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Vital Signs – White Collar Episode Summary 1.10

Agent Peter Burke gives a massageSynopsis: Neal Caffrey smells a scam when June informs him that her granddaughter was unceremoniously bumped off the kidney transplant list, and soon after receives a call from an organization claiming to be able to help for a hefty fee. He and Agent Burke look into the charity, and uncover a scam. With no proof, the FBI puts in motion Caffrey’s elaborate plan to catch the swindler.

Episode Summary: Neal Caffrey learns that June’s granddaughter, Samantha, has been bumped off from the kidney transplant list. Moreover, soon after learning of the unfortunate news, an organization approaches June claiming to have the means to provide Samantha a kidney. This service, however, comes with a hefty price of a hundred thousand dollars. Neal Caffrey smells a scam, and immediately runs to Peter for help. Continue reading...

Melissa Calloway, the representative of Hearts Wide Open, the charity who offered to help June with getting her granddaughter a kidney, arrives at June’s house. Neal Caffrey was to pretend to be June’s financial adviser, but passes on the job to Mozzie in order to break into Ms. Calloway’s car to take a peek at the woman’s briefcase. As luck would have it, a police officer approaches Neal while he tries to unlock the car. Luckily, Neal saw the officer’s reflection on the window before raising suspicion. Neal makes up a cock and bull story of his wife accidentally grabbing his car keys making him late for his trial where he is to prosecute a criminal who took a swing at an officer responding to a domestic dispute.

While speaking with Ms. Calloway, uneasiness overcomes Mozzie as he watches a police car stop to confront Neal. Surprisingly, the arriving officer only helped Neal jimmy the car door open. Neal was still in the car when the meeting with Ms. Calloway ended prompting Mozzie to clumsily try to keep her from leaving. Neal is still looking though Ms. Calloway’s briefcase when he receives a warning call from Mozzie that allowed him to leave the car in time.

Agent Peter Burke did his research on Hearts Wide Open, and discovers that Melissa Calloway works for Dr. Wayne Powell, the founder of the organization. Dr. Powell is a respected physician who runs a number of high-end clinics. Agent Burke scolds Caffrey after learning that the young man did his own unauthorized research. He warns him of the consequences of his actions, which caused the life of one of Burke’s confidential informants who like Caffrey took matters into his own hands. Caffrey’s research was not for naught as Jones arrives with the results of the names he found only to discover that all are members of Doctoral Global Initiative. The two hypothesize that Dr. Powell must be getting his supply of organs from third world countries.

Caffrey and Agent Burke arrive at the Tennis Tournament that Neal found an invitation for in Ms. Calloway’s briefcase. Without their own invitation, Neal and Peter find themselves unable to get admitted to the premises. Neal spots Melissa and pretends to be Dr. Leonard Parker from Doctor Global Initiative hoping to get her to let him and Peter in. Seeing that Neal’s plan has failed, Peter tells him that they should leave, but he somehow caught Melissa’s eye, and gets a free pass to attend the tournament.

Posing as the chiropractor Dr. Edgar Tannenbaum whom Melissa has the hots for, Peter must flirt with her to get her away from Dr. Powell. While Melissa shows Peter his spot, Neal moves in to speak with Dr. Wayne Powell, and introduces himself as Dr. Parker from Doctor Global Initiative. Hearing that he is from DGI, Neal immediately gets on Dr. Powell’s good side. Moreover, the doctor wastes no time to inform him of a “friend in need”. He tells him of a patient in need of a kidney that requires perfect compatibility. Moreover, he knows of a village on the outskirts of Manipur, India that he thinks would have that zero mismatch kidney. Neal claims to travel to India often for work, and Dr. Powell bites the bait giving him his contact information. He asks Neal to give him a call adding the bit about him having the means to give exceptionally charitable donations. Meanwhile, Peter is with Melissa in one of the tents reserved for players in need of a trainer. The woman continues flirting with him despite knowing that Peter is married. Melissa claims to have pains on her fifth vertebrae, and asks Peter to work on it eventually asking him to massage her lower back. The woman attempts to take her flirtation to the next level, but Peter steers her away, and asks more about her work with Dr. Powell. Melissa informs him of the Howser Clinic, and invites him to pay a visit.

Agent Burke looked into Dr. Powell’s records, and discovers the man’s frequent flights to India. Moreover, he found out that Dr. Powell was born with only one kidney, and given that his PRAs are high, he is in need of a zero mismatch. None of the information they have could make the case, not even the pay offs he makes to the doctors he uses to scout for organs, because all are masked as charitable donations. Agent Burke believes that their proof can be found at the Howser Clinic.

Neal learns from Mozzie that the charity withdrew its offer to June’s granddaughter claiming to have found a more urgent recipient. Mozzie’s snooping led him to believe that the charity has become paranoid to the point of discarding files. Neal gives Peter a call, and learns the cause for the clinic’s sudden suspicion. The FBI asked for copies of their financial records.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Burke finds Melissa Calloway’s card with the woman’s hand written personal number in Peter’s suit pocket, and immediately confronts her husband about it. Peter explains to her about the undercover work that required him to flirt with the woman. Having been used to Neal doing the seduction, this startled Elizabeth so much that it made her laugh.

Neal posing as a doctor wheels Mozzie, a mental patient, inside the Howser Clinic. Mozzie creates a scene, and the nurse tries to call Dr. Westlake right away, but Neal advises that he take him to the doctor himself making an excuse of aggravating his patient’s paranoia if he sees the nurse making a call. The nurse gives them permission to see the doctor on their own, but gives the doctor a ring as soon as Neal and Mozzie left reception. Mozzie swipes a janitor’s work clothes, and takes one of the bins filled with shredded files. Meanwhile, Neal searches Dr. Powell’s office, and finds a list of donors. Unfortunately, the office has a hidden security camera, and a guard sees Neal snooping around. Hearing security being paged to check Dr. Powell’s office, Neal faxes the list to Agent Burke knowing that guards will be at the office in no time. However, one of the orderlies sees him sending the fax, and stops it right away. Luckily, the fax went through to Peter’s house, and Elizabeth reads the note aloud as “Jimmy Burger”.

While one of the orderlies is on the phone with Dr. Powel, the other one straps him to a bed. Dr. Powell advises the orderly to treat him as a mental patient. Soon a nurse injects Neal with medication. Fully aware that Neal is in trouble, Agent Burke requests the location of Neal’s anklet. Without a warrant, Agent Burke could not come to his rescue, but Elizabeth suggests another way in. His wife tells him that he call Melissa, and have her get him inside the clinic. Peter is mortified for having to flirt with another woman in front of his wife, and gets in trouble with Elizabeth when Melissa mentions about his “magic hands”. Nonetheless, the call worked. Melissa gets Peter a pass to enter the clinic.

Peter arrives at the Howser Clinic early, and sees Melissa while at reception. Dr. Powell’s urgent phone call to the apprehensive woman gave Peter the opportunity to sneak inside the clinic. Peter hears Neal singing, and finds him inside a room drugged and strapped to a bed. The two hide inside a conference room where a drugged Caffrey confesses to Peter that he is the only person he trusts. Peter handcuffs Neal to a chair with strict instructions disallowing the young man to pick the lock. He returns with the surveillance tape that holds incriminating evidence of Neal that would put him back in jail for illegally snooping inside the clinic. Dr. Powell arrives at the clinic and updates Melissa of the incident. He wants to know the identity of the person who sneaked inside his office, and whether he took anything from his office. However, Peter and Neal have already escaped.

Peter brings Neal to his home only to find that his wife is still annoyed with him. Meanwhile, Neal is back to his senses, but still with a headache. He, however, is well enough to inform Peter of what he found in Dr. Powell’s office. Neal found a list of wealthy clients willing to pay for organs, and another list with names and blood types. The paper he used to fax Peter contained a partial list of names.

Agent Burke briefs his team about Dr. Powell’s operation of how the doctor gets donors from charity cases for Hearts Wide Open. Through the organization, Dr. Powell was able to put together a database of less fortunate donors providing him with a supply of organs for affluent patients in need of a transplant. He has been using the money from the charity scam to search for the zero mismatch kidney that will put an end to his nephrosis. With the donors keeping their lips sealed, Agent Burke needs another strategy to catch Dr. Powell. Caffrey’s idea is to make the doctor spend the money he made from organ sales, money that can be traced back to his charity scam. The plan is to provide the doctor the kidney he has been searching for all his life.

In order for this plan to pull through, the Bureau needs to cause urgency by making the doctor believe that his one good kidney is starting to fail. Two of the symptoms of kidney failure are weight loss and skin irritation. Agent Jones goes to the dry cleaners to swap Dr. Powell’s clothes for a larger size that has been sprayed with itching formula. The last symptom they plan to induce is blood in the urine. This they put in play with Mozzie injecting food coloring in the cranberry juice the doctor has delivered to his house. The doctor takes the bait, and consults his physician. Depressed with his condition, Dr. Powell finds Neal’s call providential. The doctor wastes no time to fly to India, and Agent Jones poses as his chauffer who will shuttle him to the airport only he wakes up in a crummy hospital with an Indian woman who does not speak any English as his nurse. Neal enters his makeshift room and informs Dr. Powell that he went into renal failure during his flight. He, however, was able to make it to Manipur, but they had to take out his kidney, and place him on dialysis. Neal informs him that his donor is there, but is curious about the extent of the charitable donations the doctor could provide. Dr. Powell offers a hundred thousand, but Neal drives a hard bargain, and asks for thirty million. When the doctor refuses to pay the amount of money requested, Neal calls back the nurse, and orders her to discontinue the doctor’s dialysis. Upon hearing this, Dr. Powell immediately offers to pay close to the thirty million that was asked. Neal, however, is apprehensive claiming that a transfer from his account would raise flags, but the doctor assures him that it would be untraceable for it was created to siphon money from his charity. In his desperation, Dr. Powell gives him the account number and his password. As soon as Neal left his room, his dialysis machine stops working causing the doctor to panic, but then realizes that the machine was not hooked to his body. He steps out of the building only to find himself still in New York City with the FBI outside waiting for him.

Agent Burke with Caffrey informs June that Dr. Powell was put away, and they were able to make calls to the Registry to put her granddaughter back to her original spot afraid of the scandal leaking out. Peter’s work on the case as an agent is done, but his job as a husband still needs some work. Peter comes home to his wife, and uses the seduction techniques he learned on the job. Lucky for him, it works on Elizabeth too.

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