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No Children, No Dogs – Three’s Company Episode Summary 1.4

Jack, Janet and Chrissy give the dog back to LarrySynopsis: Jack brings home a puppy that he got from his friend Larry. Janet reminds her roommates the Ropers rules – no children and no dogs allowed. The three try to hide the puppy from the Ropers, while they find for someone to adopt it. Having no luck of finding someone, Chrissy decides to give it to the Ropers by leaving it on their doorstep. Mrs. Roper who saw Chrissy put the dog on their doorstep pretends to her husband that she thinks it is his 20th wedding anniversary gift to her. Mr. Roper afraid to admit that he forgot about the special occasion was left with no choice, but to concede.

Episode Summary: Mrs. Roper calls Janet to her house to return the spicy book Janet lent her to read. During their chat, she mentions that she and Stanley are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary that week. Unfortunately, Stanley’s idea of an anniversary celebration is watching Baretta and Charlie’s Angels. That is, if he even remembers the occasion. Mr. Roper arrives from his check-up and Janet tries to remind him that the day after tomorrow is a very special day. Regrettably, the only thing he could think of is that Baretta and Charlie’s Angels are on TV that day. On another note, Mr. Roper asks Janet to warn Chrissy about her wandering half-naked in the middle of the night. Alarmed, Janet tells him that Chrissy must have been sleepwalking.  Continue reading...

Janet informs Chrissy about her sleepwalking. Apparently, the cause is Chrissy’s anxiety over her boss Mr. Rogers who likes touching women. Jack arrives and they tell him about Chrissy’s sleepwalking. According to Chrissy, she tends to walk in her sleep when she is anxious. Jack thinks he has a perfect gift to cheer her troubled roommate. He surprises them with a cute, little, white puppy that he got from his used car salesman friend/animal lover, Larry. It was up to Janet to ruin the happy moment. She reminds them of the Roper’s rules – no children and no dogs allowed.

Larry drops by to give Jack the rubber bone for the puppy. Jack tries to return the dog, while Janet explains to him that they are not allowed to have any pets. Larry hesitantly takes the dog back, but remarks that the puppy will be put to sleep. After Larry left with the dog, Chrissy clearly looks troubled with what he had said while Jack tries hard not to be bothered with it. Janet after attempting to distract the two finally gives in and tells Jack to get the dog back.

That night, Chrissy starts walking in her sleep again. She slowly makes her way out the door. Fortunately, Janet was awakened and she wakes Jack to help her bring Chrissy back to bed. Jack grudgingly follows and falls down the steps. They successfully lead the sleepwalking Chrissy back to bed. Jack who grazed his leg on the fall goes to the kitchen to nurse his wound. On his way to the kitchen, he hears the puppy whining. Afraid that it’s whimpering might wake the Ropers, he gets the dog from the bathroom and attempts to lull it back to sleep. The puppy’s yapping woke Chrissy. She and Jack go to the kitchen to feed the dog. Noticing that her roommate is not in her bed, Janet starts looking for her. She hears her and Jack talking in the kitchen. Eyes-wide, Janet eavesdrops on what seemed to be a titillating conversation - unaware that the two are merely playing with the dog. Having heard enough, Janet barges in the kitchen and embarrasses herself upon learning the truth. Mr. Roper who heard the whimpering checks out on the three. Jack explains that he stubbed his toe and that it was him whom he heard. He warns them that he would throw them out when he finds that they have been keeping a dog.

The next day, Jack tries to find someone who would take the dog with no luck. As Janet was preparing food for the puppy, Mrs. Roper drops by to borrow some milk. Janet starts to behave strangely as she tries to warn the two of Mrs. Roper’s presence. Jack and Chrissy struggle to hide the puppy. To Janet’s alarm, Mrs. Roper makes her way to the kitchen. Fortunately, the two managed to hide the dog. Chrissy hands Mrs. Roper the milk, while Janet tries to get her to leave. Unluckily, the dog food on the table catches her eye. Thinking that it is something that Jack cooked in school, she takes it with her to serve to Mr. Roper. Jack runs downstairs to try and stop Mr. Roper from eating the dog food.

Helen hands Stanley the dog food, telling him that it is the beef bourguignon that Jack made. Stanley who is not adventurous with food switches plates with Helen. Jack disturbs their dinner and grabs Mr. Roper’s plate upon seeing that he is about to eat a spoonful of his meal. He runs to the kitchen, throws Mr. Roper’s dinner down the sink and dashes out. Left with nothing else to eat, Stanley settles with Mrs. Roper’s dinner that actually is the dog food.

The next morning, Jack alerts Janet that the dog has gone missing. Later, they learn from Chrissy that the Ropers have it. Apparently, she put the dog on their doorstep, hid and waited until Mrs. Roper took it in. On her way out to work, she finds Mrs. Roper with the dog by their door. It appears that Mrs. Roper saw her put the dog on their doorstep. Chrissy uses her sleepwalking problem as an excuse, but Mrs. Roper clearly is not buying it. Before Janet could explain, Mr. Roper drops in to tell them about the beef bourguignon, but was distracted with the dog that Mrs. Roper is carrying. Mrs. Roper pretends that she thinks that the puppy is Mr. Roper’s anniversary present. Afraid to admit that he forgot their anniversary, Stanley concedes and the problem with the puppy is solved. Before leaving the three, he tells Jack that he loved the food he cooked and even asked for the recipe.

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