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And Mother Makes Four – Three’s Company Episode Summary 1.2

Chrissy's mother drops bySynopsis: On the day that Jack Tripper moves in with Chrissy and Janet, Chrissy’s mother drops by to visit. In a panic of being caught sharing an apartment with a man, Chrissy instructs Janet to keep Jack at the Regal Beagle while she entertains her mother. Unfortunately, Mrs. Snow decides to spend the night leaving Jack homeless for the evening.

Episode Summary: Chrissy had just finished preparing Jack’s room; trying her very best to make it feel homey. Janet cautions her from spoiling their new roommate and adds that the man used to live at the YMCA – a residence less desirable than a broom closet. In addition, Janet warns Chrissy of giving Jack the wrong idea. Chrissy, on the other hand, is bothered with Janet putting Jack’s name on the mailbox. She worries that her father, the minister, might learn of her residing with a man. She reminds Janet of how her father made a huge fuss of her moving from Fresno to Los Angeles. Janet tells her friend that her father does not have to know, but Chrissy argues that her father knows everything to which Janet retorts that her father is not God. A rolling thunder that punctuated her remark almost proved her wrong.  Continue reading...

There was a knock on the door and it turned out to be Mr. Roper stopping by to fix their doorbell. Following him, carrying a stepladder, is Mrs. Roper. The Ropers’ carry on with their usual teasing and after going after each other Mr. Roper starts joking about Jack’s sexuality. Mr. Roper steps down the ladder holding with his bare hands two loose live wires.

Out by the door, Jack thanks the cab driver for carrying his bags and apologizes for spilling a bottle of pickled onions in his cab. As the cab driver was leaving, Jack rings the doorbell, but all he got was a painful cry from Mr. Roper. He rings the bell a second time and again comes Roper’s howl. Uncertain of what is behind the door, the driver frightfully returns Jack’s cab fare and runs out of sight.

Chrissy opens the door to find Jack. Due to Mr. Roper’s electrocution Mrs. Roper decides to bring her whimpering husband home, but before that Mr. Roper without class teases Jack for being what he calls a tinkerbell. Soon he’d learn that Jack is a boxer and would hit a guy for making fun at his kind. Mr. Roper made his way to the door as soon as Jack cracked his knuckles.

Janet and Chrissy get Jack’s bags despite his opposition. While the girls were out, Mrs. Roper chats with Jack and fantasizes about men at the mention of YMCA. Janet returns hauling two huge, heavy duffel bags. Chrissy follows her carrying only three pieces of books. Much to Janet’s dismay, Jack only thanks Chrissy as she hands him his books.

Mrs. Roper then invites the three to the quaint pub, The Regal Beagle, for a glass of wine. Jack graciously declines with the excuse of having an early class the next morning. As soon as Mrs. Roper departs, Janet leaves no time to ask Jack for the rent and for good reason. The girls need his share to pay last month’s rent. Janet quips that Mr. Roper does not believe in charity. At the mention of their landlord, Jack asks Janet until when he would have to pretend to be gay. Janet tells him that he would have to continue with the ruse as long as he lives with them. This did not seem to disturb him as long as Chrissy knows this not to be true. Sensing Jack’s flirtation, Janet grabs Chrissy and reminds her of a task. Chrissy bluntly asks Jack to come with her to the kitchen to show her what he’s got. Jack misinterpreting the badly phrased statement looks at her with great surprise and a huge smile on his face. Janet puts things in perspective, stating that Chrissy was talking about the groceries he brought with him. However, the phone rings and Chrissy answers it so Janet goes with Jack instead of her.

Janet and Jack sort out the groceries and talk about dinner. She pops a loose, pickled onion in her mouth, while asking him why they’re loose. She regrets having done so upon hearing that they’ve spilled on the floor of the cab. This is all forgotten when Chrissy frantically enters the kitchen. Apparently, it was Chrissy’s mother who was on the phone letting her daughter know that she’s dropping in to visit. Chrissy’s cause for concern is that her mother would find out that she is sharing an apartment with a guy. In the midst of her panic, Chrissy still managed to devise a plan, which is for Janet to keep Jack at the Regal Beagle while her mother visits. Janet convinces Jack to go with the plan using the voluptuous barmaid as lure.

Mrs. Roper catches sight of Jack and Janet at the Regal Beagle and invites the two to her table. The bosomy barmaid served them and Jack’s reaction at finding Janet’s claim to be true confirmed Mrs. Roper’s suspicion that Jack is not gay. Caught red-handed, Jack confesses. However, the two are relieved for Mrs. Roper assured them that she wouldn’t tell her husband.

Mrs. Snow arrives at the apartment. Busy with her complaints about the traffic and of the cab smelling of pickled onions she barely gives mind to Chrissy. As Chrissy goes to prepare her mother dinner, Mrs. Snow informs her that there is no need for it since she’ll be leaving quite soon. Chrissy could hardly contain her relief at the news. Soon they touch about the subject of her safety. Then when Mrs. Snow asked about her roommates, Chrissy was left with no choice, but to update her mother of Eleanor’s leaving to get married, which allowed Mrs. Snow to invite herself to spend the night.

At the Regal Beagle, Janet and Jack wait for Chrissy’s call. Whining, Jack makes it clear that he wants to go back home to rest. Although Mrs. Roper’s attempt of entertaining him failed, the barmaid’s offer for another beer was a success. Thanks to her bosoms. Mrs. Roper out-gunned as she refers to herself decides to go back home, while Janet talks on the phone with Chrissy. After learning that Mrs. Snow is spending the night in Jack’s room, Janet and Chrissy desperately think over places where Jack could sleep. They finish their phone conversation without a solution.

In a panic to keep her mother away, Chrissy starts behaving very strangely; suggesting to her mother that they spend a night at a motel. Running out of ideas, Chrissy makes a lame excuse of running out to buy carrots to make her mother’s favorite salad. Janet too is at a loss for ideas, since Jack has no money to stay at a motel she suggests that he spend a night at an all-night art theater. Unable to come up with viable alternatives, Jack prepares to leave the pub for home. Unfortunately for him, Chrissy arrives making it two against one.

Back at the apartment, Mr. Roper who decided to finish fixing the doorbell startles Mrs. Snow. Learning that she is spending the night in Eleanor’s old room, which unknown to her is now Jack’s bedroom; a smile creeps upon Mr. Roper’s face. Mrs. Snow offers him a drink to which he asks for her to fix him some cocoa. He informs her that it helps him sleep. Something his wife disagrees upon and adds that one night Mrs. Roper even gave him Wheaties.

At the Regal Beagle, the three struggle to come up with a solution. Jack insists on sleeping on his own bed and was only willing to do otherwise when Chrissy suggested that he sleep in the girl’s room. As always the case, Janet is opposed to this solution, but has become powerless. They return home and find Mrs. Snow asleep. The three sneak in, but Jack’s hiccups almost gave them away. He asks the girls to let him go to the kitchen for a surefire cure, but Chrissy insists he stay in the room. Tired and exhausted, the girls forgetting they are in the presence of a man start to undress as Jack longingly watch. To get him out of the room, Janet sends Jack to the kitchen to get his hiccup remedy.

Jack successfully reaches the kitchen, but the thunder wakes Mrs. Snow. On her way to the bathroom, she hears Jack breathing to a paperbag to cure his hiccup. Thinking it is Chrissy, she calls for her and makes her way to the kitchen. Jack manages to hide in the broom closet. Seeing that there’s no one there, Chrissy’s mother makes her way back to the bathroom. Jack comes out of the closet knocking over a mop. Fortunately, he catches it just in time. Still holding the mop, he silently creeps back to the girl’s room, but before he could do so Mrs. Snow comes out of the bathroom. Quickly, he slips behind the couch with the mop’s head exposed. Luckily, Mrs. Snow only sees the mop head that had rested itself at the back of the sofa. She grabs the mop and returns it in the broom closet. Jack rushes to the girl’s bedroom only to find it locked. Chrissy’s mother has returned to the living room and is making her way back to her room. Left with no other choice, Jack puts the lampshade on his head camouflaging himself as a lamp. He successfully disguised himself as Mrs. Snow walks past him. His efforts almost were put to waste when Chrissy who has come looking for him was startled by his hiccup and disguise. Quickly, they return to the bedroom, but as soon as they got settled - the girls on their beds and Jack squeezed in a small chair; they hear a banging sound. Janet recognizes it as the window in the living room and asks Jack to close it, but he argues of being seen. Chrissy who is already in her nighties volunteers to do the job. Before getting out of the bed she orders Jack to turn around while she puts on her robe. Jack obeys, but wittingly turns only to face the mirror that has a whole clear view of the girls. He naughtily watches and lets himself get caught by commenting on the mole on Chrissy’s thigh. Chrissy leaves the two allowing Jack to let Janet know his attraction towards their roommate. Their chat however slightly offends the unnoticed Janet. Chrissy returns unable to close the window and so Jack goes to finish the job. Despite his mischief, the girls have grown to adore him.

The window seems to be stuck and so Jack gives it a bit of pounding. Mrs. Snow wakes upon hearing the noise thinking it is her daughter knocking. With nowhere to hide, Jack jumps out of the window into the pouring rain. Chrissy’s mother turns on the lights, finds the window ajar and shuts it without any trouble. Mrs. Snow pulls the curtains and Jack taps on the window. Frightened, Chrissy’s mother yells for her daughter. Janet and Chrissy rush out of their bedroom. Jack gives the window another tap, but Chrissy pretends not to hear it. Soon he starts banging on the door. Janet rushes to open it and finds Jack soaking wet in the rain. She receives him and he, despite his ridiculous appearance, pretends to have come to invite the girls to watch the all-night showing of War and Peace. As he leaves, Mrs. Snow notices that he is not wearing any shoes. Janet let’s slip his name and to their astonishment Mrs. Snow identifies him as her daughter’s roommate. To add to their shock, Mrs. Snow does not seem to be bothered with the arrangement. Apparently, Mr. Roper already told her about Jack. In fact, she is relieved that the girls have a man in their apartment to protect them. All their troubles were for nothing, since she has complete trust in Jack for he is gay.

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