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The Jet Set – Mad Men Episode Summary 2.11

The Jet Set Mad Men Episode SummarySynopsis: In the midst of his messy divorce with his wife Mona, Roger Sterling proposes marriage to his mistress Jane Siegel. Don Draper and Pete Campbell arrive in California. Don who intends on keeping their trip to be all-about business foregoes his own rule, and decides to escape with a young, beautiful, self-indulgent aristocrat. Meanwhile, Kurt invites Peggy to go out with him, and later learns that he is a homosexual.

Episode Summary: Jane Siegel lays on a bed in a hotel room reading the poem she wrote. Roger Sterling steps out of the shower impressed. Jane worries that their affair is nothing but a fling, and would soon end its course. Roger Sterling having fallen in love with the young woman asks her to marry him. Continue reading...

At the Sterling Cooper office, Ken Cosgrove is ecstatic with the results of the Right Guard research. But with Don Draper out on a business trip, no one else is interested in hearing it. Moreover, they all agree that they should cut the meeting short, and go out to lunch with the client footing the bill of course. Peggy Olson becomes intrigued with one of the young copywriters upon learning that the young man does not have television. Instead of watching TV, Kurt spends his time at the park or watching concerts. He even saw Bob Dylan perform at Carnegie Hall. Having shown interest on the same artist, Kurt invites Peggy out to watch Bob Dylan with him.

Don Draper and Pete Campbell arrive a day early in California. Already Don is in a bad mood having lost his luggage. With the convention not commencing until the next day, Pete plans to get some rest and relaxation, but Don Draper forbids him from doing so. He wants Pete to get a head start with scouting clients. Not surprisingly, Don Draper heads straight to the bar surprised to see Betty only the woman is not his wife, but someone with a similar hairdo and built. Still Don is a bit dazed at the thought of finding her there. Soon after, a man who introduces himself as the Viscount Monteforte d’Alsace, approaches him telling Don that his friend, a young woman would like to meet him. They invite him to dinner, but he politely turns them down. Pete Campbell arrives, and like a good student followed Don’s orders to start chatting with potential clients. Pete relays his conversations about some implausible projects the attendees have in their pockets. Don found them ridiculous, and immediately becomes disinterested. He is now more intrigued with the mysterious young woman, and her friends.

Roger Sterling was not joking when she asked Jane to marry him. He meets with his lawyer intent on settling his divorce with Mona. Although he does not want to give in to the ludicrous demands of his angry ex-wife, he does want to finalize the divorce so he can marry his mistress. Duck Phillips arrives for his meeting with Roger. A divorcé, Duck immediately recognized the divorce lawyer as George Rothman one of the best in his field. The other one he says is Marvin Hughes who unfortunately is the lawyer, and cousin of Roger’s soon-to-be ex-wife. Though Roger Sterling welcomes a distraction from his messy divorce, Duck Phillips’ agenda provides no reprieve. Duck demands that he be considered a partner at Sterling Cooper. This surprises the both of them with Roger confused as what the man could possibly present to support his candidacy given the numerous blunders he made with some costing the company money, and Duck at the senior partner questioning his value.

The convention has finally commenced. Don and Pete set on their goals attend the presentation of new missile technology that promises total annihilation of the enemy. Don could not help but feel dismal. Pete, however, believes that they struck a gold mine after learning that the companies at the convention spend more annually on media than three of Sterling Cooper’s biggest client – Lucky Strike. The two arrive at the hotel for their meeting with General Dynamics, a potential client. Don sends off Pete Campbell to drop their convention paraphernalia at the front desk. It was then that Joy, the mysterious woman that caught Don’s intrigue arrives. The young woman on her way to Palm Springs invites him to come with her. Don once again turns her down. Joy knowing full well that Don desires to be with her wins him over. Don Draper escapes to Palm Springs leaving a confused and embarrassed Pete Campbell to deal with the potential client.

With nothing but the shirt on his back, Don Draper arrives at a posh house with Joy. It was like a scene right out of La Dolce Vita. She introduces him to the other guests who are out lounging by the pool. He takes a sip of their drink, and soon after passes out. Apparently, Don suffered from heat exhaustion. With a bit of rest, he is back on his feet. He joins the rest of the aristocrats for dinner, and even participates with their games. Joy is utterly impressed, and she makes out with him in front of the other guests who could not care less. Later, she lures him to her bedroom, and they make passionate love.

Boxes of doughnuts arrive from one of Ken Cosgrove’s clients. The employees at Sterling Cooper are thrilled, and have gathered to enjoy the fruits of their labor. It was then that Kurt reminds Peggy of their date to watch Bob Dylan in concert. The mad men start teasing the two causing Kurt to make it clear that the two are just friends given that he is a homosexual. All except of course Kurt’s good friend, Smitty and Peggy are disgusted. Ken Cosgrove expresses his aversion to queer colleagues, and this worries Salvatore Romano.

Back in Palm Springs, Don Draper wakes up beside Joy who is reading William Faulkner’s The Sound and The Fury. The Viscount Willy pays them a visit. His visit made Don who is still naked under the sheets uncomfortable. He becomes even more uncomfortable upon learning that Willy is in reality Joy’s father. With the confusion of the previous day after Don Draper’s mysterious departure, Pete Campbell seems to be enjoying himself for he got a bit of freedom from the strict all-business Don Draper. Pete continues with business, but this time at his terms.

Meanwhile, Duck Phillips having been shutdown for partnership at Sterling Cooper goes a different route. He meets with Saint John Powell, the owner of an advertising agency in London, and asks that he take him back. Unfortunately, he is once again rejected. Duck Phillips is pushed to the edge fighting the urge to take a sip of alcohol, and the realization that he is a failure. Duck loses control, and finally after months of sobriety gives in. Moreover, he proposes a plan for Saint John Powell to buy Sterling Cooper though it is not for sale, but uses Roger Sterling’s asinine decision to leave his wife of 25 years for a 20-year old secretary. Duck promises to bring him all the accounts of the small yet grounded ad agency with the condition that he be instated as the president of the new company where creative reports to him.

That night, Kurt arrives at Peggy’s apartment. Peggy Olson though accepting of Kurt’s sexuality could not but feel hurt and embarrassed for thinking that the young man is interested in her. She wonders why she picks the wrong men. Kurt attributes this to her being dowdy, and gives her a makeover.

Don Draper is still in Palm Springs with Joy, and learns that her family will be moving away soon. She invites him to go with them, and Don contemplates on accepting her offer. Their conversation is cut short when her brother who is going through a divorce arrives with his children. Seeing the children, Don is reminded of his family.

At Sterling Cooper, a tanned Pete Campbell arrives from his trip all grins. He joins the mad men, and the newly made-over Peggy in watching the news of the riots in Mississippi where Paul Kinsey had gone in support of his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Duck Phillips gets a whole case of Tanqueray to signal the acceptance of his proposition. He marches up to meet with Roger Sterling and Bert Cooper concocting a story of how the European ad agency Putnam, Powell and Lowe desires to be given a chance to propose an offer to merge with Sterling Cooper. Bert Cooper is impressed, and has expressed interest at hearing of what Putnam, Powell and Lowe has to say.

Lying on the couch, Don Draper is awakened by the voices of children playing in the pool. He telephones somebody who knows him to be Dick Whitman. Don appears to be happy to be talking to the person on the other line, and agrees to meet this person. Meanwhile, his lost luggage arrives at his house in Ossining, but no one is there to claim it.

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