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Jack the Giant Killer – Three’s Company Episode Summary 1.5

Jack scares off the bully with kung-fuSynopsis: Taking a break off fixing their apartment, the three go to the Regal Beagle for a quick drink. Unfortunately, the brute sailor Jeff picks a fight with Jack. Seeing that he is no match against the towering man, Jack decides to back off. Already bothered with his cowardly behavior, his insecurity heightens when the frail Mr. Roper stands up to the guy after having called Jeff stupid. Unable to shrug off his embarrassment, Jack insists on going back to the Regal Beagle hoping to redeem himself.

Episode Summary: Janet and Chrissy are in the living room putting new upholstery on their couch. Jack arrives after taking his bike for a ride and helps the girls fix it. He shows off demonstrating to them how a real man does things. Chrissy hands him a handful of tacks, which he puts inside his mouth and pretends to have swallowed them all causing the girls to panic. After realizing he was just pulling their leg, the girls start hitting him with pillows. Continue reading...

Stanley who is suffering from a toothache starts to get annoyed with the thumping upstairs. Helen explains that the three are redecorating. This angers him more, claiming that he had redecorated the unit just two years ago. This he remembers, since it was the same time Helen’s mother dropped by for a visit. Helen changes the topic and shows Stanley a picture of the red, see-through nightie she’s been eyeing. Stanley starts with his sarcastic comments against his wife when his tooth starts to bother him. Helen insists that he see a dentist. To appease her, he agrees to see one the next day. Tired of her husband’s whining about his tooth, she begs him to take an aspirin. Stanley protests saying that a painkiller won’t do much to which Helen jokes that he should take the whole bottle.

At last, the three finish fixing the couch. They carry it back to its place and set it down, only it falls on Jack’s foot. Jack tries to walk off the pain as Janet checks out their work. She Indian sits on the middle of the couch and is pleased that it had become firm and comfortable. Their hard work seemed to have paid off. Jack credits himself for the good job and sits beside Janet, but the couch swallows him. Janet wanting to get it right stands and orders the two to get back to work. Jack and Chrissy protest saying that it is Saturday, but Janet reminds them that they agreed to work on the apartment that weekend. She gives them two choices: one is to work on the couch and the other to put up the wallpaper. Chrissy adds another choice, which is to go to the pub to which Jack agrees and follows her out. Left with no other choice, Janet goes with them.

At the Regal Beagle, Jeff, a sailor recounts his smooth talking success. The two grab a table as Jack places their order at the bar. Jack starts with his chauvinist speech about how men are naturally stronger than women. Jeff, who noticed Jack with the two girls the minute they walked in, decides use his smooth talking skill with Chrissy. He walks over to their table, pushes Jack out of the way and offers the blonde a drink. Chrissy who knows better tries her best to shrug off the imposing jerk, but to no avail. She informs him that she is with Jack. Jack attempts to stand up to the guy, but decides against it seeing that he clearly is no match to the towering brute. Jeff leaves when his friend suggests that he come back to the bar and finish his drink. Embarrassed for not picking a fight with the guy, he tries to make excuses for his cowardly behavior. The girls try to appease him, saying that he did the right thing.

The Ropers arrive at the pub. Helen orders a brandy for Stanley who still has not stopped complaining about his toothache. As soon as he gets his drink from the bartender, Jeff who is seating beside him accidentally elbows Stanley causing him to spill his drink. This infuriates Mr. Roper and calls Jeff stupid. Jeff towers over old Stanley trying to intimidate him, but surprisingly Mr. Roper sticks to what he said. Pleased with the old man’s bravado, he buys him a drink. Moreover, he rubs in to Jack Mr. Roper’s moment of boldness. This makes Jack even more insecure.

The next morning, Jack still is in a bad mood. If he were a woman, I’d say he has PMS. Last night’s incident continues to bother Jack. He tells Janet that even as a kid he failed to stick up for his rights. She tries to cheer him up, but fails. Jack goes to the bathroom to shave, only Chrissy is inside taking a shower. She tells him to forget about last night and successfully cheers him up a bit.

Stanley, still hot after his daring show shadowboxes in front of a mirror. Helen puts him in his place, which causes his tooth to ache again. Upstairs, Jack is enjoying the Funnies from the Sunday newspaper. Janet is pleased to see that he finally got his mind off last night’s incident, but later finds out that she is mistaken. Jack shares with them the plot of the comic strip. The cartoon was about a little guy who dumps a can of paint on the head of his big bully foreman who has been tormenting him. Again, Jack becomes displeased with himself for not standing up to Jeff. The doorbell disrupts their conversation. As Jack goes to see who it might be, he tells the girls what he could’ve done if only he had the guts. In his rage, he tears the Funnies apart. He opens the door and finds Mr. Roper. He asks him if they got his Sunday paper by mistake. Realizing what he’d done with the Funnies, Jack hides the torn section behind his back, but soon decides to tell Mr. Roper the truth. The landlord asks for the rest of the paper, so Jack goes to the kitchen to get it. Unfortunately, the girls knocked the pot of coffee over it. Mr. Roper enters the kitchen and sees the soaking paper. To make peace with the angry man, Jack offers to buy him a drink at the pub. Upon hearing this, the girls quickly try to dissuade him from going back to the Regal Beagle. Mr. Roper makes things worse when he comments about hearing the incident and how Jack could not have fought the bully, since he is gay. Mrs. Roper arrives and Mr. Roper tells her that he was just telling the girls that they should come to him for protection. She tells him that she managed to set an appointment with his dentist and that he is expecting Stanley that day. Upon hearing this, Mr. Roper starts to feel the pain on his tooth and acts like a baby.

The three return to the Regal Beagle. Jack orders a shot of whiskey and is relieved to hear from the bartender that Jeff won’t be around that night. Unfortunately, the bartender was mistaken. Jeff and his friend arrive. Immediately, he makes fun of Jack. Janet and Chrissy stops Jack from confronting the big bully. Janet volunteers to place their order just so Jack won’t come up to the bar where Jeff is. She comes up to the guy and talks to him. Jack sees him laughing and confronts Jeff. He starts to rattle about his gruff behavior last night and orders the guy to leave. In an attempt to scare him off, Jack strikes a kung fu pose. Jeff apologizes and gets out of his way. In disbelief, the three rejoice. However, Jack pulled a muscle with his kung fu display and so the girls had to help him back to their table. Equally pleased, the bartender gives Jack a free drink and asks about the steel plate on his head. Apparently, Janet told them that Jack got a steel plate on his head after saving his platoon in Vietnam. This was the real reason why Jeff let him off the hook. Jack upon learning the truth starts to get bothered again, but Chrissy enlightens him with the fact that he did stand up to the guy. Delighted with himself, he rejoices at his bravery and lets it slip that he did not go to Vietnam. Jeff, who happens to pass by their table, overhears this so Jack pretends that the war he fought was in Cambodia and not Vietnam.

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