Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Actress Biography - Elyssa Davalos

Actress Elyssa DavalosElyssa Davalos is the daughter of the Greek-American actor Richard Davalos. During the 1980’s she guest starred on several classic television shows such as Knight Rider, Scarecrow and Mrs. King and MacGyver. It was in season 3 of MacGyver that she had recurring roles in the show. She first appeared as Lisa Kohler/Mrs. Lisa Kosov in the two-part episode Lost Love. Continue reading...Later in the season, she returns as Nikki Carpenter, a completely different character. Unfortunately, the character only lasted eight episodes. Rumor has it that the female fans disapproved of the pairing. Though some would argue that Paramount thought a permanent pairing did not work for the show. Her marriage with Jeff Dunas ended around the same time her role as Nikki Carpenter was discontinued in the show MacGyver. Elyssa Davalos continued with guest appearances on detective shows such as Matlock and Diagnosis Murder. Now, she’s better known as the mother of Alexa Davalos who played Kyra in the Chronicles of Riddick.

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