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It’s Only Money – Three’s Company Episode Summary 1.6

Jack, Chrissy and Janet report a burglaryOverview: Jack, Janet and Chrissy believe that a burglar had stolen the rent money that they had left lying on a shelf. Already a month behind on their rent, they struggle to avoid Mr. Roper while they try to raise the money they lost, not knowing that Mr. Roper only wanted to ask them out to dinner.

Synopsis: Jack comes up to Janet as she tries to take a peek at Jack’s mail. Apparently, he had been following her from the bus stop. They enter the house to find that the door was left unlocked. Jack having been the last person to leave the house is quite sure that he locked the door. They deduce that somebody might have broken in, since their next-door neighbors were burglarized not too long ago. The two start to look around the house for missing items. Jack runs to the kitchen, while Janet surveys the living room. Nothing seems to be missing. Frightened and a little paranoid, they check the rooms just in case the robbers have not yet left the house. Lead by Jack, the two walk up to the girl’s bedroom door. In an attempt to scare off the burglars, Jack acts up a monologue where he pretends to be in the company of men and a Doberman. He quickly opens the door and starts barking, only to find no one there. Next, they check Jack’s room and find it in a mess. Thankfully, that is how it has always been. Lastly, Jack checks the only room they haven’t inspected – the bathroom. But nobody’s in there either. Finally, Janet notices that their radio is missing. Unfortunately, beneath it was their rent money. Hoping that the envelope only slid off the shelf, the two begin a frantic search for their rent. Busy with their search, Janet and Jack fail to notice Chrissy’s arrival. Chrissy startles Janet consequently scaring Jack who was quick to crawl inside the bathroom. Janet asks her about the radio. Apparently, Chrissy took it to be repaired. Relieved they tell her about their confusion and ask about the rent money. Regrettably, Chrissy left it on the shelf that has now turned up empty.  Continue reading...

Down at the Ropers, Stanley starts complaining about his thinning hair. Soon, he checks his watch then rushes to the window to peep at their blonde neighbor. Helen tells him about a peeping tom she saw last night. She recalls seeing him peeping at their bedroom window and yawning. Stanley jokingly remarks that Helen must have been undressing when the guy decided to take a peep. To change the topic, Stanley asks his wife where she got the flowers she has been fussing with. According to Helen, it was a present from Chrissy; only the young woman actually got it from his garden. In order to return the friendly gesture, Helen convinces Stanley to invite the three out to dinner.

The three struggle to come up with ideas to raise the $300 they need to pay for last month’s rent. To the shock of Jack and Janet, Chrissy tells them that the only thing she could sell, she’s been saving until she gets married. Apparently, she was referring to her grandmother’s wedding ring. Finally, the policeman arrives to check on the apartment. He checks the door jam, but quickly starts to get suspicious when Janet informs him that there’s no sign of forcible entry. To add to his doubt, he finds a key in a pot that’s lying in plain view. Things do not seem to favor the three when the policeman discovers that nothing else is missing, not even the television set. On top of that, they had carelessly left $300 cash lying around the house. However, it is Janet’s request that ultimately makes him believe that he is being taken for a ride. Janet had unwittingly requested the policeman to be the one to tell their landlord that they cannot pay the rent, since it had been stolen. It is, according to her, is the only way Mr. Roper would believe them.

Already a month behind their rent and guilty of not having the money to pay their landlord, the three decide to hide in the pub. Mr. Roper bothered with how the three walked out on him when he only wanted to invite them out to dinner discusses the strange incident with his wife. Helen suggests that he try and ask the three out again. Stanley reluctantly agrees after having been threatened of spending the whole day with his talkative wife.

Morning came and they still do not know how to raise the money for their rent. Janet and Chrissy continue to think of ways. Janet’s idea is for Chrissy to ask her boss for an advance, but the only advance she’d get from him is sexual. Jack, who is wearing a bathing suit as underwear, joins in. Chrissy asks him if he has any friends with money. There’s actually one that had suspiciously struck rich, but was put to jail. Chrissy’s brilliant idea is to hold a garage sale only they would have to rent a garage. Jack asks Janet to get a loan. Unfortunately, her bad credit makes it impossible for her to get one. This however, leads Jack to the only idea that might actually work. As it turns out, his school has a financial aid program that provides loans to students in need; only he has to make up some sad story for his loan to get approved. Fortunately, he already has one. He is a student who is on the verge of being homeless after being robbed of his rent money.

Jack meets with the loan officer to answer a few questions. He tells him that the apartment he is sharing with two girls was ransacked and that their rent money was taken. The officer finds it amusing that Jack’s sharing an apartment with two girls. He does not seem to take it against him, but is nevertheless curious with the arrangement. The application appeared to be going well despite the officer’s disbelief of Jack living with two girls. Apparently, he thinks Chrissy and Janet are both his girlfriends.

Back in the house, Jack tells them how he almost got a loan. Things were going well, despite of the girlfriends fiasco. But after learning that Jack’s father earned enough money to help him pay the rent, the loan officer could do nothing but deny his application. To add to their dilemma, the Ropers drop by. The three decide to sneak out to the pub again and hide, but the Ropers catches them on their way out. Finally, the kids learn that Mr. Roper only wanted to invite them out to dinner. Unfortunately, Chrissy lets it slip the real reason why they’ve been running out on him, only to learn that they already paid the rent the other day. Confused, Mr. Roper tells them how he took the envelope that was labeled “Rent”. Janet asks him why he did not even care to leave a receipt and that they even went through all the hassle of calling the police; thinking all the while that they have been burglarized. Apparently, Mr. Roper forgot to leave a receipt. With the matter resolved, they leave for a nice, worry-free dinner.

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