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A Man About the House – Three’s Company Episode Summary 1.1

Jack Tripper, Janet Wood, and Chrissy Snow in the bathroomSynopsis: Jack Tripper (John Ritter), a gatecrasher at the wedding reception that Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) and Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers) gave their former roommate, was found sleeping in the girls’ bathtub. After tasting his cooking and learning that he is a culinary student in the technical school, the girls who have zero cooking skills decide to share the apartment with Jack. However, they still have the problem of making their landlords, the Ropers; allow them to share the house with a man.

Episode Summary: Chrissy Snow tries to tidy up the messed up apartment from last night’s party. However, her vacuuming wakes the hung over Janet Wood. Janet who has been overly drunk confirms with Chrissy the embarrassing memory of her giggling and attempt to do a striptease. Janet was mortified at having ruined the wedding reception they threw for their former roommate Eleanor. Chrissy assures her that Eleanor would not have noticed her gauche antics, since she went into labor and had to be rushed to the hospital. Janet was too drunk to remember even that.  Continue reading...

Chrissy starts to prepare her bath, while discussing with Janet the awful punch she concocted that turned Janet’s tongue and the drink ladle green. Busy with their discussion, she barely notices the man sleeping in the bathtub. Suddenly, she has been struck with the realization that there is a man in the bathtub and informs Janet. The two go in the bathroom to look and to find out that they do not know him. Moreover, Chrissy reminds Janet that a prospective roommate is coming to take a look at their place. They decide to confront the sleeping man. Janet gets a hold of the green ladle for protection and the two enter the bathroom. They watch as the guy wakes when he almost drowned in the half-filled tub. He struggles to stand to turn off the shower as the two frightfully watch him. Equally startled at the sight of the two girls, the guy tries to compose himself. Soaking wet he introduces himself as Jack Tripper. He gets out of the tub and to his embarrassment slips. Sensing that Jack is harmless, the girls introduce themselves. He then remembers seeing them at the party. Janet adds that it was them who gave the party. Jack explains that he came with a friend who knew one of the gatecrashers. Soon they find out that the fruit punch that Chrissy made knocked him out. Jack who is still soaking wet makes his way to leave, but Chrissy feeling sorry for the guy let him freshen up.

Downstairs, Stanley Roper complains to his wife Helen that the party upstairs kept him awake. Helen dismisses his whining, but he continues. Stanley even blames the girls for the crack on their ceiling. Helen tells him that the thrilling earthquake caused the crack. Surprised with her answer, Stanley asks Helen how she could describe an earthquake as thrilling. To this she retorts that it was the only time that their bed moved in years. Stanley goes on and on about the party, but Helen explains that it was only a harmless going away party and adds that if Stanley leaves she’ll throw him one. Finally, they stop their teasing and decide who should complain to the girls. Helen says that it should be the head of the house then concludes that it should be her.

Upstairs, Jack discretely passes to Chrissy his wet clothes while Janet hands him Eleanor’s robe. Jack comes out of the kitchen wearing the hideous floral robe as the two watch and laugh at his sight. While Janet dries Jack’s wet clothes in the oven, Chrissy on the other hand assists Jack with his shaving. She lends him her razor and gives him a sink cleaner to use as shaving cream.

Later, Chrissy and Janet struggle to make breakfast. Jack with multiple cuts on his face joins them. He tries to eat the dreadful looking scrambled eggs hoping that it does not taste as bad as it looks. He was wrong. Chrissy somewhat dares him to do any better. Jack accepts the challenge and soon they find out the he is studying to be a gourmet chef. When Jack asked for wine, Janet volunteered to collect all the leftover wine from the party. Janet’s task was disrupted when Mrs. Roper dropped by to ask them to keep the noise down the next time they have a party. As she was leaving, Jack who was still wearing the floral robe enters the living room. Janet tries to convince Mrs. Roper that the person she saw was a she.

In the kitchen, the three wait for the food to cook. Jack who thought Chrissy was a lifeguard starts flirting with her. Janet informs him that Chrissy works in a typing pool and not a swimming pool. Chrissy then tells him that Janet works in a flower shop, but Jack is clearly uninterested. Chrissy answers the door to find Patricia Crawford, the girl looking to share the apartment with them.

Back at the Ropers, Helen informs Stanley that there is a man in woman’s clothes in the girls’ apartment. Stanley in disbelief verifies with Helen that it was really a man that she saw. He claims that they all look the same nowadays. Helen assures him that she saw a man. In fact, she even saw chest hairs peeping out. Stanley rushes to the girls’ apartment after Helen fantasizes that the three must be doing something delightfully kinky.

Chrissy shows Patricia around the house. She brings her to the kitchen and introduced her to Jack and Janet. Patricia seems a bit disgusted at the sight of Jack and leaves the kitchen telling a story about the time she found a spider in her tub. Clearly, she is not the type of girl they want as a roommate and they try to send her off. They were interrupted with Mr. Ropers’ arrival. He points and comes up to Patricia, mistaking her for the man Mrs. Roper was talking about earlier. He confronts the lady, makes odd comments and start poking at Patricia’s breasts. Soon he realizes his mistake, but it was too late. Patricia starts hitting him with her handbag while Mr. Roper struggle to apologize only make it worse. Having lost any other things to say to make up for his actions he runs out the door. Janet and Chrissy need not have to dissuade Patricia from taking the apartment as she informs her that she could not live in the same building as the man who touched her bosoms.

Jack finish cooking and calls the girls to the kitchen. Janet and Chrissy taste the food and are a loss for words. Soon they find out that Jack is staying at the YMCA, since he cannot afford any place else unless he can find roommates. With this, the girls are struck with a bright idea. Janet and Chrissy leave the kitchen to talk about their plan. They discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having him around. The only disadvantage is Chrissy falling for Jack. Chrissy informs Janet that she just have to watch out for the two of them. Finally, they decide to ask Jack to move in with them and he accepts. Janet shows him his room and warns him of what they might do when he tries to take advantage of them.

At the Ropers’ house, Stanley tells Helen that the person she thought was a man is indeed a woman. They argue about the gender of Janet and Chrissy’s guest. The Ropers’ decide the only way to settle this is to go and visit the girls. Mrs. Roper explains to Chrissy the reason for their visit and points at Jack. Mr. Roper corrects her and says that it is not about the man in the robe and he starts poking Jack’s chest. Jack introduces himself to the Ropers’ and informs them that he is moving in with the girls. Immediately, Mr. Roper tells him that he is not allowing it.

Upset, Jack and Chrissy make their way to the kitchen. Chrissy hands him his pants form the oven. After getting Chrissy’s permission to confront Mr. Roper, Jack marches out the kitchen door with his pants and floral robe. Before Jack could put Mr. Roper to his place, Mr. Roper informs him that Janet already explained everything and that he apologizes for misjudging him. Much to Jack and Chrissy’s surprise, he tells Jack that he could move in with the girls. As soon as the Ropers’ leave, Janet tells them that she convinced Mr. Roper that nothing would happen between the three of them, because she told him that Jack is gay.

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