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Steele Waters Run Deep – Remington Steele Episode Summary 1.3

Remington Steele and Laura Holt's first kissSynopsis: Laura Holt is yet again on the verge of losing a high-paying client when Mr. Steele fails to do his job of making an appearance to close the deal. Moreover, he takes on a case to search for a missing videogame company executive who ran away taking with him millions of dollars of company’s assets, and their newest multi-million dollar videogame – Deep Water.

Episode Summary: Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist) tries her best to keep their already annoyed client Emery Arnok at the office while they wait for Mr. Steele (Pierce Brosnan) whom their client anxiously, and patiently expects to arrive and close their deal. Mr. Arnok is the owner of the Arnok super savings market, and has hired the Remington Steele detective agency to run a security profile on all his thirty-two stores. Already a half and an hour late for their meeting, Laura sends the company limo to fetch the terribly tardy Mr. Steele.  Continue reading...

Knowing that Laura had already arranged for his ride, he makes his way to the front of his building to wait for the car. Unfortunately, a couple of young Hispanic males kidnap him. Sensing that his captors are amateurs, Mr. Steele boldly threatens them with a cigarette lighter. Well, it is shaped like a gun, and the kidnappers who do not know any better run away for their lives. What he soon will learn is that his captors were merely janitors hired by Albee Fervitz. Mr. Fervitz is a computer genius who unexpectedly found success in the videogames industry. He along with his friends from grad school formed the successful videogame company Ratooi Games International where he is the president. Ratooi Games International is set to merge with Gruff and Reston Industries, the corporation that has been slowly taking over their company as soon as Ratooi became public. The merger was their answer to keep the corporation from fully taking over their company. The trouble that Mr. Fervitz now faces is that George Kaplan, his vice-president, has suddenly disappeared. Afraid that his disappearance would cost them the merger, he decided to hire the Remington Steele detective agency to quietly find the missing vice-president.

Mr. Steele finally arrives at the office, and both Laura and Mr. Arnok are not pleased. He continues to irate them when he again puts aside their client to discuss with Laura the case he took on himself despite their agreed arrangement where he only functions as a figurehead. So far, Mr. Steele has not kept his side of the bargain as he persists on involving himself on their cases, and continues to fail to put on an appearance when needed. This time he might have cost them a very important client, Mr. Arnok who after waiting for two hours for the tardy head of the agency decided to leave.

As a compromise, Laura Holt agrees to check out the case that Mr. Steele took on, expecting that in return, he would try his very best to get Mr. Arnok to sign the deal. They arrive at the Ratooi office to meet their clients, Albee Fervitz, his wife Sheila who happens to be their Chief Financial Officer, and Izzy Webster the V.P. of Development. Unlike Albee, Sheila seems to think that the missing George Kaplan has run away taking with him $5 million dollars of their company’s liquid assets. Moreover, she opposes with the merger that her husband has agreed to undertake. As it turns out, their visit was not fruitless, not only did they discover a clue, Laura also found a note that was inconspicuously dropped in her purse.

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Their meeting has proven that Mr. Steele had truly landed the agency a legitimate case. Seeing that the figurehead has stumbled upon a real case, Laura decides to look more into it without letting Mr. Steele know of her sudden interest on the assignment. It was a little white lie made only to keep him from completely foregoing the Arnok project. However, with or without the knowledge of Laura’s change of heart, Mr. Steele could not help but pursue the more interesting case of finding the missing George Kaplan. Defying once again her instructions, he makes his way to George’s condominium only to meet George’s ex-girlfriend whom he conveniently broke-up with right before he disappeared.

While Mr. Steele finally meets Mr. Arnok who is already on his way to the airport, Laura returns to the Ratooi office to meet with the person who slipped the note in her purse. She finds herself trapped in a maze of noisy videogame machine feeling slightly unnerved with the secret meeting. Fortunately, the seemingly dangerous atmosphere caused by the endless beeping of the videogames is merely a security system that Izzy Webster had installed. Izzy’s blindness did not hinder him from having a successful career. As a matter of fact, it might even have helped him, since the main part of his job is to incorporate sound into the videogames they create. It was him who arranged for the secret meeting to tell Mr. Steele that their newest video game Deep Water believed to be worth $50 million had gone missing. He believes that the missing $5 million that George Kaplan allegedly took is only a cover, and that the real target is the multi-million dollar videogame.

Mr. Arnok unwittingly gets entangled with the Remington Steele Investigations’ other case when he accepts Mr. Steele’s offer to drive him to the airport. Mr. Steele whose mind is still wrapped around the Kaplan case has decided to get more information about George through his ex-girlfriend. However, before he gets anything out of her she gets shot in front of him and Mr. Arnok. Luckily, she manages to identify her killer just before taking her last breath. Mr. Steele runs after the shooter while Mr. Arnok gets stuck with the dead woman. Unfortunately, the culprit manages to get away, and though his identity was revealed Mr. Steele still does not know what he looks like.

Mr. Steele and Laura inform their clients of the recent events. Albee despite evidence pointing to George remains unconvinced that his good friend is a thief much more a murderer. The new developments on the case create more questions than answers. Murphy whom Laura sent to Las Vegas to track the elusive George Kaplan is convinced that the man is there, but his ex-girlfriend identifying him as her shooter disproves this. To add to their confusion, they receive a phone call from a man claiming to have George hostage. He instructs Albee to meet him at the Bali Way marina. With more than enough time left before the imposed meeting, Laura suggests the she and Mr. Steele position themselves in the marina before Albee arrives to meet with the kidnapper. However, with Mr. Arnok stuck with them the two are left with no other choice, but to bring him along.

While Laura and Mr. Steele stroll along the marina posing as lovers, Mr. Arnok receives a phone call for Mr. Steele from a desperate sounding man. Mr. Arnok arrives, and interrupts the two who happen to be kissing. Laura though obviously rapt with the brief display of intimacy quickly explains to the equally embarrassed Mr. Arnok that it was merely part of their cover. Right after Mr. Arnok informs Mr. Steele of the phone call the three find themselves being shot at. Surviving the attack, the three return to the Remington Steele Investigations office where Mr. Steele receives yet another phone call from the man who called earlier - Izzy Webster. Izzy has decided to inform Mr. Steele the truth about George Kaplan, and urges him to meet him at his office. Unfortunately, the killer got to him first, but he did manage to give them a clue right before he died.

Seeing that any person who knew George gets killed, Laura conceives of a plan to talk to a person who only knows him peripherally. Mr. Steele immediately thinks of Manuel, one of the janitors who kidnapped him. Laura spends the whole night looking for Manuel only to find him in Mr. Steele’s apartment. Despite learning that Manuel had never met George Kaplan, Laura seems very pleased. This is because she has finally made some sense on the case. With the help of Mr. Arnok’s knowledge about corporate takeovers her suspicion is confirmed, George Kaplan’s disappearance including the theft of millions of dollars of the company’s assets and the plans for their next big project is only a ploy to stop the merger from happening. No corporation would invest on a troubled small company, and that is why Gruff and Reston Industries would surely pull out of the deal.

Given the trouble that the case he accepted brought to the detective agency, Mr. Steele without arguments agrees to let Laura finalize the case, and to bring Mr. Arnok straight to the airport. However, as luck would have it they discover that Izzy’s dying words were actually a clue. This time, it is Mr. Arnok who foregoes his flight to follow their new lead. Having been entangled in the messy case for far too long, Mr. Arnok could not pass up the chance that might finally close the case.

While Laura and Murphy visit George Kaplan’s house, Mr. Steele and Mr. Arnok head to the marina to check out Toodle-Loo – George’s boat. Having found a marked navigation chart, Mr. Arnok and Mr. Steele make their way to the marked spot. Meanwhile, Murphy and Laura are convinced that George Kaplan does not exist. The only hiccup to this highly plausible supposition is that he had a girlfriend. With only a couple of minutes left before the merger, Laura anxiously awaits for Mr. Steele. He and Mr. Arnok arrive in the nick of time claiming to have George Kaplan with him.

Believing that the corpse of George Kaplan is inside the trunk he found at the bottom of the sea, Mr. Steele’s reveal was unsuccessful when he opens the trunk only to find the $5 million in assets and the new Deep Water game. Luckily, Laura was there to pick up the pieces. She brings in George Kaplan’s condominium manager who identifies Albee Ferbitz as the elusive George. Apparently, George Kaplan was only the figment of the imaginations of Albee, Sheila, and Izzy. Learning of Gruff and Reston Industries’ takeover plans, the three created George to become the fourth executive. Knowing that the takeover could not be stopped, their plan was to take the money, and pass all the blame on the fictitious executive. Also part of their plan is to hire the Remington Steele detective agency to search for him, but only to confirm that the man had vanished. It was a foolproof scheme if not for Albee’s extramarital affair. Taking advantage of the entity they invented, Albee assumed George Kaplan’s identity such that he could continue his affair with his lover without being caught. Little did he know that his folly would be the cause of their downfall. Because Mr. Steele happened to meet this ex-girlfriend of his, Mr. Ferbitz was left with no other choice but to kill the woman that would expose their scheme. Learning of the murder, Izzy wanted to disengage from the whole mess by confessing his involvement, but this only led to his unfortunate death. With all that has happened, Mr. Arnok could not help but become engrossed with detective work, and has decided to sell his multi-million dollar business to become a private investigator. That is, until his wife brings him back to his senses.

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