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Reality Bites – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 1.6

Tess reads to Claire the card from their fatherSynopsis: Becky receives a surprise visit from her mother and decides to return home with her. Meanwhile, Tess’ espresso machine leaves the house without electricity and sparks a feud between sisters. Tess storms out of Drover’s Run and finds refuge at Killarney. To add fire to an already burning head, Tess learns from the Ryan’s about Drover’s outstanding debt. Determined to save the farm from financial ruin she rummages through Jack’s old books only to find a piece of completely unrelated information, but vital to her life. Having found evidence that Jack loved Tess, reality sets in and Claire feels threatened.

Episode Summary: Tess (Bridie Carter) is late for farm work and after seeing that everything is under control despite her absence the feeling of uselessness overcomes her yet again. Thanks to the one-armed mailman who delivered her espresso maker, Tess has found something to be happy about though her joy was short-lived given that the machine blew the fuse leaving the house without electricity. Of course, Claire was the last to know. Tempers rise when Claire (Lisa Chappell) starts to blame Tess for the unfortunate incident. Tess argues that the problem lies with Claire’s neglect of the house, but it is her sister’s remark about not taking any advice from her on how to run the property that broke the camel’s back. Now, not only the house’s fuse is blown, but Tess’ as well. Furious, she sets off on her Vdub. Though she did not get that far, all thanks to a stupid cow that blocked the road. In her attempt to go around the stubborn bovine, she ends up getting stuck in the mud. Her feeling of helplessness might not be unfounded as Alex comes to rescue the damsel in distress. Though Alex’s attempt to get the car out of the mud was also a failure, his arrival was a breath of fresh air as they fool around throwing mud at each other. Continue reading...

Tess’ streak of bad luck ends when Alex brings her to Killarney. Having already met her, Alex’s father, Harry receives her well, but his wife Liz. Still Tess makes nothing out of it and finds refuge at Killarney’s spa bath. Nick walks in on her, but was able to cover herself in time only to later realize that a mirror provided a full view of her uncovered behind. Tess gives Liz more reason to dislike her after she rudely sends her away, but only because she mistook her as one of the brothers. In addition, Tess alters the outdated dress Liz had given her and so the hideous outfit turns into a sultry wrap around. Killarney with its hi-tech gadgets made her realize how far back Drover’s Run is. The Ryan’s also learn a whole lot about Tess. Her talkativeness quite fits her degree in hospitality. Good thing the Ryan’s have a long patience and some sense of humor including Liz who managed to fool her about serving Meg’s favorite dish, apricot chicken after having learned how much she dislikes it. The talk about repairing Drover’s house wiring and Liz’s comment about the McLeod’s huge overdraft end the delightful dinner.

As Claire sits alone for dinner, she realizes that she has gotten used to having her bubbly sister around. Fully aware that Tess is still at Killarney, she takes the opportunity to learn more about her sister by going to her room and checking out her belongings. She finds herself trying on one of Tess’ dress and immediately puts it away once she becomes aware of her unusual behavior. As she rummages through her sister’s things, she discovers that Tess had been keeping the same old picture she has of them when they were still kids. Though touched at her discovery, this quickly changes when she sees Alex and Tess making out inside the car. Claire takes a good look at herself on the mirror and feigns saying good night to Alex the way her sister would. Finally she admits, though only to herself, that she has feelings for Alex. Upset and disappointed, she cries herself to sleep.

Morning came; Tess wasted no time to confront Claire about the overdraft. Reticent Claire is upset about her sister discussing their financial situation with other people. She escapes the matter of their enormous debt by turning her attention to taming Blaze, Sirocco’s foal. Tess is determined to save Drover’s Run from financial ruin and she starts her quest by checking the books. Her search uncovers something unexpected and unrelated. She learns that Jack actually cared for her, and that he had been sending cards until she was ten, but her mother had always sent them back. Claire, unaware of the cards is also shocked about the discovery. Though instead of being happy for her sister, she feels threatened having learned that Jack loved Tess. Immediately sensing her sister’s apprehension, she comforts her by reading an entry from Jack’s diary, which showed that he also cared for Claire. Unconvinced, she asks Meg if she knew about the cards and apparently she does. Intuitive Meg quickly sensed the reason for her question and provides great comfort to her after declaring that Jack worshipped the ground Claire walked on.

Jodi who has a little crush on Alex is delighted to see him as he and Terry drop by for a visit though her delight is not reciprocated, since Alex only wanted to see Tess. What comes around goes around. Still upset about her mother’s dishonesty and frustrated that there is no way for her to find an answer as to why she had kept her away from her father, Tess scares off Alex. Unlike Tess’ mother who is good at keeping secrets, Terry almost gave away his affair with Meg when he goes looking for her.

Becky receives a surprise visit from her mother who appeals to her daughter’s good side after having told Becky that her family misses and needs her. This and though not admittedly, her falling out with Claire after having left without a word, made it easy for her to come to a decision to return home. Becky helps out in her family’s café in Gungellan and discovers the real reason for her mother’s yearning. Her brother left, leaving her mother short-handed. Reality sets in, and she leaves her family to return to her newfound home at Drover’s Run.

Though Mrs. Howard would insist, Claire is absolutely nothing like her. She truly cares for Becky and shows just that when she drops by at their café to say hello unaware that the young woman had already left. They find her walking the long road back to Drover’s and they bring her back to a place that she now calls home. Believing that her outburst at Becky the other day had been the cause of her departure, Claire explains that working in a huge property it is necessary to leave word lest anything happens. This reinforces Claire’s real concern for the people under her care.

Having somehow managed to tame the old wild Becky, it is not far-fetched that she could do the same with the wild horse Blaze. A day that started glum does not seem as bad after all and Tess’ decision to stay a bit longer to learn to be a jillaroo and help Drover’s pay off its outstanding debt is just the cherry on top of the sundae. They end the day with having a delightful dinner together, but everybody falls silent when Becky tells Claire her detailed work itinerary for tomorrow and makes it worse when she sarcastically includes taking a break to piss. Good thing, Claire has a sense of humor and even makes a joke out of it. Relieved, all resume their dinner and Tess continues to entertain them with her unending stories. The thing that started it all brings them back together and the string of events comes full circle. After finding a solution on how to use her espresso maker without burning the house down, they sit and wait for a good cup of coffee only to learn that their taste buds are still used to the simple, crude country coffee.

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