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Dead Again – Wild Card Episode Summary 1.6

Zoe and The Intimidator on a boatOverview: A man who was declared dead three years ago turns up dead again. The insurance company sends its investigators to determine whether the two beneficiaries knew about this fraudulent claim. Zoe is partnered with her boss, The Intimidator whose main purpose is to evaluate Zoe’s performance. Adding to her anxiety for the upcoming performance review is her niece’s frustrated plea to getting a driver’s license.

Synopsis: A new case takes top priority when the insurance company learns that death benefits were awarded to beneficiaries of a man that was not dead. George Dolan was declared dead several years ago when his body was not recovered after falling overboard a yacht. Years after this supposed accident, he turns up as George Keating at the O’Hare Airport and suffers a heart attack. It is now the responsibility of the insurance investigators to determine whether the beneficiaries were accomplices to the fraudulent claim. Because Zoe Busiek (Joely Fisher) is up for a performance review, The Intimidator personally supervises her investigation. Meanwhile, the workaholic Sophia comes to work despite her clearly having the flu. Dan’s advice is for her to go home before she spreads the virus in the office.  Continue reading...

Zoe and The Intimidator interview George’s widow, Hilary. They learn from her recount of the accident that George had fallen over with the keys on him, which made the boat drift farther and consequently made it impossible for them to save him. Moreover, she informs the investigators that the boat was not George’s, which explains why they don’t have a spare key. Taylor’s phone calls interrupted their conversation several times, making Zoe uneasy especially now that she is under supervision. In addition, she missed one detail that might make a case against Hilary. Not only did the woman receive the insurance money, she seems to have gotten over her husband, since she is now wearing an engagement ring. Soon, they find out that she is engaged to her late husband’s best friend who lent them the boat.

Dan having been convicted of a crime and spent time in prison had the uneasy task of visiting Jack Perry in prison. Perry, being Dolan’s business partner is the second beneficiary to his death benefit. He was found guilty of embezzling funds from their company to which he attests his innocence. The only other person who stands by him is his daughter, Andrea, who believes that her mother helped frame her father. Mrs. Perry was the company’s accountant and in turn became the key witness to her husband’s embezzlement case. At that time, she was having an affair with George Dolan – something Mrs. Perry firmly denies.

That night, Taylor purposely lied to her aunt about going out with her friends to buy a CD. Little did she know that her niece who has been bugging her about letting her get a driver’s license planned to sneak the car out for a ride. The next morning, Zoe finds herself in the middle of a highway with no gas. To make things worse, she is to meet her boss who is evaluating her investigation. Thankfully, Marcos is always there to rescue her from a tight spot. However, this does not erase the fact that she turns up late and unprepared for fieldwork.

Bored of sitting home and just resting, Sophia busies herself with housework. When her fiancé catches her painting the house, he directs her back to bed, but later decides to catch up on office work. Catching her a second-time, Peter orders her willful fiancée to rest and recuperate. After what seems to be hours of doing nothing, Sophia uses her running out of medicine to get out of the house. Peter learns about her escapade when he sees a bottle of newly bought cranberry juice. Sophia uses her charm and successfully appeases her fiancé who had become annoyed of her disobeying his orders. Something he would later regret for he would soon become infected with the flu.

As if her day could not get any worse, Zoe has the difficult task of acting like a parent to her stubborn niece, Taylor. She confronts her about the car and ends up in a big fight with her niece using Zoe’s wild past as justification. Moreover, earlier that day she had upset Dan after commenting on his extra effort on helping Jack Perry prove his innocence.

A new day dawns, Zoe compensates or should I say overcompensates for yesterday’s inadequacies. To her relief, this does not go unnoticed neither does her lack of knowledge about boats. This she finds out from Dan who after making her partner anxious about her performance review has the unlucky task of listening to her partner’s childhood story of when she was cast as Annie after the lead that she declares to only have gotten the part due to nepotism. The point of the story, although she nailed the part, she could not shrug off her anxiety of what is to come. Working overtime to impress The Intimidator, Zoe displays knowledge about the boat and informs her about Mrs. Dolan filing a divorce then withdrawing it on the morning of the accident. In addition, Dan found that Gordon, George’s best friend and now Mrs. Dolan’s soon-to-be husband, made a scene at a Milwaukee hotel – an indication that he might have wanted a foolproof alibi of being out of town.

After telling Marcos about Taylor’s mischief, she opens up to him the real reason for her disapproval of her niece getting a driver’s license. Apparently, she is too afraid of Taylor meeting the same fate as her sister, who despite being the most careful driver she knows off ended up a casualty in a car accident. Fortunately, Taylor overhears their conversation and begins to understand her aunt’s objectionable decision. To make up for her trouble, Taylor becomes a responsible teenager overnight. Not only did she wake up early to cook them breakfast; she even managed to do the laundry. Moreover, she has whole-heartedly accepted her aunt’s decision of not letting her drive.

Later, the fraud investigators meet with Gordon and Mrs. Nolan. They take this opportunity to put Gordon on the spot with the help of the information they got from Andrea. She had told them that on the day she met George to tell him to stop his affair with her mother, Gordon came to give George the keys to the boat and remembers it distinctly for she became annoyed after Gordon spent a lot of time trying to remove his key chain from the keys. Dan and Zoe figures that this act is an indication that he knew before hand that George planned to fall overboard. Had he not removed his lucky key chain, he would not have seen it again. Moreover, Zoe managed to retrieve documentation from the car rental company Gordon used that he had driven the rental 406.2 miles. This accounts a roundtrip drive from Milwaukee to the harbor where he helped George escape using a Zodiac boat. Gordon denies this, but one, last, critical evidence leaves him cornered. The company who bought his boat was located in the Cayman Islands where George was later found to have lived after his supposed death. Moreover, the company paid over and above the worth of his boat, which clearly shows that the money is actually George’s payment for Gordon’s significant assistance in his escape.

Dan keeps Andrea company while waiting for the release of Jack Perry. The insurance company’s investigation of the fraudulent claim lead to Gordon, the real accomplice to George Dolan’s embezzling. This without any contest proves Perry’s innocence. Meanwhile, Zoe meets with The Intimidator who we now learn to be Ms. Miller. In an attempt to keep her job, Zoe makes a speech of how she loves her job and admits to having difficulties solving the case, but nevertheless solves them. To her relief, Ms. Miller is pleased with her performance as an investigator and signs her up for another year. With office troubles gone, she sets off to tackle a family concern. Realizing her unreasonable decision of not letting her niece behind the wheel, she shows up at Taylor’s school to finally let her drive the car.

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