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Three's Company - Episode Summaries

List of Three's Company episodes and their synopsis. Click on the episode title for a full summary. Don't forget to check back regularly for new additions.

Season 1

1.1 A Man About the House
Jack frightens Janet and ChrissyJack Tripper, a gatecrasher at the wedding reception that Janet Wood and Chrissy Snow gave their former roommate, was found sleeping in the girls’ bathtub. After tasting his cooking and learning that he is a culinary student in the technical school, the girls who have zero cooking skills decide to share the apartment with Jack. However, they still have the problem of making their landlords, the Ropers; allow them to share the house with a man. >>Read episode transcript

1.2 And Mother Makes Four
Janet and Chrissy stop JackOn the day that Jack Tripper moves in with Chrissy and Janet, Chrissy’s mother drops by to visit. In a panic of being caught sharing an apartment with a man, Chrissy instructs Janet to keep Jack at the Regal Beagle while she entertains her mother. Unfortunately, Mrs. Snow decides to spend the night leaving Jack homeless for the evening. >>Read episode transcript

1.3 Roper's Niece
Janet and Chrissy wear party hatsIt’s Janet’s birthday. Jack and Chrissy decide to throw her a party. On the same night as the party, Mr. Roper pays Jack to go out with his niece making him miss the celebration. Moreover, Mr. Roper kicks Jack out of the apartment after catching him and his niece kissing. >>Read episode transcript

1.4 No Children, No Pets
Chrissy and Jack play with the dogJack brings home a puppy that he got from his friend Larry. Janet reminds her roommates the Ropers rules – no children and no dogs allowed. The three try to hide the puppy from the Ropers, while they find for someone to adopt it. Having no luck of finding someone, Chrissy decides to give it to the Ropers by leaving it on their doorstep. Mrs. Roper who saw Chrissy put the dog on their doorstep pretends to her husband that she thinks it is his 20th wedding anniversary gift to her. Mr. Roper afraid to admit that he forgot about the special occasion was left with no choice, but to concede. >>Read episode transcript

1.5 Jack the Giant Killer
Jack pretends to have served in CambodiaTaking a break off fixing their apartment, the three go to the Regal Beagle for a quick drink. Unfortunately, the brute sailor Jeff picks a fight with Jack. Seeing that he is no match against the towering man, Jack decides to back off. Already bothered with his cowardly behavior, his insecurity heightens when the frail Mr. Roper stands up to the guy after having called Jeff stupid. Unable to shrug off his embarrassment, Jack insists on going back to the Regal Beagle hoping to redeem himself. >>Read episode transcript

1.6 It's Only Money
Jack, Janet and Chrissy think of ways to raise rent moneyJack, Janet and Chrissy believe that a burglar had stolen the rent money that they had left lying on a shelf. Already a month behind on their rent, they struggle to avoid Mr. Roper while they try to raise the money they lost, not knowing that Mr. Roper only wanted to ask them out to dinner. >>Read episode transcript

Season 2

2.1 Ground Rules
2.2 Jack Looks for a Job
2.3 Janet's Promotion
2.4 Strange Bedfellows
2.5 Chrissy's Date
2.6 Alone Together
2.7 Roper's Car
2.8 Cyrano de Tripper
2.9 Chrissy's Night Out
2.10 Stanley Casanova
2.11 Janet's High School Sweetheart
2.12 Jack's Uncle
2.13 Helen's Job
2.14 Three's Christmas
2.15 The Gift
2.16 The Rivals
2.17 The Babysitters
2.18 Home Movies
2.19 Jack in the Flower Shop
2.20 Jack's Navy Pal
2.21 Will the Real Jack Tripper...
2.22 Days of Beer and Weeds
2.23 Chrissy Come Home
2.24 Bird Song
2.25 Coffee, Tea, or Jack

Season 3

3.1 Double Date
3.2 Good Old Reliable Janet
3.3 The Love Diary
3.4 The Fast
3.5 Helen's Rendezvous
3.6 My Sister's Keeper
3.7 Chrissy and the Guru
3.8 Larry's Bride
3.9 Chrissy's New Boss
3.10 The Crush
3.11 The Kleptomaniac
3.12 The Party's Over
3.13 Eleanor's Return
3.14 The Older Woman
3.15 Stanley's Hotline
3.16 The Catered Affair
3.17 The Best Laid Plans
3.18 The Harder They Fall
3.19 The Bake-Off
3.20 An Anniversary Surprise
3.21 Jack Moves Out
3.22 Triangle Troubles
3.23 Moving On

Season 4

4.1 Jack on the Lam
4.2 Love Thy Neighbor
4.3 The New Landlord
4.4 Snow Job
4.5 Jack the Ripper
4.6 The Life Saver
4.7 Old Folks at Home
4.8 A-Camping We Will Go
4.9 Chrissy's Hospitality
4.10 The Loan Shark
4.11 The Love Barge
4.12 Ralph's Rival
4.13 Black Letter Day
4.14 The Reverend Steps Out
4.15 Larry Loves Janet
4.16 Mighty Mouth
4.17 The Love Lesson
4.18 Handcuffed
4.19 And Baby Makes Two
4.20 Jack's Bad Boy
4.21 Lee Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
4.22 The Root of All Evil
4.23 Secret Admirer
4.24 The Goodbye Guy
4.25 Jack's Graduation
4.26 Stanley, the Ladies Man

Season 5

5.1 Upstairs, Downstairs, Downstairs
Pie-faced Jack with salad bowl on head and egg roll in mouthJack makes dinner for Janet and Chrissy to make up for lost quality time. Unfortunately, Larry puts him in a tight spot when he fixes him up on a blind date with his boss' daughter on the same night. Things get even more complicated when Jack's other date shows up at the apartment. Jack tries to survive the night juggling three dinner dates. >>Read episode transcript

5.2 And Justice for Jack
Jack gets pinched on the butt and spills soup on a customerJack lands a job at a diner. Things go well until his boss, Mrs. Marconi, starts grabbing and pinching his butt. Jack confronts Mrs. Marconi about the matter, which causes him to lose his job. He takes his unlawful termination to court, but loses the case when Jack unconsciously seduces the judge with his looks and appearance. >>Read episode transcript

5.3 A Hundred Dollars a What?
5.4 Downhill Chaser
5.5 A Crowded Romance
5.6 Room at the Bottom
5.7 Chrissy's Cousin
5.8 Jack to the Rescue
5.9 The Not-So-Great Imposter
5.10 Jack's Other Mother
5.11 Make Room for Daddy
5.12 Janet's Secret
5.13 Father of the Bride
5.14 Furley vs. Furley
5.15 In Like Larry
5.16 Teacher's Pet
5.17 And Baby Makes Four
5.18 Night of the Ropers
5.19 Double Trouble
5.20 Dying to Meet You
5.21 The Case of the Missing Blonde
5.22 Honest Jack Tripper

Season 6

6.1 Jack Bares All: Part 1
6.2 Jack Bares All: Part 2
6.3 Terri Makes Her Move
6.4 Professor Jack
6.5 Some of That Jazz
6.6 Lies My Roommate Told Me
6.7 Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
6.8 Eyewitness Blues
6.9 Boy Meets Dummy
6.10 Dates of Wrath
6.11 Macho Man
6.12 Strangers in the Night
6.13 The Match Breakers
6.14 Oh, Nun
6.15 Maid to Order
6.16 Hearts and Flowers
6.17 Urban Plowboy
6.18 A Friend in Need
6.19 Jack's 10
6.20 Doctor in the House
6.21 Critic's Choice
6.22 Paradise Lost
6.23 And Now, Here's Jack
6.24 Jane Wigs Out
6.25 Up in the Air
6.26 Made for Each Other
6.27 The Best of Three's Company: Part 1
6.28 The Best of Three's Company: Part 2

Season 7

7.1 A Night Not to Remember
7.2 Jack Goes to the Dentist
7.3 Diamond Jack
7.4 Extra, Extra
7.5 Jack Gets His Own Restaurant
7.6 Opening Night
7.7 Cousin, Cuisine
7.8 An Affair to Forget
7.9 The Brunch
7.10 The Impossible Dream
7.11 Breaking Up is Hard to Do
7.12 Larry's Sister
7.13 Bob and Carol and Larry and Terri
7.14 Going to Pot
7.15 Star Struck
7.16 Jack Goes the Distance
7.17 Jack's Double Date
7.18 Janet's Little Helper
7.19 The Apartment
7.20 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
7.21 Navy Blues
7.22 Borrowing Trouble

Season 8

8.1 Jack Be Quick
8.2 She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
8.3 The Money Machine
8.4 Out on a Limb
8.5 Alias Jack Tripper
8.6 Hearing is Believing
8.7 Grandma Jack
8.8 Like Father, Like Son
8.9 The Odd Couples
8.10 Now You See It, Now You Don't
8.11 The Charming Stranger
8.12 Janet Shapes Up
8.13 Itching for Trouble
8.14 Baby, It's Cold Outside
8.15 Look What I Found
8.16 Jack's Tattoo
8.17 Jack Takes Off
8.18 Forget Me Not
8.19 The Heiress
8.20 Cupid Works Overtime
8.21 Friends and Lovers: Part 1
8.22 Friends and Lovers: Part 2

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