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Point Blank – White Collar Episode Summary 2.9

Mozzie shot point blank
Synopsis: Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey enlist Mozzie’s help in deciphering the code encrypted within the music box.  Realizing that Alex who had the key with her all along, Neal and Mozzie believes that the young woman must have already heard the code, and must be keeping information from them.  Neal strikes a deal with Alex, and asks her to steal the music box from Diana’s apartment.  Meanwhile, Agent Burke tries to lure Fowler out from hiding after getting wind that he is in the neighborhood, but Neal has other plans in mind.

Episode Summary: Now that they have opened the music box, Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey enlist the help of Mozzie to decrypt the code hidden in its music.  Mozzie looks into the history of the music box, and learns that the box disappeared from Königsberg Castle in 1945.  He assumes the cherub key and the box were together when it was stolen, which Neal confirms since the key was on the box when they stole it.  This means that Alex had figured out the key long before they did.  Moreover, she has seen the second comb with the code Mozzie is trying to decrypt.  Why Alex gave the key back to Neal is a mystery to them, and the only way to find out is to talk to her. Continue reading...

Peter and Diana worry about Neal.  Peter thinks that Neal is more interested in finding Fowler than unraveling the mystery of the music box.  Diana believes that Fowler has accessed his old bank account, the one that only had two hundred dollars in it.  Peter supposes that the man is desperate for cash knowing that he was not able to get much before he went underground.  This gives Peter an idea of how to lure Fowler from his hole.  Fowler’s wife was killed in a robbery years ago, but because suspicious circumstances surrounded her murder, the insurance company has not finalized their claim.  Peter plans on making it look like the insurance company finally paid off the claim, and will be closely monitoring the account to track any withdrawals made on it.

Meanwhile, Neal tries to lure Alex out from hiding.  Hale, an old friend of Neal’s believes that the Almiranta shipwreck silver pieces he’s been getting lately are the ones Alex fenced years ago.  They worry that the NYPD is closing in on Alex who appears to be desperately stealing back the goods she fenced that she may fence them again.  It is up to Neal and Mozzie to get to her before the police do.  This, however, requires FBI resources.  Neal plans on creating a case interesting enough for Peter to take notice, one that is linked to the silver thefts.  Neal has turned Alex into the Silver Burglar, and creates a case file complete with a police report of the stolen items and FBI research tying the thefts to the Almiranta collection.  To make the case file look less like a forgery, Neal and Mozz go through the process by which a case file travels through the FBI, and when they are done the now worn out case file looks unmistakably genuine.  Neal slips it in with the other files Peter have to review, and just as he foresaw, the burglary file catches Peter’s eye.

Agent Burke briefs his team about their new case.  He informs the team that the NYPD has been investigating a series of silver heists, but failed to connect the thefts with the Almiranta shipwreck.  With information from insurance policies, the FBI has identified three potential targets.  Neal notices a couple that is going on vacation making them the perfect target for the heist.

Unable to crack the code, Mozzie becomes frustrated at the task at hand.  Neal suggests that he get some help.  Mozz knows of a man who set up shop at an antique store.  The man actually works as a code maker for a foreign government, and is notorious for hiding codes in gadgets.  He plans on playing him a partial piece without giving any more details of the cipher that has left him baffled.  If things do not work out with the code maker, Neal is hopeful that Alex could shed some light to the mystery, but Mozzie highly doubts this.

Meanwhile, Peter’s other project has been set in motion.  He was right; Fowler is desperate for money.  Diana informs Peter that somebody made a withdrawal only forty minutes after sums of money were deposited in Fowler’s account.  Photos from security cameras near the ATM where he withdrew the money confirm Garrett Fowler’s identity.  Moreover, they learn that he was staying in short-term housing near the ATM where he withdrew the money under the name of Aaron Burgess.  Unfortunately, Diana was two days late by the time they found his new place of residence.  Fowler has once again disappeared.  Running a check on Fowler’s alias, they find that explosives were purchased under that name.  Peter has yet to decide whether or not to inform Neal of the new information they uncovered.

Neal knows Alex’ modus operandi too well.  Just as he expected, he finds her on a rooftop a block away from the penthouse that has the Almiranta silver.  Before she makes a terrible mistake, Neal makes her aware that the penthouse is under surveillance.  Moreover, he makes it clear that the NYPD is on her trail, but Neal used the FBI to get to her first.  Neal reveals his real purpose for finding her, and as he suspected Alex is aware of the code.  However, as Mozzie supposed, Alex has not cracked it.  Her desperate heists should be evidence enough that she has not decrypted the code.  Neal, however, offers her a deal, one that will get the target off her back.  In return, Neal wants Alex to steal the music box from Diana’s apartment, and give it to the Russian Museum.  He believes that the person who is out to get it will then have his eye on the museum instead of Alex.  Tonight is the perfect opportunity to steal it too, since Diana will be in the van staking out the penthouse, while her girlfriend is working the night shift.  Imagine his surprise when he learns that Diana is heading home.  He had just sent Alex straight into a trap.

Neal learns soon enough why Diana is scurrying home.  Peter shows him the receipt for parts used in making the bomb on Kate’s plane, and informs him that the person who made the purchases is none other than Garret Fowler.  Peter has sent Diana home so she could look into everything Fowler did using his alias Aaron Burgess, but he needs her to do this away from the office and off the normal channels.  Diana arrives home, and finds that her apartment has been broken into.  She finds that the music box is gone.  Diana and Peter are convinced that Neal is behind the theft of the music box, and seeing the article on the newspaper provided evidence to their belief.

The Russian Heritage Museum is now in possession of the music box.  According to the article, the antique music box was simply left in their delivery drop.  The museum has decided to hold an invitation only public showing of the music box before they ship it back to St. Petersburg.  Peter fully aware of Neal’s intention to lure Fowler out labels him as a liability, and pulls him off the case.  With some free time on his hands, Neal decides to join Mozzie at the antique shop where he has asked Akihiro, the Japanese code maker, to create a copy of the recording.  While waiting for the code maker, Neal updates Mozzie of the events from the previous night and that morning.  A few minutes later, Akihiro returns with news that what he has is a two-part code.  Mozzie and Akihiro go to the back of the shop to discuss the code leaving Neal on his own.  Learning that Neal has confirmed that Fowler was the one who put the bomb on the plane, Mozzie could not help but worry about his friend, but Neal puts on a smile and assures him that he is fine.  Little did Mozzie know, Neal has stolen a gun from the shop.  Mozzie returns to Neal’s apartment with news of having broken the code, but finds him nowhere in sight.  He finds his tracking anklet around Bugsy, the pug June has asked Neal to look after while she is out of town.

With Neal benched, Agent Burke brings Agent Barrigan with him to stake out the Russian Heritage Museum.  Convinced that Neal is out to get Fowler, he asks Agent Barrigan to closely monitor the young man’s tracking anklet.  Unaware that Neal still has in his possession the key he stole from U.S. Marshal Deckard, Agent Burke and Barrigan are relieved to find him stationed at his house, while they are out by the Russian Heritage Museum waiting for Fowler to arrive.  Just as they expected, Garret Fowler arrives at the museum, and by simply bribing the usherette he gets access to the public showing.  Agent Burke uses his badge to get in, and follows Fowler inside but the man spots him.  Garret Fowler runs upstairs to the modernist gallery that is currently closed for renovation.  Fowler secures himself inside a room, while he figures out an escape plan.

While the security guard tries to unlock the room, Agent Burke receives a call from Mozzie informing him that Neal is out of his anklet, and that he brought with him a gun.  Sure that Neal will be making his way to the Russian Heritage Museum, Agent Burke instructs Agent Barrigan to pursue the armed Neal Caffrey as soon as she gets sight of him.  Unfortunately, Neal was to quick for Agent Barrigan that he is already inside the museum before she could do anything about it.  Neal walks into an atrium, and immediately sees Fowler by the window of one of the rooms on the top floor.  Seeing Peter by the door, Neal finds another way to get to Fowler.  He goes to a balcony perpendicular to the room where Fowler is in, but by the time Diana gets close to him, Neal is already zipping through from the balcony to Fowler’s room.  Neal shoots his gun as a warning to Fowler, and demands that he tell him why he killed Kate Moreau.  Despite a gun pointed at his head, Fowler denies killing Kate.  Moreover, with his career and wife gone, he seems to even welcome his demise.  Agent Burke barges in the door, and tries to convince Neal not to make a mistake he will regret the rest of his life.  Neal puts his gun down, and Agent Burke orders Agent Barrigan to cuff him, while he arrests Fowler.

Agent Burke brings Caffrey and Fowler in his office.  Fowler was on his way up the FBI ladder when his wife was murdered.  His life went spiraling down from then, desiring nothing else but revenge, and he got his through an anonymous phone call that led him right to his wife’s murderer.  A few days after exacting his revenge, he gets a video of him killing his wife’s murderer.  He then gets another phone call from a man informing him that he can arrange his transfer to OPR, and when that is done, the man orders him to get the music box and in return the damning evidence of his crime will vanish.  Bent on getting his life back, Fowler went on the hunt for the music box convinced that Neal has it, but because he was in prison, he went after Kate instead believing that the young woman would know where it is.  Fowler then confesses to using Mentor as a getaway, surprising Agent Burke that Mentor is genuine.  Even more surprising is his claim that it was Kate’s idea to put explosives on the plane.  According to Fowler, Kate believed that no matter how far away she and Neal got, they would never be safe.  Her idea is that the two of them will bail out over the water just before the plane explodes making everybody believe that they are dead.  Fowler has no idea why the bomb exploded early, and argues that he wasn’t the one whom Kate phoned before she died.  In hindsight, the ease of tracing the phone call to Fowler was too easy to be true.  The identity of Kate’s murderer remains unknown, and Agent Burke sends Neal home, while he decides what he is going to do with Fowler.

Agent Burke asks Fowler the identity of the person he was going to meet, but Fowler is unaware of it as well.  All he knows is that the man is an intermediary between him and the man pulling the strings.  Agent Burke shows Fowler the photo they pieced together from several security cameras, and immediately identifies the man as Julian Larssen.  In fact, he knew the man for they trained together in Special Forces, but had no idea that he is involved in the hunt for the music box.  Agent Barrigan interrupts their research after getting word that a man was found dead in the antique shop where Neal got his gun.  Agent Burke and Agent Barrigan find Akihiro on the floor with two bullets in his chest, and the song from the music box playing in the background.  They find the man’s notebook with the word Eureka written on a page.  The man who killed Akihiro knew how to avoid the security camera, but the NYPD found it interesting that the surveillance tape was frozen on an earlier recording of a shot of Neal Caffrey’s face.  Agent Burke and Barrigan rush to Neal’s apartment convinced that he is the next target.  He calls him on their way, but he does not pick up.  They barge in his apartment and finds Alex with him reaching in her bag only to learn that she was merely leaving him her number.

Alex leaves, and the agents explain to Neal the reason for their barging in.  As soon as he hears how the two figured him to be the next target, Neal knows that Mozzie is in danger.  Mozzie sits on a bench by Central Park sipping his coffee when Julian Larssen puts a bullet through his chest.  Larssen then sits beside him pretending to help him, but with the real intention of getting his notebook.  The man leaves, and Mozzie is left on the bench unconscious.

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