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Chapter 22 Season 2 – House of Cards Episode Summary 2.9

The Underwoods hold press conference about Adam Galloway affair
House of Cards Chapter 22 Episode Summary: Claire Underwood’s affair with Adam Galloway fills the news causing the Underwoods to make an unexpected statement that surprised everyone including Adam.  Remy Danton threatens the life of Adam’s future father-in-law forcing Adam to provide more evidence of his affair with Claire.  He also takes aim at Freddy Hayes and makes it known to the media of the man’s disreputable past in order to tarnish the Vice President through his affiliation with a convicted felon.

House of Cards Chapter 22 Recap: The Underwoods deal with the scandal of Claire’s affair with photographer, Adam Galloway.  Claire Underwood insists on handling the ruinous scandal and asks Adam to deny the affair including having taken the photograph of her in slumber.  Adam is apologetic for the damage his photograph caused her and agrees to destroy the sole print.  Claire, however, asks that he send her a digital copy of the image in order for her team to ascertain that the photo does not contain anything that will link it to his studio.  Adam obeys all that is asked of him.  He vows to do nothing else without further instruction from Claire.Continue reading...

Adam Galloway still has feelings for Claire and confesses to having watched her CNN interview that revealed the sexual assault she suffered from General McGinnis.  He regrets being unable to console her at her time of need.  He also felt the need to inform her of being in a serious relationship with Inez, a woman he met in Colombia.  She now lives with him in New York.  In fact, she stands beside him as he imparts the statement he and Claire agreed to share.  Adam denies having any romantic involvement with Claire Underwood and refutes having taken the photograph of her sleeping.  Moreover, he asks the media to leave him and his fiancée in peace.  Claire watches Adam’s press conference and is surprised to learn of his engagement to Inez.

The press waits for the Underwoods’ statement.  All, but Ayla Sayyad, wait in anticipation of the Underwoods’ avowal.  She finds the affair a distraction from more serious issues and decides to miss the press conference.  She, instead, books a flight to St. Louis, Missouri and insists on speaking with Raymond Tusk.  She asks him about his business relationship with Xander Feng, which Tusk does not deny.  He explains that affiliating with Feng ensures Beijing’s approval and adds that their business venture fell through.  Ms. Sayyad is quick to point out that their venture dissolved right after the approval of the Port Jefferson Bridge project that involved Feng’s biggest rival, Wu Bin Yang.  She then moves on to convey her speculation of the connections between the Samarium subsidy, the Chinese refinery, and the bridge.  Tusk suspects Ms. Sayyad as a pawn of the Underwoods for coming to speak with him instead of covering Claire Underwood’s sex scandal.  He quickly learns that she is a serious journalist who believes that there is a more pertinent story behind Xander Feng.  He threatens her of the consequences of receiving his wrath.  Ms. Sayyad remains unfazed, but Tusk panics and instructs Remy to put their other plan in motion.

After a full day of silence, the Underwoods at last speak to the press about the rumored affair.  Claire Underwood denies being unfaithful to her husband and plays the role of the victim.  She, however, verifies the photograph as Adam’s work, but one she and her husband commissioned as a birthday present.  In fact, Frank had requested a portrait of her sleeping declaring that he finds her most beautiful in her sleep.  They further support their claim with a statement of Adam taking her photograph at their townhouse with Frank’s supervision and that the photo hangs on the second floor of Frank’s office.  Adam Galloway is in shock at the lies that made him look like a fool.  Claire later explains that it was an approach aimed to avoid suspicion that both parties have orchestrated their statements.  Moreover, she believes that Adam’s pride would have prevented him from agreeing to their version of the story.  Claire asks him to recant his previous statement with an excuse of having lied due to fear, but Adam is too upset to do her bidding.  Frank leaves the handling of Adam to Claire, but summons Doug Stamper and Seth Grayson to discuss strategies that will put an end to the rumors.  Stamper and Seth provide contradicting suggestions, but Frank agrees with Seth.  Stamper feels threatened, fully aware of Seth’s hand at Connor’s departure.  He warns Seth against coveting his position as the Chief of Staff of the Vice President.  He also believes that the young Director of Communications has other secrets of the Underwoods that he can use to his advantage in the future.  Frank is fully aware of the rivalry between the two and welcomes it.  He believes the competition will make them better at their work.

Remy Danton meets with Adam Galloway to apprise him of what he has done and to coerce him to provide more proof of the affair.  Adam sends The DC Daily a photograph of a woman that looks like Claire in the shower. Claire has no recollection of the photo being taken, but confesses to Seth of the possibility of its authenticity for she visited him more recently even though she had ended their relationship two years ago.  The photo further validates the affair especially since she was at the party Adam hosted with his numerous friends.  Seth hires Stephanie Daldry, an unknown model with some resemblance to Claire Underwood.  Stephanie appears on CNN with Seth Grayson to create doubt on the supposed photo of Claire Underwood in the shower.  They had made a similar photo just the previous night with Stephanie behind the fogged up shower door providing compelling evidence of the ease of producing a photo that resembles the Vice President’s wife.  Seth presents the notion that Adam’s motive is rooted in gaining publicity.  Later, the Underwoods summons Adam Galloway to their house to force him to work with them instead of against them.  They learn that Remy had approached Adam with a threat to the life of his fiancée’s father, a human rights activist in Bogota charged with treason.  Remy informed Adam of his client’s influence.  His client can persuade the judge to impose the death penalty on the father of Inez.  Frank Underwood reproaches him for not seeking his help when he can have the Secretary of State order the Columbian government to drop the charges.  Adam feels used and speaks harshly to Claire causing Frank to defend his wife.  Moreover, he makes it clear of Adam’s insignificance despite his affair with his wife.  Frank and Claire’s relationship is deep-rooted.  Its intimacy goes beyond the bedroom.  Claire speaks privately with Adam, who informs her of his full intention of marrying Inez.  He blames her for making him the man who endangered the father of the woman he loves.  He hurts Claire even more with a declaration of loving Inez more than her.  Claire keeps her composure and orders Adam to admit to the publicity stunt motive due to the devaluation of his work.  Adam is to confess to have started all of it hindered only by the fear of being found out, which resulted in his initial denial.  Claire makes clear her determination to ruin him if he refuses.  Adam grows to hate the woman he used to love.

Freddy Hayes begins another day of his booming Freddy’s BBQ Joint that attracted an investor offering to franchise the restaurant beginning with a branch at Silver Spring.  He signs a contract with the investor that ensures him a ninety-five thousand dollar pay off for rights to use his recipe and brand.  Freddy, however, takes offense at the attempt to duplicate the squalid appearance of his BBQ joint at their suburban location, but learns that its seediness has become part of the restaurant’s charm.  He later pays his estranged grandson and son a visit in an apartment in the housing projects.  Freddy offers his son whom he has not seen in half a decade a house.  Darnell Hayes, Freddy’s son, a convicted felon who refused to see him in jail, is to repay his generous offer by working for him.  Freddy’s son rejects his offer certain that his father’s generosity only aims to appease his conscience, but later decides to work for his father.  Freddy counts the hard-earned money of another prosperous day at work causing Darnell to worry about the safety of his father.  Out of concern for his safety, he offers Freddy his gun.  Freddy becomes upset at learning that Darnell has violated his parole by carrying a weapon and speaks to him of having to follow the rules in order to keep their booming business.  Darnell agrees to dispose of his gun.  Nonetheless, Freddy Hayes’ sordid past makes the news.  An article told of his prior armed robbery conviction and highlighted the Vice President’s patronage of the BBQ joint the convicted felon owns.  Freddy spent nine years in prison after robbing a convenience store that resulted in a high-speed pursuit that led to the death of an elderly couple after his car crashed into the couple’s automobile.  The Underwoods believe Raymond Tusk is behind the attack.  Frank would like to make a statement in support of Freddy Hayes, but Seth advises against it given the multiple attacks on him.  Frank is reluctant to betray his friend, but Seth adds that Freddy’s son could pose a problem as well.  The young man was convicted for drug trafficking.  Nevertheless, Frank insists on showing his support.  He prepares for the press conference when news of the arrest of Darnell Hayes reaches him.  Darnell’s impetuous behavior caused him to threaten the paparazzi with the gun he is forbidden to possess.  Frank goes against his better judgment and decides to see Freddy in the projects incognito.  Claire warns her husband of the risk he is taking for a friend.  She believes that friendship is their weakness, which Tusk appears to have discerned.  Frank arrives in Freddy’s house to pay him the courtesy of personally informing him of his decision to distance himself from him.  Moreover, Frank has come to ask him not to use him for his gain.  He learns that Freddy is selling his BBQ Joint anyway, because his business partner pulled out after discovering his disreputable past.  Moreover, a morality clause in his contract prevents him from receiving the money promised to him.  Freddy’s finances are in worse shape now with the sixty-thousand dollar bond required to bail out his son.  Frank offers to provide monetary support so that Freddy can keep his business, but the man vehemently refuses his offer.  Freddy considers Frank’s generosity a payment for his guilt.  He dissolves his friendship with Frank Underwood.  Freddy hands the keys to his business partner who bought the establishment with plans of tearing it down and selling the empty lot for profit.  He leaves without looking back.

Raymond Tusk learns of having lost hold of Adam Galloway, because State Secretary Cathy Durant already spoke to President Moreno about the case of Inez’ father.  Remy informs Tusk of the futility of pursuing this line of attack eliciting his anger for his failure to destroy Frank Underwood.  Adam makes the statement Claire instructed him to declare afraid that harm will once again befall his fiancée’s family if he does not do so.  He sacrifices his reputation for the love of Inez and fear of the Underwoods.  After surviving dual attacks from Tusk, Frank plans to obliterate the energy mogul, but Claire wants him to suffer for the pain he caused them.

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