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Tempered Steele – Remington Steele Episode Summary 1.2

Remington Steele barges in on Laura HoltSynopsis: Having officially assumed the identity of Remington Steele, the charlatan involves himself on a case consequently infuriating Laura Holt. To add to her vexation, her detective agency is faced with a multi-million dollar lawsuit when the security system Mr. Steele had installed failed. Meanwhile, the case just became personal for Mr. Steele when the friend who helped him install the security system is murdered.

Episode Summary:
Now that the charlatan has officially assumed the Remington Steele identity, he seems to relish his new role. Unfortunately for Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist) the man is enjoying far too much the case she had assigned to him. She had tasked him to keep a seductive woman, Nadine, out of the way until she finishes the case that concerns her. It was a task he excellently accomplished. The only thing is the case had already been closed for a couple of days, but Mr. Steele (Pierce Brosnan) continues his supposed job not to mention his excessive use of the company credit card. Tired of the new figurehead flushing the detective agency’s money down the drain, Laura has just figured out a plan to get his attention. She had sent orders to close Remington Steele’s checking account and credit cards. It was a surefire trick only it bounced right back on her.  Continue reading...

Furious with the embarrassing evening of having Nadine pay for the extravagant dinner, Mr. Steele returns to the office in search for Laura – the mastermind of his financial ruin. Learning from Bernice her whereabouts, he storms at the motel room where Laura has the unpleasant task of seducing their suspect. Pretending to be a secretary, her plan is to get the man to ask her to steal the information from her client’s company. Just when they are close to catching him red-handed, Mr. Steele barges inside the motel room. With his reputation, it did not take the man too long to recognize him as the great detective Remington Steele. Learning of the trap, the man flees leaving Laura in deep trouble with their displeased client, Rodger Dillon.

Jim Meecham is the owner of Meecham Exploration and Development and a new investor on Dillon Electronics. Learning of the theft of certain company research, and the recent motel fiasco, Mr. Meecham has taken upon himself to get Mr. Steele directly involved on the case. Bringing with him twenty-five thousand dollars seemed to have done the trick. Mr. Steele could not pass up this opportunity given that he already is in serious trouble after doing business with shady personas known to settle debts with brutality.

Unaware of the recent development, Laura returns to the office only to learn that Mr. Steele had personally accepted a job, and even convinced their client of a new plan to handle the case. His plan is to install a complete security system. The chauvinist Mr. Meecham is determined to have Remington Steele directly involved on the case, such that Laura could do nothing, but to go along with the new scheme. Furious at losing control of her own detective agency, the two engage in a heated argument that somehow ends in a conversation of them converting their passions into something more fulfilling. Although Laura admits to desiring hopping in the sack with Mr. Steele, she has not completely lost her head, and she regains her composure to make it clear to him of her intention of keeping their relationship businesslike.

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Mr. Steele sets out to fulfill the assignment he took on, and enlists the help of an old friend, Wallace. Wallace is a reformed thief who has the knowledge and experience of evading security systems enough to have the skill of installing one. Part of his rehabilitation is becoming a motivational speaker to alcoholics, and down on luck bums like him.

Given their previous conversation, Laura could not help but become mesmerized with the gorgeous Mr. Steele. Bernice sees right through her boss, and urges her to put aside her reservations. However, Laura remains hesitant, and seems to take pride at being the only woman who managed not to sleep with the dashing and mysterious stranger. Moreover, she has made herself believe that her playing hard-to-get might be one of the few reasons why the man has decided to stick around.

The messy task of installing the security system ensues. However, Laura seems to be preoccupied in learning who the stranger really is. Her questioning leads her nowhere, and the fifty thousand dollar security system seems to be a failure as well despite the impressive display of it being foolproof. Not only is the Remington Steele Investigations reputation at stake it now faces a lawsuit where their client swears to run them dry. Given the manner of the robbery, they could only assume that it is an inside job where Mr. Steele’s friend is the prime suspect.

Despite all the trouble the miscreant Mr. Steele had caused, Laura could not help but be drawn to the man. She accepts his dinner invitation hoping against hope that Mr. Steele truly has startling news about the Dillon case. However, he fails her again, but not without making her feel good about herself. The charming Mr. Steele seems to always know the right words to say, and it probably works like a charm with all the women he goes out with. However, as the maitre d' who is familiar with his many trysts would attest this particular woman is a class of her own. Mr. Steele recognizes this, which leads him to suppose that she might be the one to tame his wandering eye. Their evening had just started to blossom when devastating news came their way. Wallace was found dead.

Laura sees a different side to Mr. Steele when a pathologist so callously dismisses the deceased as a deadbeat addict. In view of the fact that it was him who brought poor Wallace into this whole mess, Mr. Steele could not help but blame himself for the death of his good friend who appears to have been framed then murdered. Determined to find Wallace’s killer, Mr. Steele with the help of Laura immediately work to get to the bottom of things. They begin their search for answers at Wallace’s neighborhood where Laura almost shares the same fate as Wallace. Luckily, Mr. Steele comes to her rescue.

Seeing Laura’s attacker drive off in a Porsche, they immediately suspect Mr. Meecham. Laura meets him just so Mr. Steele could go through his hotel room where he finds plans that implies his intention to bankrupt Dillon Electronics. This and having discovered that Wallace died by means of a lethal dose of horse muscle relaxant; he is convinced that Mr. Meecham is the culprit. However, both Laura and Murphy have different suspects. Laura suspects Mr. Dillon whose incompetence, and lavishness caused the downfall of his family’s company. On the other hand, Murphy’s guess is Mrs. Meecham who was the one who insisted to move the valuable research to their house where it was stolen despite the hi-tech security system they just installed.

Anxious to catch the murderer, Mr. Steele following Laura’s advice to retrieve evidence to support their suspicion wastes no time to get it. To provide them good reason to be at the Dillon’s property, Mr. Steele had joined the surprisingly expensive polo match. Apparently, he had bet twenty-five thousand dollars against Rodger Dillon and Jim Meecham. While everybody’s attention is on the polo match, Laura takes the opportunity to sneak in the stables to retrieve evidence that would help them determine the murderous thief. In her search, she finds the horse muscle relaxant, a syringe and tea leaves. Moreover, she sees her attacker’s Porsche, and two suspicious looking men who according to his mother, Mrs. Dillon, are Rodger’s partners on his new venture. Although the evidence seems to point to Rodger Dillon, Jim Meecham’s behavior is enough to arise suspicion. During the polo match, he had attempted a couple of times to cause harm on Mr. Steele. Unlucky for him, none were successful. In fact, his last effort backfired.

With still no clue as to who truly is the murderer, Mr. Steele has managed to talk Laura into one of his unconventional plans. His plan is to do what William Powell did in the movie, The Thin Man, and that is, gather all the suspects at a dinner party, reconstruct the crime to ultimately expose the murderer. After Murphy arrives with the autopsy report, Laura’s demeanor changes as she suddenly becomes game with the whole arrangement. Glad with Laura’s change of heart, Mr. Steele proceeds with his plan only he continually provides details that are inconsistent with the autopsy report. Good thing, Laura is right beside him to steer him in the right direction. While Mr. Steele persists that Mr. Meecham is the culprit, Laura and Murphy had already planned to trap the real murderer. Murphy serves Mrs. Dillon a cup of tea -- her own recipe. Having read from the autopsy report that Wallace had drank tea right before his death plus her discovery of the woman’s tea leaves in the stable, Laura is utterly convinced that Mrs. Dillon is the murderer. She accuses the old woman, but Mr. Steele is too busy arguing with his suspect, Mr. Meecham. Cornered, Mrs. Dillon pulls out a gun from her purse, and almost hits Mr. Meecham. Thanks to Mr. Steele who happened to punch him on the face at the exact time the shot was fired, Mr. Meecham dodges the bullet.

Apparently, Rodger Dillon is the one who is stealing company research. Having run Dillon Electronics to the ground, he engaged in a new venture -- selling his company’s own research to the highest bidder. Mrs. Dillon learns of his son’s new endeavor, and decided to take it upon herself to save the company that her husband built. Unfortunately, Wallace saw her stealing the research they were guarding unaware that she was in fact protecting it from her son. As expected, Mr. Steele gets all the credit despite not knowing how the case was solved though much of the recognition is brought about by Jim Meecham’s fortuitous rescue. However, all the attention has convinced Mr. Steele that he is indeed good.

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