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Chapter 24 Season 2 – House of Cards Episode Summary 2.11

Vice President Frank Underwood emerges from the Justice Department
House of Cards Episode 23 Summary: Vice President Frank Underwood faces questions from Special Prosecutor Heather Dunbar about his knowledge of the money-laundering scheme involving Xander Feng, Daniel Lanagin, Raymond Tusk, and possibly the White House.  Dunbar presents irrefutable evidence that could lead to his indictment.  Meanwhile, Claire Underwood’s damaged reputation causes her to seek Megan Hennessey’s help in advocating for the bill against sexual assault in the armed forces.

House of Cards Chapter 23 Recap: Vice President Frank Underwood arrives at the Department of Justice to answer questions regarding the trade of foreign money for political favors that influenced White House policy.  Special Prosecutor Heather Dunbar leads the investigation and begins to probe the Vice President on his meetings with Daniel Lanagin.  Frank denies speaking to Lanagin about his tribe’s contribution to any of the super PACs or to any supporter as it is against the law.  He also does not confirm speaking with Xander Feng as part of the back-channel negotiations with China.Continue reading...

Dunbar continues with the probe, but Frank is prepared to deny the claims with convincing explanations.  Frank denies discussing Raymond Tusk and Xander Feng’s refinery to the President during the energy crisis stating that it would not provide an immediate solution to the energy shortage.  Dunbar suspects that Tusk benefited from the subsidy on samarium, because of his influence in the White House, but she learns the opposite.  Frank Underwood states that Tusk was against the subsidy that benefited all energy companies.  Dunbar moves on to the Port Jefferson Bridge project and inquires about its approval as a trade-off to prevent additional GOP funding.  Frank denies this and instead claims it as a delivery of a promise the President made to the voters.  He later learns from Dunbar that a high-ranking House member he assumes as Bob Birch testified to attending a meeting on July 14 in the Oval Office.  Frank concurs attending the meeting and states its agenda.  They had met to discuss the extensive attack ads against the Democrats.  He insists in being unaware of the source of GOP funding at that time until they learned of Lanagin’s betrayal.  Dunbar notes that the GOP funding stopped soon after the approval of the Port Jefferson Bridge project.  She connects the bridge to Feng, Tusk, and the President of the United States, but Frank finds her connections thin until she presents photos of Doug Stamper at Lanagin’s casino on July 14 and flight records that showed the Vice President’s Chief of Staff flying to Beijing the following day.  Doug Stamper is in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting discussing his strange obsession with Rachel Posner unware of the evidence presented that connected him to Feng.  Dunbar’s discovery also stunned Lanagin.  He suspects Tusk told the special prosecutor where to look.  Remy Danton risks being seen with Lanagin to ensure his loyalty despite the betrayal from Tusk.  Lanagin is considering taking the deal the Justice Department offered to him in exchange for his cooperation, but Remy offers him and his family money for his silence.  Remy then flies to California to discuss Jackie Sharp with disgraced former House Representative Ted Havemeyer in the pretense of hiring her as a lobbyist for Glendon Hill in anticipation of her loss in the elections.  Remy offered to buy Ted’s house in exchange for his confirmation of Jackie’s betrayal that led to his ruin, but the former House Representative confirmed it without cost to Remy.  Ted vows never to forgive her, but asserts his understanding of her actions.  Remy surprises Jackie in California to threaten her with the knowledge of her betrayal.  Leaking the information of how Jackie truly earned her position as the Whip will ensure her loss in the elections.  He blackmails her into setting up a suspicious meeting with Frank Underwood, one she will testify to Dunbar as a meeting where the Vice President forced her to testify in his favor.  Jackie refuses to be manipulated and takes the risk of losing the midterms.  Remy meets with Tusk and claims not to have found anything against Jackie.  He offers to target another high-profile member of the House, but Tusk insists on using Jackie to get to Frank.

Vice President Frank Underwood returns to the White House to attend the meeting about the Sino-Japanese tensions where President Garrett Walker has decided to send warships near Okinawa as a show of support for Japan after China refused to vacate Japan’s territorial waters.  President Walker dismisses the team, but asks Frank to stay and brief him on the inquiry.  Frank feigns nonchalance, but his fidgeting betrays him.  Fear has finally reached Frank Underwood.  Stamper remains absent when Frank needs him most.  Nancy Kaufberger joins the Vice President’s staff and hands to Frank the package containing the watch he gave Remy Danton several years ago.  Stamper finally returns to the White House and receives reproach from the Vice President.  Frank suspects Stamper’s negligence as a result to his return to alcoholism, but Stamper vehemently denies it.  He, however, confesses to be going through troubles of his own, but one he can manage without Frank’s help.  Frank gives Stamper a third chance.  Stamper offers to take the fall notwithstanding the knowledge of an indictment, but Frank takes another approach.  He and Stamper will both take responsibility.  Stamper takes the first step in regaining his competence.  He confides to Seth Grayson his averseness to work with him before.  He has come to accept the Press Secretary’s exemplary work.  Stamper is now willing to work and to trust him with the responsibilities that ultimately protect the Vice President.  He warns Seth that his work will extend beyond managing the press.  Seth accepts his new responsibilities and begins looking for evidence damaging to the Vice President.  Stamper, on the other hand, takes the next step and ends communication with Rachel Posner.  His decision, however, came too late for Gavin Orsay has already been tracking him.

First Lady Tricia Walker reneges on the interview with Claire Underwood and Matt Bai of The New York Times to discuss the Countering Sexual Assault in the Armed Forces Act of 2014.  It was a decision she made in support of her husband.  The First Lady and the President believe in the need to distance themselves from the scandalous Underwoods.  Claire informs Seth Grayson of the First Lady’s decision to forego the Matt Bai interview and is unpleasantly surprised to receive advice to do the same.  The Press Secretary of the Vice President believes that the interview will only hurt Claire’s personal image and the bill given the Galloway scandal that will be discussed in the interview.  Claire then receives troubling news from her husband.  The Justice Department uncovered evidence that connects Francis to a serious crime.  Claire expends the stress following the subsequent disappointing news on the rowing machine Ed Meechum helped fix and move up to the bedroom.  She is determined to fight for survival.  She focuses on the bill that is of great importance to her.  Reluctant to let it fail due to unrelated scandals that undermined her reputation, she finds a solution in Megan Hennessey.  Megan arrives at the Underwoods’ residence beset with angry protesters condemning Claire for her abortion and adultery.  Claire summoned her to ask her to become the voice of the bill against sexual assault, believing that Megan has now overcome the distress that haunted her.

Unable to deny irrefutable evidence Dunbar presented, Frank decides to tell the truth.  He informs President Walker of the Justice Department’s discovery causing the President to panic.  Frank argues that he had sent Stamper to the casino as part of his own investigation and kept it from the Department of Justice due to his disinclination to disclose diplomatic protocols and his concern about the midterm elections.  More importantly, his actions were born out of his eagerness to protect the President of the United States.  President Walker is concerned that Frank’s testimony will only prompt Dunbar to investigate further.  Frank recommends volunteering their travel logs as a gesture of cooperation.  President Walker is averse to the idea concerned at the discovery of the marriage counseling he and his wife have been attending, but Frank inveigles the President into agreeing to his suggestion arguing that they had created a perfect cover.  The President had in fact arranged the marriage counseling in the house of a sick friend in order to explain his frequent visits.

After hours of pouring through Frank’s travel logs, Stamper informs Frank that the White House called to inform them of the President’s decision to volunteer his travel logs from the day he took office including those that places him in marriage counseling.  Meanwhile, Stamper and Seth confirmed Frank’s logs as clean.  Seth also has the Vice President’s statement prepared.  Vice President Frank Underwood confidently appears before Special Prosecutor Heather Dunbar and confesses to have been the back channel chosen to negotiate with Xander Feng, a man who has recently fled China due to corruption charges.  Dunbar is certain Feng laundered the money and is giving the Vice President an opportunity to admit his knowledge of the money-laundering scheme.  Frank admits to have sensed of something awry with the casino, which prompted him to investigate.  He, however, strongly denies having knowledge of the money laundering given that Stamper did not find any illegal activity at the casino.  Frank decided against bringing his suspicion to the proper authorities out of election concerns.  He was avoiding unnecessary attention from unfounded allegations.  Frank takes full responsibility for his actions and offers Dunbar both the Vice President and the President’s travel logs.  Dunbar is skeptical of the contents of the logs that are supposed to divulge the people and the places where the Vice President and the President have been, but Frank Underwood offers his team’s full cooperation for any questions she might have about them.  The Vice President emerges from the Department of Justice pleased and the press release his office issued soon after receives positive coverage.  There, however, has been increasing interest on Stamper’s involvement prompting him to agree to send a statement taking full responsibility for his actions and his willingness to cooperate with the Justice Department.  Stamper rewards himself with a visit to Rachel, but finds her having intercourse with Lisa Williams.  He becomes troubled with what he witnessed and leaves without making his presence known.  Meanwhile, Frank finally tracks down Remy and meets with him in private to discuss the cryptic message he sent.  Glendon Hill has taken the first step in terminating his partnership.  He reaches out to Frank for help with an offer to lessen the damage to him.  Frank immediately senses the olive branch as part of Remy’s reluctance to ruin Jackie Sharp and his mistaken belief of Frank’s inclination to protect her.

Megan agrees to an interview with Matt Bai of The New York Times that begins awkwardly until Matt openly asks her to become uncontrived with her answers.  She confesses that her hatred of McGinnis got her through the attacks about her mental instability during the trial.  She was proud to have stared down McGinnis into shame after accusing him of betraying his country for depriving it of a good Marine.  Matt brings up the opposition of the sexual assault bill from veteran Jackie Sharp, one Megan sees as a traitor as well.  Megan returns to the Underwoods’ residence manic after a successful interview educing concern from Claire.  She offers her avail with an eagerness to do more interviews.  Claire thanks Megan and sends her back to Chicago.  Disturbed at the effect of the assault done to the young former Marine, Claire desensitizes her feelings with alcohol.  Intoxicated, she drops a wine glass on the floor causing Meechum to come to her aid before cutting himself on a glass.  Claire attends to his wound and persuades the off-duty bodyguard to drink with her.  The two becomes drunk and fills the house with laughter until Frank arrives.  Both explain what had transpired that led to their inebriation reminding Claire to re-bandage Meechum’s wound.  Claire returns to find Frank inspecting Meechum’s wound arousing all of them.  Claire and Frank corrupt Meechum into having sexual intercourse with them.  Husband and wife find no shame in what they had done.  In fact, they begin a new day refreshed and fulfilled even without the knowledge of Dunbar unearthing a recurring unfamiliar address on the President’s travel logs.

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Chapter 23 Season 2 – House of Cards Episode Summary 2.10

Underwoods receive bomb threat
House of Cards Chapter 23 Episode Summary: Frank Underwood retaliates against the recent attacks from Raymond Tusk with the explosive news of laundering money in Congress and the White House to buy political favors.  House Representative Jackie Sharp refuses to support the bill that will prevent sexual assault in the armed forces and learns that her lover, Remy Danton, may have had knowledge of the damaging attack ads against her.  Meanwhile, the death threats against Claire Underwood increase and intensify.

House of Cards Chapter 23 Recap: Rachel Posner informs Doug Stamper of having allowed her friend Lisa Williams to live with her.  Stamper forbids the arrangement despite Rachel’s protests.  He ends the discussion and leaves abruptly after receiving an urgent text message from Vice President Frank Underwood.  Stamper arrives at The White House too late to brief the Vice President of a situation involving China.  Seth Grayson received a higher security clearance to allow him to do Stamper’s job due to the absence of the Vice President’s Chief of Staff.Continue reading...

The Prime Minister of Japan reaches out to the President of the United States for help in preventing China from unlawfully seizing one of Japan’s territories.  China had sent two destroyers in the waters near Yonaguni Island, a land mass near Taiwan that Japan owns.  Vice President Francis Underwood speculates that the move is a consequence of the trade war against the U.S.  China begins bullying its weaker neighbors having failed to force the United States to agree to their demands.  Prime Minister Oshiro asks President Garrett Walker to send his Seventh Fleet to the contended territory as a display of force between allies.  Frank Underwood recommends a different approach wherein the President foregoes sending the fleet and instead simply condemns China’s intrusion, but President Walker needs a strategy that will cause China to retreat.  Their first strategy is to buy off China, which failed and further strained the already precarious relationship with the Asian superpower.  Japan, however, is anxious to repel China.  It has begun preparations in deploying destroyers to Yonaguni Island.  President Walker can only instruct State Secretary Durant to request Japan to hold off until he has spoken with Beijing.  Of all the problems President Walker need to address, he confides to Frank that his marital problem remains the toughest of them all.  He does note that marriage counselling and the dismissal of Christina Gallagher did help smooth things with his wife.

The Secret Service stationed at the Underwoods town house notices a white male in a hooded sweatshirt carrying a duffel bag suspiciously closing in the residence.  Police accost the suspicious prowler, but the man leaves the duffel bag and flees.  Edward Meechum wakes Claire Underwood to bring her to the safe room.  News of the bomb threat at his house reaches Frank Underwood causing him to leave the emergency meeting with the President’s permission.  Secret Service apprehended the prowler and identified him as former Marine, Andrew E. Kelly.  The young man carrying explosives claims responsibility for the white power sent to the Capitol several months ago, but the Secret Service believes that the target of his recent threat is Claire Underwood given the abortion his wife enacted without his knowledge.  With Claire’s insistence, Frank returns to the White House, but demands on having Meechum watch over his wife in his absence.  Meechum’s dedication does not go unnoticed.  He later speaks to Frank, but catches him watching a pornographic video.  He makes no judgment of the Vice President and Frank finds no shame in Meechum catching him.  Meechum furthers his loyalty with a request to become Claire’s full-time bodyguard until the death threats subside, an entreaty both husband and wife appreciate.  Frank and Claire toast to Meechum’s loyalty and service.

Remy Danton and House Representative Jackie Sharp continue their sexual relationship.  He notices the tattoo on her upper body and learns that Jackie likes the pain of the needle.  The pain helps relieve the guilt of having killed many people during her Army service.  Her motivation to feel pain troubled Remy.  She later meets with Claire Underwood to inform her reluctance to co-sponsor the Countering Sexual Assault in the Armed Forces Act of 2014 in its current form.  Jackie opposes the proposed civilian oversight.  Claire mistakes Jackie’s opposition as a move to disassociate herself from the Underwoods following the Galloway scandal that recently dominated the news.  Jackie makes it clear that her opposition is rooted in her principles and belief in the importance of the chain of command.  In fact, she will not only withdraw support, she will actively oppose the bill if it gets to the floor.  She, however, is willing to compromise.  Jackie proposes a military commission to review the internal mechanisms, but Claire insists on the exigency of reform, one that Jackie’s proposal will not fulfill.  Jackie ends the meeting and recommends resuming it on her return from a campaign tour in California.  She hopes Claire would have reconsidered by then, but Claire is determined of her unwillingness to compromise.  She speaks to Francis about Jackie’s intransigence and of her need for the Whip to support the bill.  Claire believes that the Galloway scandal ruined her, denying her any influence she has in Congress.

Frank sends Seth to speak with his former secretary, Nancy Kaufberger.  Nancy now works for Jackie after she assumed Frank’s position as the Whip, but remains loyal to Frank.  With some urging, she intimates of Remy Danton’s late-night meetings with Jackie.  Seth informs Frank that Jackie literally may have been sleeping with the enemy.  Frank Underwood waits for Jackie Sharp at her desk until she arrives from a hectic campaign tour in California.  Jackie remains adamant of her opposition to the bill leading Frank to order her to support it, but the House Representative remains unfazed.  Frank insinuates his knowledge of her affair and alludes to Tusk’s sponsorship of the attack ads against her, which Frank made disappear.  Jackie summons Remy to her office and accuses him of keeping the knowledge of Tusk funneling money to the GOP from her.  Remy continues to deny having any knowledge of his client working against the Democrats and accuses Jackie of refusing to believe that she is working for Frank Underwood.  Moreover, he argues that it would not have made a difference even if he did have knowledge of it, because he will have honored their agreement to separate work from their relationship. Jackie wanted him to make an exception.  She is appalled that Remy would have watched her lose without making an effort to help her win.  Jackie suspects Remy of having used her to get information on Frank Underwood, but Remy becomes insulted with the accusation and denies it.

Frank discusses strategy with Stamper and Seth, one that would ultimately ruin Raymond Tusk.  Stamper could not find anything that will meet their goal leading Frank to pursue his contingent plan of publicizing the casino without leaving trails of their involvement.  He assigns the task to Seth, which alarms Stamper enough to oppose the decision.  Frank, however, derides Stamper for his failure to find damaging actions from Tusk.  Seth proposes using Ayla Sayyad to break the story given her awareness of the connection between Tusk and Feng and her zeal to uncover the nature of their business.  Soon, Ayla receives an envelope containing an Adohi Casino Player’s Rewards card with a note written in Chinese telling her to follow the money.  She begins calling limo services and learns that the Missouri Bus & Limo usually provides a luxury bus for Adohi’s twenty clients flying from Beijing.  Ayla surrounded by her superiors calls Daniel Lanagin unaware that the casino owner had invited Tusk to join the call.  She ingenuously asks about his casino’s involvement in using foreign money to influence political issues through Raymond Tusk and provides evidence of Xander Feng sending Chinese executives to Adohi Casino.  Her claim causes Lanagin to become defensive and for Tusk to hang up the phone.  Tusk immediately calls Frank and accuses him of leading Ayla to him.  Frank vehemently denies his claims, but instructs Stamper to work with Doyle to seal any holes in his denial.  Meanwhile, the Wall Street Telegraph discusses the consequences of insinuating a money-laundering scheme that involves Raymond Tusk, a prominent figure worshipped by many of their readers.  The sentiment from the financial newspaper’s executives is for Ayla to forego pursuing the story until she provides irrefutable evidence of corruption.  Tusk calling the Telegraph soon after their call with Lanagin and specifically requesting to speak with the owner, Mr. Maxfield, provides further proof of his association with Lanagin.  The Telegraph reconsiders publishing Ayla’s controversial story and breaks the news in time with the President’s press conference about the possibility of sending the country’s seventh fleet to aid Japan if China refuses to leave its territorial waters.  President Walker is hopeful of a peaceful resolution stemming from China’s compliance.  He, however, is unprepared for a bombardment of questions surrounding the freshly published article on the Wall Street Telegraph suggesting graft and corruption in Congress and the White House.  Vice President Underwood delights in watching President Walker falter at the press conference, but admits to the fear of the uncertainty of its ruinous effect extending to him.  In fact, Ayla Sayyad mentions him in an interview as a possible key player in the corruption.

The troubling news of money laundering in the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government prompts the Attorney General to investigate.  President Walker’s legal counsel informs him of his guilt by association and advises him not to discuss the matter in his absence, but the President decides to speak with Frank privately.  Frank is hesitant to discuss it without the President’s lawyer, but President Walker lividly orders him to divulge all the details of the matter they once before both agreed to keep from the President.  Frank confesses to have dealt with Feng, who guaranteed the end of the flow of money to the GOP upon the approval of the Port Jefferson Bridge project.  President Walker becomes enraged at learning the direct link to him, but Frank is certain that his lack of knowledge about the deal will save the President.  Frank suggests appointing a special prosecutor to make the investigation tilt in their favor, but rescinds the suggestion.  The President is exceedingly disinclined to follow Frank’s advice.  President Walker blames Frank for putting them in this perilous situation.  Frank returns home and confides to his wife of doubting the strategy he set in motion.  Moreover, he is relying on President Walker’s ire towards him to ensure that he will go against his recommendation.  Frank had rescinded his proposal for the President to recommend the appointment of a special prosecutor.  President Walker bent on opposing Frank decides to ask the Attorney General to appoint Heather Dunbar as special prosecutor to investigate the money-laundering claim.  He does so against his lawyer’s advice to wait for DOJ’s move, because he believes in showing his innocence with the willingness to resolve the issue proactively.  Frank once again successfully manipulates President Walker into doing what he wants.  Stamper assures him of having done background checks on potential witnesses and found nothing that will hurt Frank, while Seth recommends making off-the-record calls supporting the investigation.  Stamper later confronts Frank about compromising his authority over Seth when he contradicts him in front of him.  He reminds the Vice President of his importance to the team.  Stamper believes himself to be Frank Underwood’s failsafe.  Frank begins to doubt Stamper’s competence and informs his Chief of Staff of his dwelling on office politics at a time when their careers are on the verge of ruin.  Stamper seeks comfort in Rachel.  Afraid of losing her, he agrees to let her friend stay at her apartment.  He asks nothing in return other than for Rachel to read to him.  Rachel reads A Tale of Two Cities at Stamper’s request.  Later, she receives a call on her phone mistaking it for Stamper unaware that it is Gavin Orsay.  Gavin says nothing.

Raymond Tusk rides late at night in his Buick to see his lawyer.  He scolds Remy for allowing Frank to make enough damage to them and reminds him that the effect will hurt him too.  Tusk, however, believes that his company will survive despite receiving the ire of the public, but Frank will not.  He wants Remy to ensure that public opinion ruins Frank Underwood.  Remy proposes working with the Republicans, but Tusk believes that both parties are now under scrutiny.  He recommends going after the leadership that they may turn on Frank to save themselves.  Tusk puts a target on Frank’s chosen one, Jackie Sharp.  The thought of betraying his lover disturbed Remy Danton.

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Chapter 22 Season 2 – House of Cards Episode Summary 2.9

The Underwoods hold press conference about Adam Galloway affair
House of Cards Chapter 22 Episode Summary: Claire Underwood’s affair with Adam Galloway fills the news causing the Underwoods to make an unexpected statement that surprised everyone including Adam.  Remy Danton threatens the life of Adam’s future father-in-law forcing Adam to provide more evidence of his affair with Claire.  He also takes aim at Freddy Hayes and makes it known to the media of the man’s disreputable past in order to tarnish the Vice President through his affiliation with a convicted felon.

House of Cards Chapter 22 Recap: The Underwoods deal with the scandal of Claire’s affair with photographer, Adam Galloway.  Claire Underwood insists on handling the ruinous scandal and asks Adam to deny the affair including having taken the photograph of her in slumber.  Adam is apologetic for the damage his photograph caused her and agrees to destroy the sole print.  Claire, however, asks that he send her a digital copy of the image in order for her team to ascertain that the photo does not contain anything that will link it to his studio.  Adam obeys all that is asked of him.  He vows to do nothing else without further instruction from Claire.Continue reading...

Adam Galloway still has feelings for Claire and confesses to having watched her CNN interview that revealed the sexual assault she suffered from General McGinnis.  He regrets being unable to console her at her time of need.  He also felt the need to inform her of being in a serious relationship with Inez, a woman he met in Colombia.  She now lives with him in New York.  In fact, she stands beside him as he imparts the statement he and Claire agreed to share.  Adam denies having any romantic involvement with Claire Underwood and refutes having taken the photograph of her sleeping.  Moreover, he asks the media to leave him and his fiancée in peace.  Claire watches Adam’s press conference and is surprised to learn of his engagement to Inez.

The press waits for the Underwoods’ statement.  All, but Ayla Sayyad, wait in anticipation of the Underwoods’ avowal.  She finds the affair a distraction from more serious issues and decides to miss the press conference.  She, instead, books a flight to St. Louis, Missouri and insists on speaking with Raymond Tusk.  She asks him about his business relationship with Xander Feng, which Tusk does not deny.  He explains that affiliating with Feng ensures Beijing’s approval and adds that their business venture fell through.  Ms. Sayyad is quick to point out that their venture dissolved right after the approval of the Port Jefferson Bridge project that involved Feng’s biggest rival, Wu Bin Yang.  She then moves on to convey her speculation of the connections between the Samarium subsidy, the Chinese refinery, and the bridge.  Tusk suspects Ms. Sayyad as a pawn of the Underwoods for coming to speak with him instead of covering Claire Underwood’s sex scandal.  He quickly learns that she is a serious journalist who believes that there is a more pertinent story behind Xander Feng.  He threatens her of the consequences of receiving his wrath.  Ms. Sayyad remains unfazed, but Tusk panics and instructs Remy to put their other plan in motion.

After a full day of silence, the Underwoods at last speak to the press about the rumored affair.  Claire Underwood denies being unfaithful to her husband and plays the role of the victim.  She, however, verifies the photograph as Adam’s work, but one she and her husband commissioned as a birthday present.  In fact, Frank had requested a portrait of her sleeping declaring that he finds her most beautiful in her sleep.  They further support their claim with a statement of Adam taking her photograph at their townhouse with Frank’s supervision and that the photo hangs on the second floor of Frank’s office.  Adam Galloway is in shock at the lies that made him look like a fool.  Claire later explains that it was an approach aimed to avoid suspicion that both parties have orchestrated their statements.  Moreover, she believes that Adam’s pride would have prevented him from agreeing to their version of the story.  Claire asks him to recant his previous statement with an excuse of having lied due to fear, but Adam is too upset to do her bidding.  Frank leaves the handling of Adam to Claire, but summons Doug Stamper and Seth Grayson to discuss strategies that will put an end to the rumors.  Stamper and Seth provide contradicting suggestions, but Frank agrees with Seth.  Stamper feels threatened, fully aware of Seth’s hand at Connor’s departure.  He warns Seth against coveting his position as the Chief of Staff of the Vice President.  He also believes that the young Director of Communications has other secrets of the Underwoods that he can use to his advantage in the future.  Frank is fully aware of the rivalry between the two and welcomes it.  He believes the competition will make them better at their work.

Remy Danton meets with Adam Galloway to apprise him of what he has done and to coerce him to provide more proof of the affair.  Adam sends The DC Daily a photograph of a woman that looks like Claire in the shower. Claire has no recollection of the photo being taken, but confesses to Seth of the possibility of its authenticity for she visited him more recently even though she had ended their relationship two years ago.  The photo further validates the affair especially since she was at the party Adam hosted with his numerous friends.  Seth hires Stephanie Daldry, an unknown model with some resemblance to Claire Underwood.  Stephanie appears on CNN with Seth Grayson to create doubt on the supposed photo of Claire Underwood in the shower.  They had made a similar photo just the previous night with Stephanie behind the fogged up shower door providing compelling evidence of the ease of producing a photo that resembles the Vice President’s wife.  Seth presents the notion that Adam’s motive is rooted in gaining publicity.  Later, the Underwoods summons Adam Galloway to their house to force him to work with them instead of against them.  They learn that Remy had approached Adam with a threat to the life of his fiancée’s father, a human rights activist in Bogota charged with treason.  Remy informed Adam of his client’s influence.  His client can persuade the judge to impose the death penalty on the father of Inez.  Frank Underwood reproaches him for not seeking his help when he can have the Secretary of State order the Columbian government to drop the charges.  Adam feels used and speaks harshly to Claire causing Frank to defend his wife.  Moreover, he makes it clear of Adam’s insignificance despite his affair with his wife.  Frank and Claire’s relationship is deep-rooted.  Its intimacy goes beyond the bedroom.  Claire speaks privately with Adam, who informs her of his full intention of marrying Inez.  He blames her for making him the man who endangered the father of the woman he loves.  He hurts Claire even more with a declaration of loving Inez more than her.  Claire keeps her composure and orders Adam to admit to the publicity stunt motive due to the devaluation of his work.  Adam is to confess to have started all of it hindered only by the fear of being found out, which resulted in his initial denial.  Claire makes clear her determination to ruin him if he refuses.  Adam grows to hate the woman he used to love.

Freddy Hayes begins another day of his booming Freddy’s BBQ Joint that attracted an investor offering to franchise the restaurant beginning with a branch at Silver Spring.  He signs a contract with the investor that ensures him a ninety-five thousand dollar pay off for rights to use his recipe and brand.  Freddy, however, takes offense at the attempt to duplicate the squalid appearance of his BBQ joint at their suburban location, but learns that its seediness has become part of the restaurant’s charm.  He later pays his estranged grandson and son a visit in an apartment in the housing projects.  Freddy offers his son whom he has not seen in half a decade a house.  Darnell Hayes, Freddy’s son, a convicted felon who refused to see him in jail, is to repay his generous offer by working for him.  Freddy’s son rejects his offer certain that his father’s generosity only aims to appease his conscience, but later decides to work for his father.  Freddy counts the hard-earned money of another prosperous day at work causing Darnell to worry about the safety of his father.  Out of concern for his safety, he offers Freddy his gun.  Freddy becomes upset at learning that Darnell has violated his parole by carrying a weapon and speaks to him of having to follow the rules in order to keep their booming business.  Darnell agrees to dispose of his gun.  Nonetheless, Freddy Hayes’ sordid past makes the news.  An article told of his prior armed robbery conviction and highlighted the Vice President’s patronage of the BBQ joint the convicted felon owns.  Freddy spent nine years in prison after robbing a convenience store that resulted in a high-speed pursuit that led to the death of an elderly couple after his car crashed into the couple’s automobile.  The Underwoods believe Raymond Tusk is behind the attack.  Frank would like to make a statement in support of Freddy Hayes, but Seth advises against it given the multiple attacks on him.  Frank is reluctant to betray his friend, but Seth adds that Freddy’s son could pose a problem as well.  The young man was convicted for drug trafficking.  Nevertheless, Frank insists on showing his support.  He prepares for the press conference when news of the arrest of Darnell Hayes reaches him.  Darnell’s impetuous behavior caused him to threaten the paparazzi with the gun he is forbidden to possess.  Frank goes against his better judgment and decides to see Freddy in the projects incognito.  Claire warns her husband of the risk he is taking for a friend.  She believes that friendship is their weakness, which Tusk appears to have discerned.  Frank arrives in Freddy’s house to pay him the courtesy of personally informing him of his decision to distance himself from him.  Moreover, Frank has come to ask him not to use him for his gain.  He learns that Freddy is selling his BBQ Joint anyway, because his business partner pulled out after discovering his disreputable past.  Moreover, a morality clause in his contract prevents him from receiving the money promised to him.  Freddy’s finances are in worse shape now with the sixty-thousand dollar bond required to bail out his son.  Frank offers to provide monetary support so that Freddy can keep his business, but the man vehemently refuses his offer.  Freddy considers Frank’s generosity a payment for his guilt.  He dissolves his friendship with Frank Underwood.  Freddy hands the keys to his business partner who bought the establishment with plans of tearing it down and selling the empty lot for profit.  He leaves without looking back.

Raymond Tusk learns of having lost hold of Adam Galloway, because State Secretary Cathy Durant already spoke to President Moreno about the case of Inez’ father.  Remy informs Tusk of the futility of pursuing this line of attack eliciting his anger for his failure to destroy Frank Underwood.  Adam makes the statement Claire instructed him to declare afraid that harm will once again befall his fiancée’s family if he does not do so.  He sacrifices his reputation for the love of Inez and fear of the Underwoods.  After surviving dual attacks from Tusk, Frank plans to obliterate the energy mogul, but Claire wants him to suffer for the pain he caused them.

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