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Mimi’s Assets – Wild Card Episode Summary 1.9

Overview: Mimi’s strip club and the family of a deceased stripper file claims against a manufacturer whose fog machine is believed to have caused the fire in the club. The lack of cooperation from the bar owner forces Zoe to go undercover as a bartender in order to gather more information about the incident. Taylor, on the other hand, deals with her failed pursuit for her neighbor and the sad discovery of losing him to her best friend.

Synopsis: With The Intimidator’s recent promotion, Sophia acts as the unit supervisor for the interim. She assigns her colleagues the case against their client, the fog machine manufacturer who is blamed for the fire in Mimi’s strip club. Reports say that a faulty fog machine that exploded caused the fire. Unfortunately, the explosion also caused the death of the dancer Lizzy. Because the club owner is not cooperating with the investigation, Zoe goes undercover as a bartender, while Dan as a paying customer in order to get more information about the incident. However, Dan’s cover was cut short after Mimi notices him spending more time talking with the girls and the regular customers than the show. Nonetheless, his inquiries lead him to several suspicious facts. The day of the accident, Candy, a fellow stripper who was backstage with Lizzy received a phone call – only no one was on the other line. That phone call saved her life. Moreover, Dan learned that Lizzy was not even supposed to be there that day, since it was her day off. In addition, Zoe finds it odd that the bouncer had to drag a drunk out the front door instead of the nearest exit and that the freight door that was always locked was left open that day. While Dan reviews the security tapes, Zoe checks the freight door on her break. She almost blows her cover when Mimi finds her fussing with the door. Good thing, the bar owner bought her alibi that she was only looking for the exit. Mimi directs her to the right door that leads to the garbage dump. Zoe notices the flyers that were scattered around the alley and later learns that Lizzy’s father was the one handing those out to the girls.   Continue reading...

Dan speaks with the father and finds out that he was to have lunch with Lizzy only she canceled at the last minute. He also mentions the limo he saw that was parked at the back of the bar, while he was waiting for her daughter to come out the back door. When all the information they gathered does not seem to coincide with the security tape, Zoe realizes that they could be watching the wrong tape. She sneaks into Mimi’s office and reviews the correct video. She watches in horror as the bouncers haul off a dead man. Unfortunately, Mimi catches her and retrieves the videotape. As it turns out, Mimi was only protecting the good name of the senator who died of a heart attack while enjoying the show. In fact, he was also the reason why Lizzy was at the bar when it was her day off. She was the senator’s favorite dancer. Although she blew her cover, her chat with Mimi did tie up some loose ends.

One morning, Julian drops by to give Cliff the prop cow dung that Jeannie made for the medieval fair. Taylor is reminded of her hopeless pursuit when Carla arrives to pick her up and is asked out by Julian. Later, Taylor puts Carla on a tight spot as she reminds her of all that she went through to get the attention of her neighbor only to discover that he liked her best friend. Like a true friend, Carla assures Taylor that she would not go out with Julian if it upsets her. To make herself clear, she continues to discuss her feelings about her neighbor only to find him by the door. Afraid that she made a fool of herself again, Taylor attempts to cover up her embarrassing confession. She found the perfect opportunity when Julian drops by to borrow their computer in order to burn a CD. She tells him that she was in fact referring to another person. Relieved that Julian could not care less, they ease the tension by playing with Cliff’s school project. Although their carefree behavior was cut short when she learns that Julian was making the CD for Carla. This caught her off-guard and caused her to break Cliff’s miniature trebuchet. Julian helps her fix the broken prop and forgets about his date with Carla who becomes upset after finding him with Taylor.

Sophia is having issues of her own, but not with her fiancé. She is upset that the insurance company is not even considering her for The Intimidator’s job. After seeing another candidate for interview, Sophia pulls up the courage and confronts the panel. She resigns after pointing out that they have interviewed unqualified candidates and yet they did not even consider asking her for the job when she is the most qualified and experienced employee for the position. Her stunt worked and the insurance company promotes Sophia.

Zoe cracks the case when her niece Hannah mentions something about preparedness. She believes that someone at the bar knew about the fire. This she gathered after remembering the stripper’s testimony of smelling kitty litter. Zoe having worked as a poi dancer realizes what the stripper actually smelled. It is from a fire retardant. She used to spray the foul smelling solution over her body in case her poi dancing turns sour. Only the killer would have known about the fire and so whoever sprayed the retardant is guilty party.

The girls confirm that they only smelled the foul odor at the time of the fire. In fact Fiona, the stripper who informed them of the smell, said that the unpleasant odor worsened when the security guard carried her out of the bar. Moreover, it was the security guard Steve who informed Candy of the timely phone call. Later, Dan discovers that it was him who wrote his own press release. In fact, this was not the first time he pulled this stunt. Apparently, he had made himself a hero in all of the places he worked for. Dan goes to the abandoned warehouse that Steve is now helping to renovate after quitting his job at Mimi’s. What he does not know is that Zoe is already there. She finds the destroyed fog machines he used for practice. Steve sees her and attacks Zoe, but she manages to escape. Good thing, Dan is already outside with the police.

Zoe and her nieces attend her nephew’s school activity. Cliff confronts Taylor after noticing the glue on his trebuchet. Taylor who is already depressed for losing her crush to her best friend concedes without a fight. Seeing that her sister is already down and miserable, Cliff decides not to add more to her misery. Julian, on the other hand, confuses her more after leading her on and attempting to give her a kiss. Now, it is Taylor’s turn to be a good friend and stops Julian. Zoe attempts to clear an uncertainty of her own after an awkward meeting with the woman whom Marcos spent a weekend with in place of the undecided first choice. She confronts him and successfully regains normalcy by acting like a friend instead of a lover.

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