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Prisoner’s Dilemma – White Collar Episode Summary 2.7

Mozzie's Safe House Tuesday
Synopsis: An FBI agent who used to work for the White Collar division has become a fugitive after being found selling witness information to a defense attorney.  Agent Burke soon learns that the FBI agent is innocent of the crime he is accused of, and that the U.S. Marshal leading the hunt is actually the culprit. Agent Burke helps the fugitive escape, and he himself becomes a fugitive.  Meanwhile, Mozzie unravels the identity of the person Kate spoke with on the plane before it exploded.

Episode Summary: Peter Burke finds it ridiculous that he and his wife both have to spend their weekend at work especially since Elizabeth just got back from her business trip in San Francisco.  Intent on making up for lost time, Peter promises to spend a quiet, peaceful night with his wife that night, and even plans to cook the pot roast he has been bragging about.  The reason for the early Saturday morning call the agents of the White Collar division including Neal Caffrey received was due to FBI agent turned fugitive Jack Franklin.  The FBI agent who once worked in the White Collar division was demoted to the Internal Bank Fraud department before the U.S. Marshals caught him attempting to access their witness database.  The U.S. Marshals informs the White Collar division about the case upon the Justice Department’s request, but shows no intention of working with the FBI.  Agent Burke, however, would very much like the FBI to catch the fugitive agent.Continue reading...

Neal Caffrey having read Franklin’s file is curious to know how a top FBI agent who received the Medal of Valor drop down in the ranks, and learns that the man had an inappropriate relationship with a CI.  Neal suspects that Franklin’s lover, Rebecca Vidal, a CI with three known aliases, must be the one hiding him.  They find Rebecca, a former car thief, in a high-end car dealership selling sports cars.  Agent Burke has the enviable task of posing as a prospective buyer, while Neal pretends to be his consultant.  While Agent Burke is out on a test drive with Rebecca, Neal assumes the identity of a car salesman and uses his Nick Halden alias.  He sees an unlikely buyer ogling over one of the sports cars, and just as he thought, the man who has been at the dealership numerous times has never been attended to.  After a quick test drive, the other sales men are in disbelief at learning that the man they have been ignoring is actually buying one of the sports cars.  Neal asks one of the sales men to help him log in on Rebecca’s computer making an excuse that he promised to split the commission with her; it being his very first sale since it is his first day on the job.

Agent Burke reveals his true identity to Rebecca who swears to not know the whereabouts of Franklin for she hasn’t seen her lover since the man ended their relationship, but she has faith that the agent is not guilty of what he has been accused of.  Knowing that Franklin is better off in the hands of the FBI than the trigger-happy U.S. Marshals, he makes one last appeal to Rebecca, but the woman insists that she hasn’t been in contact with Franklin.  The two returns to the dealership, and Agent Burke is surprised to see Neal at the woman’s desk, but fails to prevent her from seeing Neal walking away from her desk.  Handing off the man who just bought the yellow Gallardo to her, Rebecca did not seem to mind Neal using her computer unaware that he printed her drive log from the previous day.  Neal discovered that she took out an hour and a half spin in a Porsche with a woman named, Claudia Weaver, which as he and Agent Burke knows is one of Rebecca’s aliases.

Agent Barrigan finds a file from the locked desk in Franklin’s office, and learns that the man was working on the Sullivan anti-trust case just before he was transferred from the White Collar division.  In the file that he kept hidden, they found the picture of U.S. Marshal Deckard.  The same man who had just returned to the FBI headquarters demanding to know the information they received from Rebecca to which Agent Burke obliged.  He, however, kept the Franklin’s secret file away from Deckard wanting to know what the agent found before sharing the information.  Agent Burke returns home to review the file, and finds Franklin at his house.  The man tells Agent Burke that the witness he found willing to testify on the Sullivan anti-trust case was killed in a hit-and-run a week before his testimony.  The incident prompted Franklin to look into the U.S. Marshals office knowing that they are the only ones who knew the whereabouts of the witness, and soon after OPR uncovers his relationship with Rebecca and he is transferred to Bank Fraud.  Months have passed since his transfer, but Franklin continued his investigation and finally makes a breakthrough.  However, before he could make his case, he has already been made a fugitive.  Franklin claims to have found a reference in an e-mail to a hardcopy ledger that documents every transaction Volker did with Deckard.  It has the list of witness names, and the payoff Deckard received, which Volker keeps in his office as a form of insurance in the event Deckard turns on him.  This explains the stop Rebecca made in the supposed test drive she took with Claudia Weaver; Franklin and Rebecca went to Volker’s office hoping to find the ledger, but came up empty handed.  Unfortunately, the FBI shared the information they got from the test drive with the Marshals Office, making Franklin certain that Deckard would go to Volker’s office to destroy the ledger.

True enough, Agent Jones and Neal Caffrey return to the conference room only to learn that Deckard left to chase down a lead.  They call Agent Burke to inform him of Deckard’s departure, and learn that their boss is with the fugitive agent at Volker’s office.  The man relays to them what Franklin discovered, that Deckard was selling witness information, and evidence of this crime is in Volker’s office.  Franklin breaks into the law offices of Stanley Volker against Agent Burke’s order, and before Agent Burke ends his conversation with Neal and Agent Jones, gunshots are fired inside the office.  Deckard shreds the files, and fires at the unarmed Franklin.  Deckard continues to aim his weapon despite Agent Burke’s appeal, but Franklin manages to escape thanks to Agent Burke blocking Deckard’s view of a clear shot.  The two run to the garage, and finds two sports cars parked there.  Agent Burke calls Neal to get instructions on how to hotwire a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster; much to Neal’s surprise, but Agent Burke is even more surprised to learn that Neal could not help him.  Luckily, Franklin is already on the phone with Rebecca, who was able to route the key code through the phone with just the VIN.  Although Rebecca found the code, it will take a few minutes to see if it will work.  Hearing that Franklin is on the phone with his CI, Neal takes the challenge, and informs Peter that he might be able to find a key in a small recess inside the rear bumper.  He is right.  The two escape Deckard in a stolen Lamborghini.

Agent Burke and Franklin meet with Neal Caffrey and Agent Jones who are in disbelief at hearing their boss’ request.  Agent Burke is not coming in with the fugitive, and had just asked Neal to disable the Lamborghini’s tracking device, which makes him a fugitive too.  As per Agent Burke’s orders, Agent Jones and Neal return to the FBI headquarters where Peter’s boss’ boss anxiously waits for Neal.  Bancroft has spoken with Deckard who claimed that Franklin was destroying evidence, and that Agent Burke helped the fugitive escape.  Neal informs Bancroft that Agent Burke is still with Franklin who claims that Deckard is selling witness information, and it was the marshal who destroyed the evidence.  With Agent Burke on the run with a fugitive, Bancroft finds this hard to believe, but Neal argues that Peter fled because he knew that Franklin’s life is in danger, and he wanted to find proof of Deckard’s crime.  Neal asks Bancroft to give Agent Burke’s team authorization to mislead the U.S. Marshals in order to buy Peter time.

Mozzie has spent his Saturday at Neal’s apartment deciphering the number Kate dialed from the plane, and learns that the person on the other line used a burner phone, which prevents them from knowing whom it belongs to, but he is confident that he’ll be able to unravel the person’s identity.  Little did he know that he will soon be harboring two FBI agents turned fugitives.  Needing a place to hide while he and Franklin find evidence against Deckard, Agent Burke finds sanctuary in one of Mozzie’s spectacular safe houses that he calls Tuesday, because he’s normally there on Wednesdays.

Agent Barrigan looks into Stanley Volker and learns that the defense attorney has one of the highest acquittal rates in New York City winning his last three cases after key witnesses disappeared or died.  Neal informs her that he and Agent Jones are going to keep Deckard occupied so Agent Burke could contact her that is if Bancroft pulls through with his earlier request.  Deckard’s arrival ordering Neal and Agent Jones to go with him on a stake out at Peter’s house shows that Bancroft has approved his request.

Overhearing Peter discussing Volker with Franklin, Mozzie joins in the conversation having recognized the man as the defense attorney who sold out a friend of his who was arrested with one of his clients.  Agent Burke is struck with an idea.  He enlists Mozzie in what he calls as a government-sanctioned con involving a dirty marshal, a scumbag lawyer and one of his prized Lamborghinis to which the man happily joins.

Elizabeth returns home and finds it filled with smoke, since Peter forgot to take out the pot roast from the oven when he left with Franklin.  She is unaware that her husband is on the run, and that her house is in fact being watched.  Agent Jones and Neal are in the van watching Agent Burke’s house with Deckard.  The marshal is surprised to hear Agent Jones hint of being ready to throw his boss under the bus if things get out of hand, but Deckard is not buying it.  He believes that Peter will be contacting either one of them or his wife soon.  Luckily, Bancroft has introduced Agent Barrigan to him as a new transfer from D.C. making him not suspect her.  The arrival of Mozzie at Agent Burke’s house interrupts their conversation.

Mozzie fills Elizabeth in on the case telling her that U.S. Marshal John Deckard has been selling witness location information to Defense Attorney Stan Volker who uses the information to intimidate and kill witnesses.  Peter’s faith in the fugitive FBI agent who uncovered the crime made a fugitive of himself.  He assures the worried wife that her husband is fine.  Moreover, he tells her that Peter has come up with a plan.  They are going to use prisoner’s dilemma, wherein two suspects will be separated in order to get them to turn on each other.  One of the challenges in Peter’s plan is that Neal is involved in it, but the man is still unaware of it.  Moreover, the plan has been set in motion with Stanley Volker walking in the FBI headquarters looking for Agent Barrigan having received a call from her.  She informs him that she has some bad news about one of his cars that requires him to see it with his own eyes to assess the extent of the damage.

Agent Jones informs Deckard that Mozzie is another CI whom Peter uses when Neal is not around.  Deckard decides to follow Mozzie with Agent Jones and Neal, but asks the other marshals to stay and monitor Agent Burke’s house.  They find Mozzie entering the dealership where Rebecca works.  Mozzie has asked the woman to pretend that she knows him, and informs her that he has been harboring Franklin.  Deckard, Agent Jones and Neal are watching the two chat in one of the conference rooms when Neal receives a call from Peter who also is on the line with Bancroft.  Deckard annoyed and suspicious at finding Neal on the phone demands to speak with the person he is on the phone with, and is satisfied at confirming that Bancroft is on the other line.  As Peter just informed him, Agent Barrigan arrives at the dealership with Volker.  Peter also tells him that Neal has to run a prisoner’s dilemma on Deckard.

Agent Barrigan and Rebecca inform Volker that one of his Lamborghinis was stolen earlier that day and was taken on a joyride.  They show him pictures of his wrecked beloved car.  Rebecca tells him that the people who stole his car brought it to the dealership for parts.  Volker is furious, and wants justice for what was done to his sports car.  Agent Barrigan asks him to sign a piece of paper in order to prosecute the people who stole his car.  Deckard watches in horror as Volker signs a paper the FBI agent handed him.  Neal tells him that Volker is cutting a deal with the FBI, and that he is selling him out by signing a confession.  He tells him that Volker knew that it was only a matter of time before Deckard turned on him after his stunt at his office, which is why the man decided to cut a deal with the FBI.  Deckard pulls his gun and points it at Agent Jones who also has his gun drawn.  Volker sees the scene being played right outside the dealership.  Agent Barrigan informs him that Deckard has accused him of paying off an FBI agent to intimidate and kill witnesses.  Not a minute had passed when Volker throws Deckard under the bus claiming that the marshal came up with the whole thing, and is willing to cooperate in bringing the marshal down.  Deckard tries to walk away, but Agent Burke arrives with a gun pointed at him.  Other FBI agents arrive and arrest U.S. Marshall John Deckard, and Defense Attorney Stan Volker.  With the real culprits arrested, Franklin has been cleared of the charges against him, and has been reinstated in the White Collar division.

With the case closed, Agent Burke’s team plan on making up for their lost weekend, and not one of them plans on spending it with Neal at the Powell, which is outside his radius.  With no one to escort him at the White Bored exhibit, Neal Caffrey contemplates on using the key he stole from Deckard to unlock his tracking anklet.  He, however, finds an unlikely escort in Bancroft who informs him that he wanted to see the exhibit since it opened.  It appears that Bancroft just gave him a reason not to commit a crime, but Neal might need to use the key in the near future.  Mozzie called him with news of unraveling the identity of the man Kate spoke with before she died.  It was none other than FBI Agent Garrett Fowler.

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