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Front Man – White Collar Episode Summary 1.13

Front Man White Collar Episode SummarySynopsis: Agent Rice, a hotshot federal agent, requests the help of Neal Caffrey on a kidnapping case. Agent Burke is apprehensive about the deal knowing that the kidnapper is Caffrey’s nemesis who once tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Alex agrees to provide information to Neal if he proves that he can get rid of his tracking anklet.

Episode Summary: Neal Caffrey continues his search for the music box, but is getting nowhere. He, however, gets a visit from Alex Hunter willing to talk, but changes her mind upon learning that Caffrey still works for the FBI. Caffrey offers to steal the music box for her in order to persuade the young woman into helping him. He vows handing over to her the coveted music box after he is done with it. Alex agrees, but only if Neal can manage to get rid of his tracking anklet. She expects him to be rid of the tracking anklet when she returns the next day, and promises to divulge to him the information she has on the music box. Continue reading...

His early meeting with Alex Hunter made Neal Caffrey late for work. Agent Burke, still suspicious of Neal’s actions, takes a strand of hair on the young man’s shoulder, and puts it in his pocket. The FBI agent has other things to worry about. Kimberly Rice, a federal agent working in the kidnapping and missing persons division, is speaking to FBI Director Hughes into getting Neal Caffrey’s help on a case. Agent Rice’s case involves a ransom for Lindsay Gless, the daughter of a high-powered CEO, kidnapped in what appears to be a home invasion. Her father, Stuart Gless, is the CEO of the company whose bonds Neal Caffrey was convicted of forging. Agent Rice wants Caffrey on the case, because of his history with the prime suspect, Ryan Wilkes, the man who once attempted to kill Caffrey.

Caffrey was rumored to have worked with Wilkes, and is therefore familiar with his operation. Agent Rice believes that Wilkes is the kidnapper knowing that he is in town, and recognizing his modus operandi after finding evidence that the kidnapper made a copy of a lock’s key. Caffrey suspects that Wilkes or one of his men was probably able to get a hold of Stuart Gless’ keys when he had lunch at his regular restaurant. He suggests that they review the security tapes at Ristorante Laurienzo. Impressed, Agent Rice requests the services of Neal Caffrey for the remainder of her case. Agent Burke advises against it knowing that Wilkes already made an attempt on his life before, and putting him on the case would only make Caffrey vulnerable. However, FBI Director Hughes finds that Caffrey will be able to take care of himself, and approves Agent Rice’s request.

Taking Caffrey’s advice, Agent Rice was able to place Wilkes at Ristorante Laurienzo. The two pay Stuart Gless a visit, one Caffrey would rather not have. The last time he saw Mr. Gless was in his trial where the man explains how the young man was able to forge his company’s bonds, a declaration that Caffrey knows put a dent on the man’s reputation. Agent Rice argues that the best way to earn his forgiveness is to help get his daughter back.

Stuart Gless retells how he learned of her daughter’s kidnapping. Mr. Gless claims to have gone home only to find her daughter’s room ransacked, and Lindsay nowhere in sight. Soon after, he receives a phone call where he asks for proof that his daughter is fine, but receives nothing not even the kidnappers’ demands. Agent Rice gets annoyed when Caffrey begins to lead the questioning, and reprimands him in private. The federal agent makes it clear to him that he is nothing but a tool in her belt, and that his role is only to listen, observe, and consult. Caffrey used to working with Agent Burke, asks that he be treated like a partner, but Agent Rice has her own way of doing things. Though treated like a child, Caffrey proves that he deserves some respect after displaying his knowledge about Wilkes. He supposes that the FBI did not find any prints around the house, and notes Wilkes tendency to use items around the house to cover his tracks. He suggests that Agent Rice check under the kitchen sink for rubber gloves.

Peter Burke is back home for lunch, but his mind is clearly elsewhere. Elizabeth notices this, and supposes that her husband is worried about Neal. He makes it known to his wife his distrust on Agent Rice, and his gut feeling that there is something awry with the case. Elizabeth advises that he check on Neal. Though it’s not kosher for another agent to look over a colleague’s case, Agent Burke decides to follow his wife’s advice. He drops by Agent Rice’s crime scene and finds Caffrey sitting in the car. He asks Caffrey how Wilkes would handle a home invasion. Knowing the suspect well, he supposes that the kidnapper would have a driver, a strong man and a lookout, but would do the dirty work of grabbing the girl himself. After covering possible places where the men would have stationed themselves, the two figure that the lookout would have stayed in the alley where he has a better vantage point. True enough Agent Burke finds a coat check stub left in the alley that Caffrey identifies as an underground casino that Wilkes frequents. Agent Rice is annoyed upon seeing Caffrey with Agent Burke, and threatens to file a report against Burke. Agent Rice informs Caffrey that he is going undercover in the casino masked as a club where Wilkes hangs out.

Mozzie could not fathom how Neal could agree to be used as bait for the person who once tried to kill him. Neal once worked with Wilkes to gather information from his targets, but later betrays him after learning that the man’s operation involves murder. Wilkes has been after Caffrey’s head since then. Confident that the FBI will be closely watching, Neal finds no reason to be afraid. In fact, Neal will be using his task to go undercover as an opportunity to get his tracking anklet removed, which is the one requirement Alex imposed on him before agreeing to divulge information on the music box. Agent Rice brings Caffrey to the club where he asks her to have his tracking anklet removed knowing that its discovery would blow his cover. With the federal agent’s permission, Caffrey cuts his anklet, and Agent Burke is immediately alerted, surprised that Agent Rice cleared its removal.

Mr. Gless anxious about his daughter’s rescue stays at the FBI headquarters until they hear word of her release. Agent Burke chats with the worried father, and discovers that the meeting involves exchanging Caffrey for Lindsay. Peter immediately calls Neal to warn him that he is Lindsay’s ransom, but before he could escape, the young man is stunned with a Taser gun.

Agent Rice returns to the FBI headquarters with neither Lindsay nor Neal in hand. A furious Agent Burke confronts Agent Rice for selling out Caffrey for fifteen minutes of fame. He accuses Rice for making a backroom deal with Wilkes, which she does not deny. Although she did not believe Wilkes when he vowed to return Lindsay in exchange for a face-to-face with Neal, her decision was to continue with the request with a plan of following Wilkes to his hideout. Unfortunately, her plan did not pan out as her team lost sight of Wilkes’ van in the chase. FBI Director Hughes discharges Agent Rice and makes Agent Burke the lead on the case.

Caffrey wakes up inside a van with a punch from Wilkes. Surprisingly, Wilkes has not yet killed Caffrey for he has other plans for him. He brings him across the street from a Travel Agency with specific instructions. Caffrey is to retrieve the travel itinerary of a man named Thomas Loze. Wilkes is using Caffrey as his front man to avoid being seen in the security cameras. To ensure that Caffrey pulls through with the job, he puts a sniper on the job with the sole task of taking the life of the innocent travel agency receptionist if Caffrey fails to fulfill the work given him. To add challenge to the seemingly simple task, Wilkes gives him only two minutes to fulfill the mission. Caffrey springs into action afraid to waste precious time, and runs to the travel agency pretending to be an assistant with Level One Concierge Services in charge of making dinner reservations for Thomas Loze. Claiming to have lost his client’s itinerary, he asks the receptionist for a copy. Unfortunately, the lady refuses to provide him the information on account that doing so would get her fired. Neal watches in horror as the laser target from the sniper’s gun appears on the receptionist’s forehead. Knowing that the lady is a mother, he appeals to her kind heart by making a story of having to explain to his 5-year old son why he lost his job. He uses the information he got from surveying the woman’s personal belongings on her desk to get her sympathy. The woman feels for Neal upon hearing that he like her is from Iowa, and she provides him with the copy of Thomas Loze’s itinerary. Successfully fulfilling his mission, Neal refuses to do another job for Wilkes not until he gets assurance that Lindsay is alive.

Agent Rice returns to the FBI headquarters with a DVD she found in Mr. Gless’ mail that was sent before Caffrey was abducted. It is very short proof of life video. The federal agents watch the video again to determine where it was shot. Agent Burke recognizes the building as pre-civil war, while Agent Rice hears a tugboat horn. Agent Burke orders his team to canvass any waterfront structure that would match the one on the video.

After being stunned to unconsciousness, Caffrey is taken to the hideout where Lindsay is also imprisoned. Having confirmed that the young girl is alive and well, Caffrey is left with no other choice, but to continue with the tasks Wilkes has in store for him.

Mozzie receives an e-mail for a 20% off offer towards a trip to Rio. He gets the message, and rushes to Peter Burke’s house certain that Elizabeth will immediately call her husband perceiving that his visit is related to Peter’s case. Peter rushes to his house anxious what Mozzie has on Neal. While waiting for her husband to arrive, Elizabeth chats with the odd man who refuses to divulge his occupation. Fortunately, Peter arrives before their conversation turns sour. Mozzie shows Peter the e-mail he received from Elite Voyages, the one sent to Dante Haversham, the alias used when Neal introduced Mozzie to him. Mozzie believes that the e-mail is a distress signal from Neal.

The FBI works on the lead Agent Burke received from Mozzie. Thanks to the travel agency’s security camera, they were able to place Neal at Elite Voyages. Moreover, they learn of his purpose for being there. Learning that he specifically asked for Thomas Loze’s itinerary, Agent Rice pulls the man’s file, and discovers that it is an alias of Edward Reilly. Reilly is known for moving valuable possessions of VIP criminals. Agent Burke supposes that Wilkes is using Caffrey as his front man in his plan to rip off the dangerous smuggler. Therefore, evading getting the heat from Reilly.

Neal Caffrey’s next task is to take Thomas Loze’s titanium briefcase by threatening the man with a gun, which unbeknownst to Loze is unloaded. After retrieving the briefcase, Caffrey is to show up at Wilkes’ designated location by 4 p.m. where he is to exchange Lindsay for the briefcase. Caffrey arrives at the airport, and is approached by a disguised Agent Burke accompanied by Agent Rice. Informing them that Wilkes is not anywhere near the airport, the two agents puts an end to the charade. They inform him that Thomas Loze is in reality Edward Reilly whose reputation precedes him. Caffrey informs them that he needs to pull the job for the consequence of him failing would result to Lindsay’s murder. This he is certain for the girl has seen her kidnappers’ faces. Disappointed that the FBI still has not found Wilkes’ hideout, Caffrey provides them with another useful information. Lindsay’s guard was eating Moo Shu Pork from Wok of Fire. The federal agents make their way to find Lindsay, while Caffrey continues with the job he was sent to do in case the FBI fails to find the young girl in time.

Caffrey is not without friends. Agent Burke gives him some relief as he hands him a two-way receiver, and sends Agent Jones and his team on his tail to provide help if his mission goes awry. Mozzie also appears at the airport with hopes of dissuading him from pursuing the task that could get him killed. The odd man worries even more upon hearing that Neal’s plan is to pretend to be Reilly’s chauffer in order to rob him at gunpoint. Convinced that Neal cannot be swayed, he recommends that his friend change his plan. Instead of robbing the notorious criminal, he suggests that he run a zigzag scam.

Thomas Loze finally arrives, and sees Neal dressed as a chauffer holding his name on a placard. Soon, Mozzie approaches the man pretending to be Agent Haversham of the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Meanwhile, Neal identifies himself as Agent Halden of the Joint Task Force. He asks Reilly to open his briefcase. Surprisingly, the man does not protest. Neal and Mozzie find themselves looking through what appears like Reilly’s overnight bag. Confident that they will not find anything, Reilly demands their badge numbers after they are done with his search. Mozzie toughens up, and makes it known that he knows who Thomas Loze really is. Meanwhile, Neal discovers that the briefcase is lined with gold cards. Caught red-handed, Reilly asks for his lawyer. Mozzie acts as if he wants to turn a blind eye if only he gets a bribe. Reilly sees light at the end of a tunnel. He gladly leaves them his briefcase in exchange for his freedom. Reilly takes just one of the Gold Cards, and leaves the rest with Neal and Mozzie.

Caffrey is already at the designated meeting point waiting for Wilkes to arrive. He gets word from Agent Burke to stall the exchange given that the FBI has not yet found Lindsay. Wilkes finally arrives without the girl in tow, but Caffrey already knew this, which is why he hands him an empty briefcase. Wilkes pulls out his gun, but Caffrey argues that killing him would only mean that Reilly’s Gold Cards will be lost forever. Wilkes, however, threatens to call his guys, and order them to kill the girl. Caffrey is unmoved, claiming that he had turned Wilkes’ men against him after giving them the Gold Cards. Wilkes calls Caffrey’s bluff, and calls Lindsay’s guard. Wilkes is right; Caffrey has not turned his guys against him. The guard prepares to kill the girl when the FBI barges inside the hideout in the knick of time. Wilkes who had asked the guard to put his phone on speaker in order to hear that the deed is done hears the rescue. In his anger, Wilkes throws the briefcase at a wall revealing the Gold Cards hidden behind the lining. Pleasantly surprised, Wilkes prepares to shoot Caffrey, but snipers have surrounded the area to protect Caffrey. Soon, Agent Jones’ team accosts Wilkes.

Lindsay Gless is safely returned to his worried father. Agent Rice gives all the credit to Agent Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey. Stuart Gless is grateful to Caffrey for the lengths he has done to rescue his daughter, and forgives Caffrey for his previous transgression that humiliated him. Lindsay is more than grateful to Neal for risking his life to save hers. Moreover, Caffrey earns the respect of the domineering Agent Rice who was humbled for her failed rescue. She foregoes getting her fifteen minutes of fame acknowledging that it was Agent Burke’s direction that made the rescue a success.

With the commotion brought about by the rescue, the federal agents forget about Caffrey’s tracking anklet. Luckily, Caffrey merely returned home to meet Alex who has been waiting for him in his room. Pleased to see him without the tracking anklet, Alex fulfills her promise, but wants that they team up in the theft of the music box. Alex Hunter reveals that the coveted music box that Neal Caffrey chased halfway around the world is actually in New York City. While Alex has grown distrustful, Peter has become the opposite. The federal agent sits in his office confident that Caffrey will return, and right he is. However, Caffrey is surprised to learn that Burke knew whom he met before returning to get his anklet. It was Alex’s strand of hair on his jacket that gave him away. Burke makes it known to Caffrey that he is aware of his plan of stealing the music box, and warns him that he will catch him if he carries on with the theft. Agent Burke presents the young man two options, prison or a chance to do something good with his life.

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