Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Actor Biography - Chris Potter

TV Actor Chris PotterChris Potter, not to be confused with the jazz saxophonist, is a Canadian actor who gained worldwide popularity in shows such as 'Kung Fu: The Legend Continues' and 'Silk Stalkings'. Being the son of a pro-football player, it seemed unlikely for him to enter acting. Thanks to his mother who engaged him in Community Theater when he was a boy, Chris Potter discovered a love for acting. However, he did not truly consider pursuing an entertainment career. Continue reading...In fact, he worked as a stockbroker for a time and resolved to amateur theater production performances. His big break came when Martha Henry, a distinguished Canadian actress, cast him in the Canadian production of Neil Simon’s Biloxi Blues. He later got a leading role in the television series Material World as a result of this. Chris Potter’s entertainment career continued to flourish in the 90’s. He played the son of David Carradine in the action TV series ‘Kung Fu The Legend Continues’. Later, he played the role of Tom Ryan opposite Janet Gunn as Cassandra St. John in the television show ‘Silk Stalkings’. It was believed that it was their characters that saved the show after the original cast left the series. In 2000 he starred in his first-ever feature film, ‘Rocket’s Red Glare’, where he won Best Actor in the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival Award. Later he returned to the small screen playing a doctor in Showtime’s ‘Queer as Folk’ where he later became the main love interest of Michael, one of the lead characters. This is not the only time he played a homosexual, as he guest-starred in ‘Will & Grace’ as Will’s ex-boyfriend. Chris Potter must be one of the most secure men you might know. There is no question about his gender orientation despite taking on gay roles. In reality, he is happily married to his wife Karen whom he has four children. His last regular television stint to date was in the Lifetime original series ‘Wild Card’ where he played opposite Joely Fisher in the role of Dan Lennox an insurance fraud investigator with a troubled past. It can be said that his solid fan base helped the show gain regular viewers. You can watch Chris Potter in the Canadian TV drama series Heartland. He plays the role of Tim Fleming. Also, watch out for Hallmark's The Good Witch's Wedding where Chris Potter once again teams up with Catherine Bell for the third installation of this successful series of TV movies.

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Janet said...

Chris, I have been a fan since you co-starred in the "Kung Fu, the Legend Continues" series. I have been looking for them to release it so I could purchase a copy but so far that hasn't happened. Any reason why not or is there some one I could contact to get the series? I also enjoyed the series, "Silk Stalkings". Good luc on your futrure TV and movie career.

comprehensive episode guides said...


You are in luck the complete series collection of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues is now available. Just click on the "Kung Fu: Legend Continues" link within the post. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

that is for the David Carradine series not the one Chris is in..

Kung Fu the legend continues is not out on dvd..

comprehensive episode guides said...

^You're right, the link I had was the one without Chris Potter. I changed it to the one that has Chris Potter on it. Unfortunately, it's not a Region 1 DVD, but if you have a DVD player that can play multiple regions then you're in luck. I believe it's a German version, but it did say that it has English (Stereo).