in the back-channel negotiations with China’s emissary, Xander Feng, and uses the anniversary of the Overland Campaign in Spotsylvania as cover. Frank wreaks havoc in the negotiations deliberately relaying false demands from the Chinese causing the President’s bridge project to fall through. Meanwhile, a man named Seth Grayson unearths Claire’s abortion records and extorts a job in the Vice President’s staff in exchange for his silence. >>Chapter 18 House of Cards episode summary

2.4 Chapter 17
House of Cards Episode 17
Vice President Frank Underwood sets out to inveigle House Representative Donald Blythe to support the entitlement reform, but finds that the man he betrayed has become difficult to deceive. Jackie Sharp must prove herself worthy of the Office of the Majority Whip and reluctantly teams up with Remy Danton in the Herculean task of gathering votes for the much contested entitlement reform. Meanwhile, Claire Underwood must do the live interview on CNN alone due to the biohazard scare that left her husband quarantined in the Capitol. The interview quickly becomes scandalously revealing. >>Chapter 17 House of Cards episode guide

2.3 Chapter 16
House of Cards Episode 16
Vice President Frank Underwood convinces President Garrett Walker to approve of the entitlement reform amendment that accedes to the demands of the Republicans. Frank reaches out to Republican Senate Majority Leader Hector Mendoza for help in ensuring the passage of the amendment knowing that Republican Senator Curtis Haas will be a hindrance to its success. Meanwhile, Lucas Goodwin continues his pursuit of exposing Frank Underwood as a murderer. He enters the Deep Web in search of a hacker who can obtain the phone records that will uncover the crimes Frank Underwood committed and buried. >>Chapter 16 House of Cards episode summary

2.2 Chapter 15
House of Cards Episode 15
House Representative Francis Underwood becomes the Vice President of the United States and immediately wreaks havoc in the White House after scheming with State Secretary Cathy Durant into forcing the issue of the Chinese cyber warfare in the Joint Commission talks. This caused the ire of Raymond Tusk, mentor and long-time advisor to President Garrett Walker, because it damages his business relationship with China. Meanwhile, House Representative Jackie Sharp makes her run in the Whip’s race known after receiving the financial support of her good friend, Congressman Ted Havemeyer. >>Chapter 15 House of Cards episode guide

2.1 Chapter 14
House of Cards Episode 14
House Representative Frank Underwood learns that Zoe Barnes has unearthed Rachel Posner leading to his possible involvement in the death of Peter Russo. Janine Skorsky becomes convinced that Frank Underwood’s support of a sham candidate was all part of his plan to become Vice President of the United States. Claire Underwood devices a strategy that will put Gillian Cole in her mercy. >>Chapter 14 House of Cards episode summary

Season 1

1.13 Chapter 13
House of Cards Episode 13
House Representative Francis Underwood scrambles to force Raymond Tusk to approve of his vice presidency without agreeing to the multi-billionaire’s demand. Zoe Barnes, Janine Skorsky, and Lucas Goodwin pursue the prostitute that was with Peter Russo the night of his arrest in order to uncover Underwood’s involvement in Russo’s death and ultimately expose his corruption and abuse of power. Meanwhile, Claire Underwood faces a wrongful termination lawsuit with Gillian Cole. >>Chapter 13 House of Cards recap

Season 1 | Season 2

1.12 Chapter 12
House of Cards Episode 12
President Garrett Walker begins interviewing candidates for the vice presidency and becomes annoyed at the unlikely the candidates. Unknown to him, Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez and House Representative Francis Underwood have agreed to present hopeless candidates in order to make Frank look like the best candidate for vice president. Meanwhile, Janine Skorsky uncovers a conspiracy theory pegs House Representative Francis Underwood as the mastermind. >>Chapter 12 House of Cards episode summary

1.11 Chapter 11
Vice President Jim Matthews agrees to run for governor
House Representative Francis Underwood speaks with Vice President Jim Matthews about the vice president running for the governorship of Pennsylvania. He presents his proposal to President Garrett Walker and Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez with Linda coming to a realization of Frank’s plan, a plan that depends on Peter Russo’s withdrawal from the gubernatorial race. Regrettably, Peter Russo has remained in seclusion, drowning his shame in liquor. Moreover, he grows a conscience and desires to take responsibility for all his offenses. >>Chapter 11 House of Cards recap

1.10 Chapter 10
House of Cards Episode 10
House Representative Francis Underwood learns that his wife betrayed him to pursue her goals and Zoe Barns threatens to expose Claire Underwood’s betrayal. With the failed passage of the Watershed Bill, Peter Russo finds his election as governor of Pennsylvania in danger. He threatens to expose Frank’s hand in smearing former State Secretary nominee Michael Kern. >>Chapter 10 House of Cards episode summary

1.9 Chapter 9
Watershed Bill fails to pass
Congressman Peter Russo begins the bus tour of Pennsylvania as part of his gubernatorial campaign and he finds himself at the mercy of the reluctant Vice President Jim Matthews. Congressman Francis Underwood and his staff struggle to get the votes in support of the controversial Watershed Bill that caught the ire of the oil and gas industries not to mention SanCorp Industries. Meanwhile, Claire Underwood finds that the State Department has failed to get CWI’s shipment of water filters out of South Sudan. >>Chapter 9 House of Cards episode summary

1.8 Chapter 8
Peter Russo asks the support of the shipbuilders
Frank Underwood returns to the military school where he spent four years of his life as an adolescent for the unveiling of the new library named after him. His friends at the barbershop quartet whom he thought could not attend the event surprises him with a harmonious rendition of Dixie that interrupted his speech. Frank becomes an honest person during his brief stay at The Sentinel that he dismisses Remy Danton when the man begins to talk politics unwilling to sully the purity of the school or the fond memories of his past. Moreover, he conveys his deepest thoughts to his close friend, Tim Corbet. >>Chapter 8 House of Cards recap

1.7 Chapter 7
President Garret Walker signs Education Reform Bill congratulates Frank Underwood
Francis Underwood gains favor when President Garret Walker signs the pivotal Education Reform and Achievement Act. His work on the keystone bill of the new administration becomes his weapon in persuading the President into endorsing, Peter Russo, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict as a candidate for Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial race. Frank sets in motion the redemption story that will be the narrative of Peter’s campaign, but Peter begins to have doubts on their strategy afraid to face the consequences of revealing his secrets to his family and the public. >>Chapter 7 House of Cards episode summary

1.6 Chapter 6
Marty Spinella punches Francis Underwood
Representative Francis Underwood accuses the teachers union of throwing brick at his house hoping that the display of violence would diminish support for the National Teachers’ Strike that has endured for nearly a month. The White House orders Frank to concede to the teachers’ demand in order to end the strike, but Frank refuses to do so. He instead promises to figure out a way that will end the strike without making compromises on the education reform bill. >>Chapter 6 House of Cards recap

1.5 Chapter 5
Peter Russo contemplates suicide
Marty Spinella threatens to hold a teachers’ strike after learning of Francis Underwood’s betrayal with the inclusion of the collective bargaining amendment in the Education Reform and Achievement Act. Hearing of Francis’ hand in the withdrawal of support from the NEA, Marty goes after Claire Underwood’s fundraiser event. Meanwhile, Zoe Barnes receives numerous job offers from media companies, but upon Francis’ direction ends up accepting a job at the political news magazine, Slugline. >>Chapter 5 House of Cards episode summary

1.4 Chapter 4
Frank Underwood begins affair with Zoe Barnes
Congressman Francis Underwood puts in motion a complicated strategy to force Speaker of the House Bob Birch to take the Education Bill he disapproves of to the floor. Peter Russo becomes an unwilling pawn in his scheme and sacrifices the people of his district in order to save his own skin. Tom Hammerschmidt fails to get approval to terminate Zoe Barnes and promotes her to White House correspondent instead. >>Chapter 4 House of Cards recap

1.3 Chapter 3
Zoe Barnes blows Francis Underwood a kiss
Representative Francis Underwood leaves the Education Reform Act negotiating table to deal with matters in his home district. The reason for his absence at the vital meeting with the teachers unions is the tragic death of a teenager that is blamed on The Peachoid that he fought to keep. Francis is left to deal remotely with the teachers unions’ disapproval of performance testing on teachers and the use of federal funds on charter schools. Meanwhile, Zoe Barnes’ prediction of Catherine Durant’s nomination pushed her straight into the limelight as she appears on CNN for an interview with Soledad O’Brien. >>Chapter 3 House of Cards episode summary

1.2 Chapter 2
Peter Russo speaks with Roy Kapeniak
Congressman Francis Underwood assembles a team of young staff members to work on the new draft of the Education Reform Act. After receiving pressure from SanCorp Industries, he works toward fulfilling his end of the bargain and begins the undoing of Michael Kern. Francis taps Zoe Barnes to write an article that will question Kern’s credibility as Secretary of State with an anti-Israel editorial published in his college newspaper where he was the editor. >>Chapter 2 House of Cards episode summary

1.1 Chapter 1
House of Cards Episode 1
Congressman Francis Underwood having done his job to support the newly elected President Garrett Walker expects to reap his reward with the Secretary of State nomination. He soon becomes aware of the president’s betrayal after learning that the president already has someone else in mind. The betrayal also affects his wife, Claire Underwood, for a substantial donation from SanCorp to her organization is dependent on her husband’s nomination. Francis, unwilling to accept defeat, hatches up a plan to exact revenge. Meanwhile, Zoe Barnes, a talented young journalist at The Washington Herald is anxious to cover news with substance. Her inexperience, however, becomes a hindrance and is the reason for her trifling assignments. Her determination lands her high profile news that will propel her career as a serious journalist. >>Chapter 1 House of Cards recap

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