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Signed, Steeled and Delivered – Remington Steele Episode Summary 1.4

Remington Steele learns that Laura Holt lived with a manSynopsis: Laura Holt’s uneventful weekend turns into an adventure when Mr. Steele brings to her doorstep a CIA employee on the run. Sheldon Quarry known as the Answer Man seeks the help of the great detective and supposed ex-CIA agent Remington Steele to learn why he suddenly received threats on his life just a few days before his wedding. Meanwhile. Mr. Steele learns that Laura once lived with a man.

Episode Summary: It is Friday night, and Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist) is buried with paperwork. Murphy Michaels (James Read) tries for the last time to convince her to come away with him to Palm Springs for the weekend, but she politely turns him down. Murphy could be very much inclined to think that his friend might just be making excuses to avoid spending time with him, but having known her for quite some time now, her working late on a Friday or even over the weekend is a legitimate excuse.  Continue reading...

It would seem that only a workaholic such as Laura would not have any plans for the night. Well, Mr. Steele (Pierce Brosnan) had plans, but his date had canceled on him. He looks not far to get a replacement – Laura. Desperate, Mr. Steele boldly and callously asks her for a date. It would have worked if only it was not so last minute. Not easily fooled, Laura knew exactly that she was only a second choice, a mere replacement for a planned night on the town that was meant for another woman. Insulted with seeing her as only a stand-in, much more for assuming that she does not have any plans for the night, Laura pretends to have something planned and she leaves the office leaving Mr. Steele and her paperwork behind.

When everyone but Mr. Steele had left, a bloodstained man enters the Remington Steele detective agency surprising Mr. Steele who is on the phone desperately looking for a date for the evening. Not knowing what to do with the man, he brings him to Laura. Imagine her surprise when he turns up at her doorstep, while she is at home on her couch dateless, and waiting for her pizza delivery. To continue her little pretense, Laura scurries to make it look like that she is merely getting ready for a night out on the town unaware that Mr. Steele truly has a client with him, and was not just checking up on her.

Mr. Steele brings in Sheldon Quarry, a man on the run from the CIA. Sheldon worked for the CIA’s Information Retrieval department where he was known as the Answer Man. Ask him any question, and he will give you the answer. All was well until Wednesday. Sheldon was on his way to his wedding rehearsal when one of his friends, Lenny Palmieri, hitches a ride with him only he gets blown up. Lenny who beat him to his car had inadvertently saved his life. Unaware that Sheldon’s car was rigged with a bomb, Lenny triggers the device at the moment he opened the driver’s door. Since then Sheldon had been on the run afraid for his life.

Earlier in an attempt to confuse his predators, he had turned his motel room upside down smearing it and himself with red hair-dye to make it look like that he already had been slaughtered. Unfortunately, the only one he managed to surprise is the cleaning lady. With his cover blown, he escapes, but roadwork had made him an easy target as a seductive woman starts shooting at him. Luckily, he gets away. With nowhere else to turn to, he decides to hire the services of the great detective Remington Steele whom he learned to be an ex-CIA agent unaware that all was a lie. Not finding any record of Remington Steele’s existence, a main characteristic of a CIA agent, Sheldon Quarry had made himself believe that the great detective truly was an operative.

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Laura pities the man who was supposed to be married the following day. She and Mr. Steele take him in as a client. She makes it her first task to inform the bride that Sheldon is alive and well. The bride-to-be is Lucille Seward, the only daughter of a successful publisher. Not having heard from his soon-to-be son-in-law for four days, John Seward is furious and anxious to know where the groom had gone. Although Laura could not tell them where he is, she assures them that she will try her very best to have Sheldon ready for the wedding.

On her way home, Laura finds her car being followed. She finds refuge at the supermarket where she hitches a ride home. She returns only to be confronted by a rather jealous Mr. Steele who seems to be upset upon learning that Laura had once lived with a man. This he learned after finding men’s clothing in her closet not to mention men’s bikini underwear, and a t-shirt that says “Bankers do it with interest”. Mr. Steele learning that she had lived with a man is the least of Laura’s worries. Her ordeal had made her believe that Sheldon’s predator is already on to them, and that there is no other choice, but for them to go on the run.

Morning came and Mr. Steele seems to find it very appealing to wake up with Laura sleeping beside him. Though this was not how he had imagined it to be, since they only literally slept together; Sheldon who is at the backseat of the rented car asleep would attest that nothing happened; it was an idea that brought a smile to Mr. Steele even if only to make Murphy jealous. Laura tells him that Murphy only worries that she would fall so deeply in love with Mr. Steele only to later find him gone. Later, Laura regrets having let it slip that she thinks the same way as Murphy. Mr. Steele’s insensitive reaction to her revelation was the reason for her regret.

Tired of running around in circles to only elude their predators, Mr. Steele decides to get to the bottom of things. His idea – confront the Central Intelligence Agency. They meet with Eugene Price, the Operations Director. Much to their surprise, the man receives them very well. In fact, he acts as though Mr. Steele and he had been pals for a very long time. Although, the mention of Sheldon Quarry seemed to have unnerved the man causing him to abruptly end their meeting. It was a rather awkward meeting that only confused them more. They return to Sheldon without any answers, and later find one of Sheldon’s colleagues, Charlie Webb working on their car’s engine. He warns them not to step any closer, and they watch as Charlie gets sprung from the ground caused by the force made by the car’s explosion.

Upset at the threat to their lives, Mr. Steele accosts Eugene Price only to learn that they are in fact protecting Sheldon Quarry. Apparently, the CIA had been on Sheldon’s tail after the first car explosion that took the life of fellow CIA employee, Larry Palmieri. Unaware of what covert operation Sheldon is up to, Eugene found it best to have him followed. However, the only thing they learned is that a blonde, woman assassin had been chasing him. Seeing the photograph of the assassin, Laura identifies her as Lucille Seward’s nurse. Just when things seem to be falling into place, they learn that Sheldon had run away. Laura knows that there is only one place to find him – at his wedding.

Mr. Steele disguises as his best man, Simon Courtney to keep Sheldon from emerging into the open until Laura and Eugene find the assassin. However, too much time had passed, and Mr. Steele could no longer stall the anxious bride, father-in-law, and guests. Left with no other choice, they emerge from behind the trellis and into the open. Luckily, Laura finds the assassin just in time, but too late for Eugene whom she already killed.

Laura struggles with the woman, and alerts the crowd of the assassin as she flees. Soon they learn that Mr. Seward is actually the mastermind to Sheldon Quarry’s eradication. With a gun in hand, Mr. Seward and the assassin attempt to escape, but Mr. Steele, Sheldon and Laura put a stop to it. Apparently, Mr. Seward is smuggling American computer technological secrets abroad through his foreign edition classic books. He believed in equality equals security, that no country should know more than any other. Learning that his daughter is going to marry a man working for the CIA, he panicked thinking that the agency had learned about his smuggling. Unaware that Sheldon or anyone at the CIA knew about his illegal activities.

Alas! Monday came, and Murphy returns to the office to find Laura still buried with paperwork. Before Laura could tell him the surprisingly exciting weekend she had, Murphy had started his lecture about her working too hard, and spending so much time behind a desk. After hearing Murphy’s lecture, and seeing his real concern for her, somehow Laura could no longer bring herself to tell her friend of the adventurous weekend she spent with Mr. Steele.

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