Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MacGyver Trivia

Answers to questions about the TV Show MacGyver that starred Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver. Do you have trivia questions about MacGyver? Learn more about the show, actors and characters. Feel free to post a comment below by clicking on "Pennies for your thoughts" or send an email, and I will try my very best to find the answer. I haven't gotten a lot of questions about MacGyver. In fact, I only got two, but I'll post them anyway.

1. Is Richard Dean Anderson homosexual?

No, Richard Dean Anderson is not gay though he never married he had a child with Apryl Prose. His daughter’s name is Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson. Read Richard Dean Anderson's biography.

2. What are the names of Richard Dean Anderson’s siblings?

Richard Dean Anderson’s brothers are Jeffrey Scott, Thomas John, and James Stuart.

2 Pennies for your thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I thought it was proven he had an affair with Michael Shanks before Shanks got married..their daughters were born the same time.

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Really? That's intriguing. I have yet to see proof of that affair.