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Episode 6 Season 2 – The Tudors Episode Summary 2.6

The marriage of Sir George Boleyn and Jane Parker
The Tudors Episode 6 Season 2 Synopsis: King Henry VIII agrees to Anne Boleyn’s proposal to quell questions about their daughter’s legitimacy with her betrothal to King Francis’ youngest son.  King Francis sends the Admiral of France to convey his message about the proposition.  Meanwhile, Thomas Cromwell has devised new ways to promote the new monarchy and the reformation.

Episode Summary: Pope Paul III addresses the crowd in Vatican City sending a message to the English people condemning the murder of Sir Thomas More and Cardinal Fisher.  However, the persecution of the faithful of the Holy Roman Catholic Church continues in England.  Thomas Cromwell reports that the Commissioners’ survey of religious houses found the monks depraved, licentious, and corrupt beyond reformation.  He recommends the production of plays that promote King Henry VIII’s new monarchy and defame the Bishop of Rome.  King Henry VIII leaves the production of the plays to Mr. Cromwell.Continue reading...

Thomas Cromwell along with Archbishop Thomas Cranmer inform known reformation supporter Sir George Boleyn of the appointment of Dr. Simon Heyes as the new Dean at Canterbury Cathedral.  Dr. Heyes detests the cult and religious images.  He has ordered the removal of the religious images and the introduction of the new learning.  Mr. Cromwell seeks Sir George Boleyn’s help in putting reformers in vital positions of responsibility in the Church.  He believes that the martyrdoms of Cardinal Fisher and Sir Thomas More have gained support from the opposition.  To counter opposition, Mr. Cromwell has sent word that the people of England are bound by duty to report anyone criticizing the King, his marriage, or the reforms.  Moreover, he has found a tool they can use to promote their ideas.  Mr. Cromwell shows them a printing press that publishes the tracts praising King Henry VIII, his new monarchy, and the reformation.  The pamphlets also explain the necessity of the reformation and its benefits to all.  Later, the first of the plays are performed publicly with the King and the Queen in the audience.  It made a satire of Pope Paul III and Cardinal Campeggio delighting Lord Rochford.  He praises Mr. Cromwell for his ingenuity, but is quick to remind him of his debt of gratitude toward the Boleyns for they facilitated his rise to power.

Anne Boleyn brings up to her husband the lingering contention of their daughter’s legitimacy.  She proposes betrothing Elizabeth to the youngest son of King Francis, Charles the Duke of Angouleme, in order to suppress questions about her legitimacy.  Henry’s agreement to her proposal delights Anne, but his refusal to sleep with her gives her sadness. The guilt of having beheaded Sir Thomas More consumes Henry’s thoughts.  He, nevertheless, remembers to follow through with his promise to Anne and speaks to the French ambassador to relay his request to King Francis.  The King of France agrees to the betrothal and sends the Admiral of France to arrange the marriage.  King Henry orders Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk, to receive and entertain the Admiral of France.  The assignment upsets Anne Boleyn, who distrusts the Duke of Suffolk.  She would have preferred the task to fall upon her father, Lord Rochford.  There is basis for her distrust for the Duke of Suffolk remains loyal to Queen Catherine.  He learns from Ambassador Chapuys that Queen Catherine of Aragon has become unwell and that he fears for the life of Lady Mary Tudor.  The Lady Mary, however, despite her dethronement shows kindness to her stepsister, Elizabeth, whom she found left alone and in tears.

Sir Thomas Boleyn demands a dowry of three hundred pounds from Lord Morley before allowing his son, Sir George Boleyn to marry Jane Parker.  Lord Morley, unable to fulfill the demand, reaches out to his distant cousin King Henry VIII, who in his generosity agreed to make up for the difference.  Jane Parker arrives at her wedding, but reconsiders and refuses to push through with the marriage.  Lord Morley, however, is determined to marry her into a great family leaving Jane Parker no choice but to concede.  Sir George Boleyn is not keen on the marriage as well and makes a farce of the ceremony much to his father’s chagrin.  They, nonetheless, proceed with the marriage.  At the reception, Sir George Boleyn spends more time with Mark Smeaton than his bride and shows no respect towards her.  His disrespect continues when he arrives at her bedchamber to consummate the marriage.  He shows her no tenderness and forces himself on her.  Later, he visits Anne Boleyn.  She confides to him her husband’s infidelity and her belief that Henry is keeping a harem.  Moreover, she speaks of the prophecy of the burning of a Queen of England.  She has come to believe that the prophecy speaks of her fate.  Sir George affectionately comforts her distressed sister, which Lady Margaret Sheldon maliciously witnesses.

William Brereton is convinced that Anne Boleyn is a witch who has seduced the King.  He claims to have proof of it from the testimony of Anne’s bedchamber maid who reports her deformities.  He shares his belief and his determination to kill Anne to Ambassador Chapuys.  He later imagines the murder of Anne Boleyn by his hand where he successfully attacks her with a knife leaving her bleeding on the floor, but Anne resurrects from the dead.  Meanwhile, King Henry VIII speaks with Ambassador Chapuys to inform him of the knowledge of his disapproval after Cromwell intercepted some of his letters.  King Henry claims that he remains a humanist just like Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas More.  Moreover, he promises to Ambassador Chapuys his determination to subject his kingdom in a great reformation.

Philippe Chabot de Brion, Admiral of France, arrives at the residence of the Duke of Suffolk bringing with him his secretary Monsieur Alfonse Gontier and his niece Mademoiselle Germaine.  The Duchess of Suffolk, Catherine Willoughby, immediately senses danger from Mademoiselle Germaine.  Mademoiselle Germaine need only show her attraction to the Duke of Suffolk for him to fall for her.  Charles Brandon becomes unfaithful to Catherine Willoughby for the first time, and his wife soon learns of his infidelity.  Charles admits to his transgression and apologizes to his wife with a contrite heart promising not to become disloyal again afraid of losing her love.  The French envoy along with his entourage has been staying at the home of the Duke of Suffolk for two weeks, but he has not yet sent Anne a message of goodwill.  He has also refused to attend the banquet and tennis match Queen Anne prepared in his honor.  Moreover, he has befriended the staunch supporter of Queen Catherine, Ambassador Chapuys.  Anne Boleyn becomes upset at the Admiral’s disrespect towards her and confides her ire to the carefree fiddler, Mark Smeaton.  Both the Admiral and Anne show their mutual dislike of each other at the dinner King Henry prepared in his honor.  The message he brings will further Anne’s aversion towards him.  The French Admiral informs King Henry VIII of King Francis’ refusal to betroth his son to a bride whose legitimacy is not recognized by the Pope, the Holy Catholic Church, or the Emperor.  King Francis, however, proposes the betrothal of the Duke of Angouleme to his legitimate daughter, Lady Mary Tudor.  If King Henry rejects the match, King Francis will marry his son to the Emperor’s daughter, leaving England without an ally.  King Henry VIII is contemplating the message of the French Admiral when Anne Boleyn arrives to nag him about his mistresses.  She continues to badger him until Henry has no more and declares their daughter a bastard and her not his wife.  He later confides his troubles to his friend, Charles Brandon, whom he envies for having a happy marriage.  Henry regrets the death of Sir Thomas More and blames his demise to Anne Boleyn.  He claims that Anne dissuaded him from saving Sir Thomas More.

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