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Out of the Box – White Collar Episode Summary 1.14

Kate Moreau's plane explodesSynopsis: Neal Caffrey and Alex plan to steal the music box from the Italian Consulate. Caffrey makes a deal with Agent Fowler in order for him to pull off the heist. Unfortunately, Agent Fowler uses Elizabeth Burke to keep Agent Burke on the sidelines to prevent him from thwarting Neal’s theft of the music box.

Episode Summary: Neal Caffrey meets with Alex who informs him that the elusive music box is in the Italian Consulate. The two teams up to retrieve it before the consul general takes it out of his private safe. Given that the Nazis had stolen it from the Russians, the two thieves are not the least bit concerned that the Italian consul general would report it stolen. Continue reading...

Neal enlists the help of Moz who has a bad feeling about the job they are about to undertake. His distrust of Alex adds more to his anxiety. Chained to his tracking anklet, Neal Caffrey needs someone to break him free from it. Having Agent Burke to do it for him is out of the question, but he believes that Agent Fowler will help his cause, knowing that it is him who wants the music box.

Agent Peter Burke has been reviewing Neal Caffrey’s tracking data, and notices something amiss. Agent Burke fears that Caffrey is planning on stealing the music box. His theory is not unfounded as he finds him meeting with Agent Fowler asking him to use his power to have his tracking anklet remove. Moreover, he informs him that he is going to hand him the sought after music box, but demands his and Kate’s freedom from him.

Neal, Alex, and Moz begin the first phase of their heist. Admittedly, their task is not a piece of cake. To add to the complexity of the job at hand, Agent Peter Burke arrives to tell Neal Caffrey that he knows of his plan to steal the box. Seeing the two cons in Neal’s apartment added support to his suspicion. Learning that Neal is throwing away the second lease on life he gave him, for a woman who may or may not be loyal to him, upsets Peter. Agent Burke will do everything in his power to thwart Neal Caffrey’s plans, but Agent Fowler will use his authority to help Caffrey succeed in stealing the music box.

Neal Caffrey works on forging Fancelli’s Statua di Vulcano, which he plans to use as a Trojan horse. Alex arrives after a date with Ignatius Barton, the duke whom Alex plans to come with at the party. Working on stealing the music box reminds the two of their last attempt at retrieving it. It was in Copenhagen, and the two had snuck into the Amalienborg Palace, but the job went awry. Alex ended up in the hospital after jumping off the gatehouse of the palace. Neal Caffrey did not even bother paying her a visit. Alex returned the favor when Neal ended up in prison.

Agent Fowler turning off Caffrey’s tracking anklet marks the start of the task to steal the music box. Moreover, he uses Elizabeth Burke to take Agent Burke out of the picture. Agent Fowler arrives at Elizabeth’s office with a search warrant, and an accusation that she is storing contraband in her office. Peter gets a distressed call from his wife, and rushes to her office only to find Agent Fowler, and his team tearing apart her place of work. Learning that Agent Fowler has turned on Elizabeth to put pressure on him, Peter throws a punch at the corrupt agent, and gets suspended.

Neal Caffrey hears news of the FBI harassment on the Burkes, and wastes no time to talk to Peter. He is very well aware that Agent Fowler’s actions are brought about by the job to steal the music box. Fowler needed to take out any chance of Burke to thwart the theft of the music box, and a two-week suspension was just what he needed. Neal informs Peter that Fowler has manipulated his tracking anklet to make it seem that he is at home when he is not. This will enable Neal to successfully carry out the heist.

Agent Peter Burke vows to expose Agent Fowler for who he is, and he enlists the help of a trusted FBI Agent whom Fowler cannot connect to Burke. Agent Diana Barrigan flies in from Washington D.C. to help her old boss. Her task is to look into Fowler whom they know is enabling Caffrey in an illegal activity.

Meanwhile, Neal Caffrey’s heist is going according to plan. The Italian consulate just accepted the forged Fancelli’s Study of Vulcan, and had placed it in the inner sanctum of the Italian consulate. With Neal getting invited to the party thanks to his donation, the duke arriving at the party with Alex as his date, and Moz getting a job as a server for the party’s caterer, the heist is already in full swing.

As per Agent Burke’s request, Agent Barrigan looked into Agent Fowler’s files, and did not find much. Peter is convinced that the key to put the corrupt agent lies in his manipulation of Neal’s tracking anklet. He believes that Fowler must be manipulating the tracking data from his OPR office. Diana volunteers to do his bidding for him. This worries Peter who knows that Diana will be putting her career on the line for this task.

Neal Caffrey arrives at the party as George Dunvarry, and meets with Tomassi, a top-ranked employee of the Italian consulate. Tomassi informs Neal that his donation, Fancelli’s sculpture will sit in front of the Consul General’s office. He, however, politely dismisses Neal’s request of seeing it in its current location. Neal makes a gesture to Alex who filches Tomassi’s key card just as Moz bumps into him. Alex inconspicuously hands the keycard to Neal, and informs him at the last minute of the safe that stores the music box. Neal Caffrey calls the attention of everyone at the party to make a toast. This alarms Tomassi, who becomes more troubled when Neal declares himself as an internationally renowned art thief who plans to rob them that night.

It took no time for Tomassi’s men to accost Neal. The men bring him inside the secured area where the only way to get inside is for the guard to buzz the person in. Tomassi, and his men hold Neal inside the secured area, and begin to beat him into telling them his real purpose at crashing the party. The ringing of the fire alarm conjured by Alex interrupts their harassment. The guests leave the party, and Tomassi and his men rush out of the holding cell leaving Caffrey alone in the room. Tomassi orders his men to ensure that no one leaves the consulate. Moz rushes inside the gate just as Tomassi and his men step out of it. Moz takes a picture of the hallway right outside of Neal’s holding cell, and holds up the screen of the digital camera he used to take it, in front of the security camera fooling the guard that the hallway he is staring at is nothing but a picture. Neal Caffrey walks out the hallway without the guard noticing it, and into the office where the music box is being stored. Inside the office is Faniculla’s sculpture that Neal forged. He smashes the sculpture that holds inside it the equipment he will use to crack the safe. Neal Caffrey successfully cracks the safe, and finally retrieves the elusive music box.

On his way out of the security room, Alex arrives on the other side of the room, and asks to be let inside. Neal Caffrey does so, and she gives him a hug, slipping something inside his pocket. She then grabs the music box, and rushes out of the consulate, leaving Neal and Moz behind. Neal and Moz barely escape the guards, but are not concerned about the Italian consulate prosecuting them for the theft of the music box for it is an artifact they had stolen from the Russians. What concerns Neal is having lost the one item that would have given him back Kate Moreau. Surprisingly, Alex arrives at his apartment with the music box. The young woman has had a change of heart.

Neal Caffrey meets with Agent Fowler who hands him an envelope revealing that Mentor was really created for Neal Caffrey. In exchange for the music box, Neal Caffrey and Kate Moreau will get new identities to live their lives free of their previous indiscretions. The reason for all the mess to get the music box is still unknown to him, but he could not care less for Kate Moreau is already waiting for him to live their lives free at last.

Neal says goodbye to his friends. Neal Caffrey informs Moz of his new lease on life with Kate Moreau. A life legally sanctioned by the OPR. With the new deal, Neal and Kate will run away into their future without ever having to worry about their past catching up to them. He then sends flowers to Elizabeth Burke who had lost a client inadvertently due to him. He makes up for it by getting her company, Burke Premiere Events, to do the Channing Museum’s annual Masters Retrospective event.

Agent Barrigan is at Fowler’s OPR office copying the Mentor files from his computer when one of his agents arrives. Although Diana made a believable story of Fowler requesting another security protocol on his computer, the man nonetheless becomes suspicious. He returns to the office, and finds that Diana is already gone, and had copied the entire hard drive. On her way to her car, Diana informs Peter about project Mentor, and the existence of an encrypted file. Soon after, she finds Agent Fowler waiting for her at the parking garage. Agent Barrigan informs him that she has orders from Washington D.C. to look into his operation, and has learned that OPR has been misappropriating resources to Neal Caffrey. Moreover, she found an encrypted file. Learning of this, Agent Fowler points a gun at Agent Barrigan. Fortunately, Agent Burke arrives. Diana raises her arm even more to reveal a gun she keeps on her back. Peter grabs it, and points the gun at Fowler. Diana quickly pulls out her other gun, and points it at Fowler who prepares to shoot her. Agent Burke shoots Agent Fowler twice on the chest. The man wearing a bulletproof vest gasps for air.

Peter learns that Agent Fowler is helping Neal Caffrey disappear. He orders him to tell him where Neal is, but the man refuses. Threatening Agent Fowler into sending the files from his computer to Washington D.C., Fowler reveals Neal’s whereabouts. Agent Burke rushes to Hangar Four at the airstrip by the Hudson River. True enough, Neal Caffrey is there on his way to Kate Moreau who waves at him at the stairs of a private jet. Peter tries to change Neal’s mind, but although the young man admits that Peter is the one man who could make him think twice about his decision, Neal is already set on living a life with Kate. Neal walks towards the airplane then turns around to Peter when the plane where Kate is explodes.

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