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Chapter 21 Season 2 – House of Cards Episode Summary 2.8

House of Cards Chapter 21 Episode Summary: Vice President Frank Underwood uses the Ugaya tribe to get to Dan Lanagin, while simultaneously working on fulfilling Xander Feng’s request to finance the Port Jefferson Bridge project.  Regrettably, Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez proves to be an obstacle in his attempt to convince President Garrett Walker to approve the bridge project.  Meanwhile, Claire Underwood’s campaign for the bill that will protect against sexual assault in the armed forces precariously hangs on the shoulders of Megan Hennessey.

House of Cards Chapter 21 Recap: Vice President Frank Underwood meets with Chief Whitehall and key members of the Ugaya tribe in an attempt to gain their favor.  He instructs Doug Stamper to help the Ugaya tribe receive recognition in order for them to begin construction of the casino that will compete with Lanagin’s business.  He meets with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and offers them $13 million of appropriation from Congress in exchange for an expeditious approval of an 8-year old application from Chief Whitehall.  The Ugaya tribe lost their right to BIA benefits after Daniel Lanagin unregistered the tribe.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs remains reluctant to expedite the Ugaya tribe’s application, but agrees to do so after Stamper threatened the bureau’s loss of funding.  News of the Ugaya tribe’s recognition reaches Lanagin and he requests a meeting with Frank in Missouri.Continue reading...

Frank Underwood works on seeking President Garret Walker’s approval to allow Xander Feng to finance the Port Jefferson Bridge.  Presidential Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez disapproves of doing business with the Chinese given the current trade war between the U.S. and China.  Moreover, she becomes suspicious of Frank’s motive knowing his previous strong opposition to China.  She rejects Frank’s appeal for help in persuading the President to accept Feng’s financing.  Vice President Frank Underwood ignores Linda’s suggestion to forego the Port Jefferson Bridge and pursues convincing President Walker to approve its construction.  Regrettably, Linda had warned the President of Frank’s suspicious determination to push for its construction.  The distrust in his motive leads Frank to confess his unsanctioned negotiations with China.  He apprises the President of the reason behind his insistence without divulging details.  All the President needs to know is that the solution to combating the Republicans in the midterms lies in the construction of the Port Jefferson Bridge.

Vice President Francis Underwood uses the fundraiser in Kansas City for House Representative Terry Womack as a cover for his meeting with Daniel Lanagin.  Ayla Sayyad, however, suspects that Frank Underwood has another agenda in Missouri, Raymond Tusk’s home state.  Frank haughtily arrives at Lanagin’s mansion not expecting Tusk’s attendance.  He has come certain that Lanagin has called to make a deal following his support of the Ugaya tribe, one that could prove a threat to his casino.  Instead, he learns that Chief Whitehall had accepted Lanagin’s offer of re-enrollment to his tribe soon after meeting with the BIA.  Tusk proposes Frank’s agreement to help mend his relationship with the President of the United States in exchange for the redirection of campaign funds back to the Democrats.  Frank refuses to accept Tusk’s proposal and threatens to have the BIA investigate Tusk and Lanagin.  The entrepreneurs are unfazed, well aware that the investigation will only implicate him and the leadership in the corruption given that they had been funneling money to the Democrats for almost a decade.  Frank leaves enraged with his failure.  He instructs Stamper to schedule a meeting with the President with strict orders to bypass Linda that he may persuade him to approve the Port Jefferson Bridge project.

Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez learns of the meeting and takes it off the schedule enraging Frank even more.  A livid, Frank Underwood, derides Linda Vasquez with claims of having made her, but the feisty Chief of Staff counters with claims of already having repaid her debt of gratitude.  Linda senses the futility of their argument and decides to end it unresolved, but Frank continues with his derision forcing Linda to assert the importance of her role as Chief of Staff.  She makes the mistake of professing the President’s dependence on her leading Frank to challenge her to make the President choose between his Chief of Staff and his Vice President.  The President would choose the Vice President without a doubt for the Chief of Staff is easier to replace.  Linda speaks to President Garrett privately in the hope of convincing him to maintain his decision to forego the Port Jefferson Bridge project.  The President appreciates her input.  Regrettably, he is disinclined to agree.

President Garrett Walker meets with Frank to discuss the Port Jefferson Bridge project mainly to ensure irreproachability from failure.  Frank claims the suppression of information from the President protects him from blame and insists on accepting responsibility for its ruin should it fail.  President Walker agrees to approve the Port Jefferson Bridge project and calls the Committee for Foreign Investments to inform them of his decision.  Stamper informs Feng of the good news and receives word of the Chinese businessman’s agreement to end his patronage of Lanagin’s casino.  Stamper, however, forces him to end his co-venture with Tusk as well.  President Garrett later speaks to Frank about Linda’s resignation and confides his infuriation towards her attempt at manipulation.  President Garrett seeks Frank’s advice regarding her resignation.  Frank advises him to accept it with an argument that his refusal only shows his ease of being leveraged.  Linda later speaks with Frank to inform him of the President’s acceptance of her resignation as Chief of Staff unaware that he had advised President Garrett to accept it.  Despite their differences and intense argument the previous night, Linda saw it fit to give him the courtesy of an amiable farewell.  Moreover, she thoughtfully gives him the first Medal of Honor awarded to a Hispanic-American after learning of Frank’s civil war model.  Linda leaves imparting words of hope for Frank to look after the best interests of the President and earns Frank’s respect for having tried her best to win the battle against him.

Megan Hennessey eagerly agrees to become the poster girl of the fight against sexual assault in the armed forces.  Imparting the abuse done to her has helped her cope with the terrible ordeal.  House Representative Elaine Brooks, however, warns her of the Herculean job that lies ahead.  The numerous media engagements will require serious commitment from her.  Megan confirms her determination to help the cause with the assurance of support from Claire Underwood and First Lady Tricia Walker.  Claire speaks to the First Lady about needing the support of the White House and learns that the President relinquishes involvement with the controversial issue.  She urges Tricia to persuade her husband to show his support, but discovers the worsening marital problems of the Walkers.  Claire suggests marital counsel for the Walkers and recommends the minister she and Frank used before.  The First Lady urges the President to deliver a speech in support of the bill, but he continues to reject her pleas.  Tricia felt marginalized after the President unceremoniously dismissed her.  She confides to Claire of the incident and expresses her interest in seeking marital counsel from Dr. Thomas Larkin, the minister Claire recommended.  Tricia informs her husband of wanting to seek counsel arguing that his Presidency also depends on the security of their marriage.  Garrett accedes to his wife’s request and agrees to receive counsel from Dr. Larkin.

The time to speak to the Armed Services arrives.  Claire Underwood finds Megan Hennessey on the verge of a breakdown due to the paralyzing fear of having to testify against General McGinnis.  Claire tries to pacify the terrified young woman in an attempt to motivate her to give testimony to the most senior House Representatives, but instead receives distrust from Megan.  The young Private begins to realize Claire’s motive of obtaining political gain from the success of her cause, one that heavily depends on her testimony.  The insinuation upsets Claire, who confesses to gaining from her support, but she later feels sympathy to the evidently petrified young woman after learning the psychological damage her attack caused.  Claire agrees not to let Megan testify and ends up consoling her.

Meanwhile, Rachel Posner receives an unexpected visitor, Lisa Williams.  Lisa, a former drug addict, is having trouble with her meth addict roommate.  Rachel offers her a place to stay without first seeking Stamper’s approval.  She, however, did leave him a voicemail message informing him of her decision.  Later, Rachel finds Lisa worthy of trust and divulges her former life as a call girl to her.  Rachel and Lisa begin a sexual relationship.

House Representative Jackie Sharp summons Remy Danton in her office way after office hours to ask him the source of the GOP donations.  The $25 million dollar funding the Democrats received proved damaging to Jackie’s campaign and the Democrats over all.  The party is on the verge of losing control of the House along with Jackie’s position as The Whip.  Remy claims to be sympathetic to her troubles, but remains cagey about his knowledge of the GOP donor.  Jackie tries another approach and abandons her reticence regarding her relationship with men.  The woman intimates an issue with commitment and confesses not having had a serious romantic relationship.  Remy had broken off their relationship after expressing his aversion to flings.  Jackie would like to resume their affair despite Remy’s requirement.  She, however, asks to keep their private lives separate from their professional relationship.

Remy meets with the disgruntled former CWI office manager, Evelyn Baxter, and learns of a rumored affair between Claire Underwood and Adam Galloway.  He meets with the young photographer freelancing with Adam and purchases all of her photographs.  He then meets with Seth to notify him of having found dirt on the Underwoods in a very short span of time, one Seth was unable to unearth in months of investigation.  Remy suspects of the man’s change of allegiance.  He is correct for Seth informs Frank immediately after learning of it.  Remy flies to Missouri to meet with the Tusks after learning of Seth and Feng’s betrayal.  He brings with him a proposal to expose the dirt he found on the Underwoods.  Both Raymond and Jean Tusk sanction the revelation of the scandalous information Remy unearthed.  The Underwoods hear news of Claire’s affair with Adam Galloway appearing on the NY Examiner.

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