Monday, April 9, 2007

Actress Biography – Joely Fisher

TV Star Actress Joely FisherJoely Fisher is the love child of crooner Eddie Fisher and singer-actress Connie Stevens. Her parents made her famous before she was even born having been the result of a love affair. Although Joely’s parents did marry, it did not last too long. Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens divorced when she was only two years old. They did however manage to have another child, Tricia Leigh Fisher. After the divorce, one might say that Joely Fisher had an unconventional childhood. Continue reading...She and her sister would accompany their mother on worldwide nightclub tours and had to attend various schools because of this. At the age of seven, she was already an entertainer performing onstage in Las Vegas with mother Connie Stevens. Three years later, she was to learn the existence of other siblings brought about by the popularity of her then famous half-sister Carrie Fisher who played Princess Leia in Star Wars. Life seemed to normalize when she reached adolescence when she and her sister attended Beverly Hills High School. However, rumors have it that aside from experimenting with alcohol, drugs and smoking she had to battle an eating disorder. In fact, it was at this time that she started to play roles as a “fat friend”. Later, she would attend the University of Paris. On her way to France, she stopped by New York where her alcoholic and drug addict father Eddie Fisher lived at that time. It was reported that she forced her way into his life despite his clearly not wanting to be part of hers. Joely left the university after only one semester and went on to Emerson College to study psychology, but this too she did not finish. Instead, she decided to pursue an acting career. Being the daughter of celebrities does not guarantee a career in Hollywood. Talented as she is, Joely Fisher struggled to land parts taking in small roles and enduring rejection from being turned down for thirty TV pilots. Luck did not come her way until she was 26 when she was cast as Ellen’s friend Paige Clark in the hit sitcom “Ellen”. This jumped started not only her acting career, but also her personal life. In 1996, she married the cinematographer Christopher Duddy. They now have two children, Skylar Grace Fisher-Duddy and True Harlow Fisher-Duddy. After the cancellation of Ellen in 1998, Joely turned to theater and played Sally Bowles in the national production of Cabaret. She also played opposite Matthew Broderick in the movie Inspector Gadget. In 2003, she starred in her very first lead TV role in Lifetime’s original series Wild Card where she was partnered with veteran TV actor Chris Potter. This television show allowed Joely Fisher to showcase her talents both in acting and singing. Unfortunately, the show only lasted two seasons. Her career seemed to have slumped once again appearing only as a guest star in television shows such as Desperate Housewives. However, luck did come her way again with the now hit comedy series ‘Til Death where she plays the wife of Brad Garrett.

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banini said...

Joely Fisher to me is a terrific comedian, dramatic actress not so much. Also, having heard her sing in two episodes in Wild Card makes me wonder why she has not pursued a singing career. I might be incapable of carrying a tune and tone-deaf at times, but I truly believe that she has a beautiful singing voice. Her genes alone could back me up on this one.

Anonymous said...

Joley Fisher is a very talented comedian . I love watching her also she can certainly put a song over.she and Chris Potter bonded beautifully and better than many ....really enjoyed Wild Card

comprehensive episode guides said...

^Yes, she really is a very talented comedian. She and Chris Potter were perfectly paired in Wild Card. Thanks for your comment!