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Girls Night Out – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 1.17

Tess and Claire McLeod sing karaokeSynopsis: The girls go for a night out on the town to celebrate the profit they received from the sale of undernourished sheep that Claire McLeod bought months ago. However, the night of celebration turns to a night of entrapment as the girls decide to trap Brian Cronin into catching him in the act. This, after learning that Becky Howard’s replacement had suffered the same fate as hers. Meg Fountain steps up to the plate to become the man’s next victim who would finally put him behind bars.

Episode Summary: Claire McLeod’s gamble at buying a flock of undernourished sheep finally paid off, and what better way to celebrate but to have a girls’ night out at Gungellan. Unfortunately, the solitary Chinese restaurant in town is closed, since the owner’s wife has gone into labor. This leaves the girls with no other choice, but the pub. Becky Howard (Jessica Napier) does not seem to mind, and she leads the pack to Brian Cronin’s establishment where Tess McLeod somehow manages to drag Claire up the stage to sing karaoke. While the two belch out a song, Jodi Fountain is outside by the Ute putting on lipstick when she sees Kimmy trying to push Brian away. Given what she already knows about Brian, there is no doubt in her mind that the poor girl has suffered the same fate as her friend. At a chance meeting at the ladies room, she tries to confront the young woman about her predicament, but terrified Kimmy brushes her off. This leads Jodi to turn to Becky. Continue reading...

Meanwhile, Alex Ryan is having a hard time trying to placate his furious father after learning that somebody had snatched Wilgul from under him. They were in for a much bigger surprise when Nick Ryan admits that he is the one who bought the farm. He made the announcement under the false pretense of making the sale for his father; making them believe that it will be part of Killarney. The truth, which only Claire McLeod (Lisa Chappell) knows is that he had bought the farm with his own money; he only said otherwise in order to get full use of Killarney’s machinery, and services while he cleans up the farm.

Becky Howard tries to convince Kimmy to come out in the open about the violation done to her, but fails when the young woman reminds her that she herself did not do anything to stop the man from committing the same crime all over again. Furious at herself, Becky boldly confronts her attacker, but he is once again successful at scaring her to silence when he threatens her brother Seany’s life given that he now works for him. Hitting a wall, leave it to Tess McLeod (Bridie Carter) to come up with a plan, which is to catch Brian in the act. The first hurdle to overcome is convincing her sister Claire to stay the night on the town. Luckily, the woman is in too good a mood that she agrees. In fact, she even lets her sister dress her up in real woman’s clothes. Trading her plaid shirt, and blue jeans for a dress, Claire McLeod could not believe her eyes at the sight of herself. Tess makes her way down to the pub as Claire having asked for a minute alone takes time to breathe in the new her. By the time Claire arrives at the pub, Tess and Alex are already having fun dancing with each other leaving her unnoticed. Feeling foolish for wearing a dress in the hopes of attracting Alex’ attention, she rushes back to the room to change.

Claire returns to the pub wearing her old manly clothes surprising Tess at her change of heart, but it was Tess’ divulging their plan to catch Brian in the act that proved to be a bigger surprise for Claire and Meg who knew nothing of the plot. Becky rushes out the pub when Claire finds their plan ridiculous. Furious, and feeling hopeless at getting the chance to show the real creep that Brian Cronin really is, Becky rushes outside. Realizing how much putting the man behind bars meant to the young woman, Claire joins in with the plan. The girls night out turns from a simple dinner to an entrapment. Meg Fountain volunteers to be the next victim given that Brian had already made a pass at her not too long ago. In addition, among the Drovers Run women, it is she whom he would least suspect.

With their strategies in place, the women return to rejoin their men who had already finished their dinner. Meg, on the other hand, has already put their trap in motion. She starts flirting with Brian, and makes it known to him that her relationship with Terry has turned a bit unsteady. Learning from Becky that the man likes to play protector, Meg tries to make him believe that she is a damsel in distress, but she fails miserably especially when Terry shows up. In addition, two drunken men at the bar had started arguing, and Brian had to break up the fight. Hours later, when the man still has not made his move, Meg puts herself in the line when she intentionally puts herself in the middle of two dueling drunks in the hope that Brian would come to her rescue. Ignorant to the plan, Alex and Nick try to come to Meg’s aid, but Tess distracts them by pretending to have poked her eye with a cue. Though successful at keeping the two brothers from breaking up the fight, Terry comes out of nowhere, and breaks up the fight before Brian even arrives. With all their tricks failing, the girls are ready to throw in the towel, but not Meg who despite suffering from a headache, thanks to the Scotch she’s been gulping all evening, she is determined to nail the man to the wall.

With Meg’s instruction, the women return to the pub to try and have some fun lest their prey catch on their trap. Seeing that all the girls but Meg are at the pub watching Jodi as she sings karaoke, Brian sees the perfect opportunity. On her way out of her room after taking pills for her headache, Meg is surprised to see Brian standing outside her door. So, it appears that the man had understood the signals the woman had been sending out all evening, and was only finding for the perfect opportunity to take action. He lets himself inside the room, and closes the door behind him. Seeing that Meg had only led him on, and realizing that all her flirting was only part of a stunt, Brian shows his true colors. He walks dangerously close to Meg, and grabs her wrist in a way that the woman could not escape what he is about to do. Fortunately, the other girls have realized that both Meg and Brian are gone from the pub, and they rush to the room. Meg knees Brian at his privates, and he falls on the bed with a groan, while Meg unlocks the door as the girls try to break it down.

It was all the proof they will need, his attempted rape at Meg, Kimmy and Becky’s testimony should give the constable enough grounds for a trial. However, Becky realizes that all the police would really need is her statement, and after months of cowardice, she finally sums up the courage to report the violation done to her. Their stunt though was not a clear-cut success proved to be enough to scare Brian out of their town. The man makes the announcement of moving his family to Fisher to care of his ailing mother. Although all the townsfolk believed his cock and bull excuse, the Ryan brothers knew better, especially after seeing Claire’s reaction, and the girls’ unusual behavior that night. However, she owes it to Becky not to spill the beans even to their best mates, and they leave it as that.

Later that night, Becky and Kimmy walk to the police station together they find the courage to let the truth be known. That way, justice will be served, and no other girl would suffer the same fate they had on Brian’s hands. The events of the night have taken its toll on the other women of Drovers Run, Meg is lucky enough to have Terry by her side to provide her the protection and comfort at times like these. Meanwhile, Tess seems to have found the same in Alex much to Claire and Nick’s chagrin. The two who have tried every way to ignore the feelings they have for the ones they truly love deserve the results of passing on a chance. Nick and Claire sulk at the bar to drown their sorrows with beer. Getting the hint that their siblings are spending the night with each other, the two prepares for a long, cold night with a basket of chips and beer. While the two are upstairs enjoying the night, the other two are downstairs covering up their misery with talk about animal husbandry.

Morning came, and it is a new day. Frisky Alex and Tess, step out of the Gungellan Hotel with no attempt at masking what the night brought them. Nick and Claire watch them with contained annoyance, and jealousy, but all that is gone at the sight of Constable Cook escorting Brian Cronin to the police station. The day has finally come when justice is not far from Becky’s reach. The women return to Drovers Run with a bittersweet victory. It is indeed bittersweet for Tess after her sister hands her half the profit of the sheep sales. It was a gesture that at face value screams you truly are part owner of this farm, and that she should stay, but Claire’s remark of her not wanting to hold her back on her dreams of owning the café she so longed for tells her otherwise.

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